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Week #18 – Kodak APS 200

When I started this project I asked around among my friends if someone had old film I could use. One of them handed me a roll of APS ( 182 more words


The Collosuem

The Colloseum in  Rome, the true majesty of what human engineering could achieve even nearly two thousand years ago. All these are taken on my Nikon FM with 28mm on Agfa Vista Plus 200 ISO film. 74 more words


Sea Front

I’m noticing a theme in my photography recently, water. I haven’t meant to take photos of the same subject over and over but I keep being drawn back to the same or at least similar places, beaches, cliffs, lakes, anywhere where the power of the elements can be seen in abundance. 143 more words


Jo & lens flare

Taken on my Olympus OM-1n with 50mm lens on Agfa Vistaplus 200 ISO film at f11 1/60th sec.

This is what I like most about film. 117 more words



Taken with Penarth Pier in the background on my Olympus OM-1n with 50mm lens on Agfa Vistaplus 200 ISO film at f5.6 1/250th sec. There’s something about staring out to sea, the thought that we evolved to live on land despite most of the planet being covered with it, the idea of sailing off into the distance, nothing around for miles, solitude.



I don’t often post photographs of myself, anyone who knows of my hatred for selfie sticks will understand why, however this one is of me and was sort of a test shot taken on a new roll of Agfa Vista plus 200 ISO film and as you can see using my Olumpus Om-1n with 50mm lens, this is at  f2.8 1/250th sec. 31 more words


The Men

As I’ve said before, candid portrait photography just grasps me much more than set up photos, and this is a prime example of that. This was taken on my Olympus Om-1n using a 50mm lens on Agfa Vistaplus 200 ISO film at f5.6 1/30th sec and is my friend’s Rich and Webber sat in the living room of the flat me and Webber share, they have been playing on the Playstation and this is during a lull in the gaming, a joke or something amusing has been said clearly from the looks on both of their faces. 55 more words