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Hello writers!

If you’re visiting this site you’re either a writer about to publish a screenplay or student who needs information about copyright laws. We are here to help. 6 more words


NFL Franchise Tagging, Free agents plus many more

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Talking about a few things today, including franchise tagging, Free agents – whose left? and Ndamukong Suh not being tagged, plus many more!


A bit of a back track from Sandi

My emotion about agents was a direct reaction to our experience on February 20th. I dislike any opinion that paints a group with a broad stroke.   293 more words


That Elusive Agent

What’s the difference between waiting and being patient? The definition of waiting is the action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time or event, whereas the definition of patience is being able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious. 205 more words


Wood Chippers and the Meaning of Life

Here’s an excerpt from the work in progress. As our protagonist Trevor spreads the remains of a body run through a wood chipper across a field, he can’t help but ponder the meaning of existence. 119 more words


New Resources Uniform

Argyle seems to be the new Resources Uniform judging from Helen and Colleen’s outfits yesterday.

Resources Real Estate

On dejection and preserving the light

I’m writing to admit something. I am in the middle of a significant writing slump. Although slump probably isn’t the right word. It’s a writing brick wall–but not writer’s block persay, because I’m not writing much. 1,721 more words

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