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#PitMatch + #MSWL Twitter Matchup

If you have a completed manuscript, there is a new contest for you! Author Brenda Drake has teamed up with the creator of Manuscript Wishlist… 97 more words


Plagiarism vs Inspiration

Now see, this is why we can’t have nice things, people. Sherrilyn Kenyon sues Cassandra Clare. Now in case you do not know one or both of these authors: 646 more words

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Yes, Agents Google Writers

You don’t query in a vacuum. If you write a query letter and an agent is intrigued (congratulations!) the next thing an agent does is Google you or click on the links in your signature to see where it takes us. 25 more words


decolonizing writer representation - the agent challenge!

You guys. You are amazing. Thank you. I can’t believe this is maybe becoming a thing, and so I really want to make it A Thing now. 846 more words


How to sign up for your free pitch session when you've already registered for DFWCon

For those of you who registered for DFWCon early and need to go back to choose an agent and editor for a pitch session, use the instructions below. 208 more words