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Dropbox's Online Note-Taking Service Enters Beta

Project Composer becomes Dropbox Notes

A few weeks back, some sites chanced upon Project Composer, an Evernote-esque note-taking tool Dropbox was testing silently. Curious as to what the fuss was all about, many flocked to the limited-access service, only to be turned away at the gates. 164 more words

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Intel's Skylake-S Lineup Reportedly Leaked

Ten Skylake desktop CPUs supposedly outed

It may only have been a few months since the first Broadwell CPUs (finally) hit the market, but Intel is already looking set to move on from the Haswell’s troubled 14nm die shrink. 218 more words

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Restricted Free Agents vs. Unrestricted Free Agents

Restricted Free Agents

The only two Pittsburgh Penguins that will become restricted free agents are Beau Bennett and Ian Cole.

A restricted free agent is a player who no longer qualifies as an entry-level player ( typically entry-level is under 25 and its their first professional contract), but they also do not qualify as unrestricted. 314 more words


Hands-on review: Acer Iconia One 8

The tablet category is decelerating, which is possibly down to a number of factors: a lack of innovation; the fact that people aren’t so inclined to refresh their tablet as frequently as their phone; and, of course, the rise of the phablet. 636 more words

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I'm a Writer, yes?

When I retire I want to be a writer …….

When I retired I wanted to get published, but without an ongoing project, four years later I was no nearer my goal. 2,227 more words