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My views on literary agents are as follows. A writer-agent relationship is a partnership where the agent benefits as much as the writer. An agent should take on an writer only after having read and coming to believe strongly in the writer’s voice. 205 more words


2016 Goals update #4 Clare

This week I got the coughing cold that everyone seems to be getting–stay healthy folks!–And I had a really busy week at work, so its excuses week… I made a little progress, though. 204 more words



I just read something about structuring novels like a screenplay, and I’m intrigued. Does this really work for novels? Do you know any good books or websites I could check out to learn more? 755 more words


43 - only work

Febraury 13, 2016, 4:31am -12c. 180

I woke up. No alarm.just after 4am. What the heck? What the hell, I got up. Brewed a pot of coffee, let the dog out and back in, gave her breakfast, put on Keith Jarret radio and here I am. 443 more words

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Paket Tour Singapore

Paket Tour Singapore

Singapura…sebuah negara kecil yang berlokasi di ujung Selatan semenanjung malaka. Beragam keindahan singapur yang terbentuk dari Perpaduan budaya, taman kota, gabungan arsitektur gaya lama dan baru, sehingga menjadi salah satu Negara favorite untuk tujuan wisata, berikut beberapa lokasi terkenal yang dapat anda jadiakan panduan dalam rencana tour Singapore¬† : 198 more words


Free Fall Friday - Interview Questions for Adrienne Szpyrka

Adrienne Szpyrka is an assistant editor at Sky Pony Press, searching for new middle grade and young adult voices. She acquires mostly contemporary and historical fiction, but reads all genres in her spare time and has a weakness for a good princess story. 891 more words


Real Estate Agent: To Hire or Not To Hire?

What’s complicated with buying or selling a property that you have to hire a Real Estate Agent to assist you? The answer is a lot. The United States of America has a number of regulating laws concerning selling, owning and maintaining a real estate property. 445 more words