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Wipe Your Face Girl, and Act Right.

By Tammy Trail

This past summer I went back to the state of my birth to visit family and friends. I attended a reunion with my mother and a group of her grade school friends. 671 more words


Has My Social Media Account Been Hacked?

Cyber hacking has become a normal part of life, and it’s part of the risk people take to enjoy the information, entertainment, and connectedness of social media. 711 more words


Querying an Agent

You’ve written your novel, now you’re ready to find an agent. Good luck with that! Sorry, but it IS a lot of effort to find the best agents to represent your work…but first, your must create an irresistible query. 297 more words

The Approaching Process

My capacity for self-censorship knows no limits. Every time I think of something I could potentially write here, I am immediately paralysed by the notion that it might upset someone, or it might not cover all the possible angles of the subject in question, or it might break a confidence, or it might be misinterpreted, and so on. 303 more words


Seeking God's Presence at ACFW

Last week I wrote about many of the fantastic authors and friends I met or reconnected with at this year’s annual ACFW Conference. That part of the conference is truly a blessing, but I failed to capture the true essence of the gathering. 720 more words

Writing Journey

3 Critical Things You Won’t Learn in an MFA Program - by Susan DeFreitas...

on Jane Friedman site:

The pros and cons of an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) in creative writing are widely debated: on one hand, such programs offer students the opportunity to work with accomplished authors, whose expertise (and endorsements) could make all the difference in publishing their first book. 178 more words


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Everyone should read this! I've learned from attending conferences that agents and editors read differently from writing-group colleagues. Until you're critiqued by an actual agent, you can't know what works for them in your opening pages. You won't get that feedback from cold querying, but conferences provide opportunities to learn firsthand how what you've written is received. DeFreitas provides a link as well to a good series on first novel pages. Dig in!

A little about the business

Authors are not employees. They are freelancers who aren’t tied to any particular business and who can be contracted to several – or more – at the same time. 657 more words