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Working on your novel, or just dreaming about it? Plan now for next year's writers conference(s)

I wanted this map, it didn’t exist, so I made it.  It took a little extra time, but I created what I wanted and there is a lot of information there. 1,007 more words


Hot in the city!

Hottest day of the year and where do we end up going? Yes, the hottest place in the country…well, close enough!

I always think that London is about 10° hotter than anywhere else. 533 more words


Insure your college-tech investment wisely

College students across the country will be headed back to school, and bringing their computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices with them.

This technology has become essential for students away from home. 284 more words


Catch of the Day 25/8/16

The Mystery of Storytelling (TED Talks), Julian Friedmann

An interesting talk from an agent, giving his view of storytelling theory (mostly applied to screenwriting, but I think a lot of the points can be applied to novels). 167 more words


Business: The Real Reason Uber Abandoned China

Business on TIME.com

The Real Reason Uber Abandoned China

It was spending boatloads of money there

Published on August 25, 2016 at 08:31PM

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