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Overheard During the Mayborn Conference '17 Agent Panel

Taken from my conference notes:

Who are Agents and Where do they come from?

“ have a relationship with publishers.  We know which editor is interested in which subject. 351 more words


Important Advice on Agent Contracts from Victoria Strauss

Lucky enough to attract interest from an agent? Victoria Strauss, on her blog Writer Beware, keeps an eye on our business for us. Check out this short, important read on… 11 more words


Bare List on Queries and Christmas

The holiday season is in full swing. Prophet’s Day, Advent, Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, Wright Brother’s Day…the list goes on. Pretty much everyone has something to celebrate this time of year, agents included. 622 more words

What Does A Dude Have To Do To Sell A House in Denver?

If you’re stuck with a property that you can’t liquidate, and find yourself ripping your hair out thinking “What do I have to do to liquidate my property quick in… 956 more words


Don't Tee, 'Kay?

Where do you go when you want free stuff? The samples at Costco aren’t free; you have to pay an annual membership. Your free birthday meal at Denny’s costs you for anything you order to go with your Grand Slam, and the free entertainment on Cavill Avenue comes at the expense of dealing with three hundred drunks in Surfers Paradise. 760 more words

Who Will Purchase My Deal in Denver CO?

Are you stuck with a property and find yourself thinking, “Why won’t anyone buy my deal?” You’re in luck! I specialize in buying deals for cash in… 909 more words


Agents of Mayhem [More like 'Agents of Awesome']

Initial release date: August 15, 2017

Developer: Volition

Series: Saints Row

Publisher: Deep Silver

Genre: Open world

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows

There are games that come along and seemingly get passed on because of numerous reasons. 619 more words

Open World