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Bling out your Apple Watch in 18K gold on a budget

Don’t have $10,000 (about UK£6,464, AU$12,779) or more lying around to buy a gold-plated Apple Watch Edition model? That’s okay, because a new service can make it look like you’re a big spender for the same cost as Cupertino’s cheapest wearable. 270 more words

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Spotify users will feel right at home with Windows 10 Music app

Microsoft has been pretty good at offering the world a peek at what Windows 10 will look and feel like when it arrives later this year, but you’ll have to dig a little deeper to find out what the newly rebranded Music app will look like. 220 more words

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Charter appears ready to bring Time Warner Cable into the fold

In early 2014, Charter Communications attempted a buyout of Time Warner Cable, leading the way for Comcast to swoop in with a rival offer. A year and a half later, the tables appear to have turned in Charter’s favor. 251 more words

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Updated: 50 best Mac tips, tricks and timesavers


Your Mac can do millions of things, but sometimes even the best of us forget some of the cool stuff it can do – so we’re here to help jog your memory. 7,400 more words

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Google patent details Amazon Echo-style smart toys

If you thought the idea of barking commands into a cylindrical black box to order supplies from Amazon was strange, get a load of what Google may be planning for the next generation of internet-connected smart toys. 294 more words

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Intel's Braswell NUC Breaks Cover

Braswell crashes the mini PC party

Intel continues to release new NUC models, the latest of which feature 6-watt processors based on the company’s Braswell architecture inside. 256 more words

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Legal Rift: Oculus Founder Sued by Hawaii-based VR Firm He Once Worked With

This is the second lawsuit alleging use of stolen tech in the Oculus Rift

Facebook-owned Oculus VR finds itself at the heart of another legal battle. 259 more words

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