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AGFA expands genre catalog through Alamo

The American Genre Film Archive is in the forefront of bringing timeless cult classics to the big  screen. Teamed up with Alamo Drafthouse they are expanded their reach even farther by adding some prime players to the fold. 622 more words

Horror News

Portraits of Me—Week 1

In 2016, I wasn’t very good about blogging. I started a Project 52 (Dogwood Challenge) with good intentions but only made it up to week 14. 151 more words


My top camera finds of 2016

It is customary at the end of the year to look forward to what you hope will happen in the coming year and look back on what happened in the last year. 754 more words


Poundland Agfa

It seems to be only in Leicestershire, but around here, ‘Poundland Film‘ is a myth. Agfa VistaPlus 200 rarely seems to make it onto the shelves of the two shops near us, and when it does, it seems to sell fast. 159 more words

In Glorious Ultracolor

I’m posting full rolls of (mostly expired) medium format film I exposed while walking around, somewhere. Just for the hell of it. I like looking down through my Yashica and see the world from a different perspective. 53 more words


A trio of Rapid cameras

This is a small collection of Agfa Rapid cameras which I purchased a couple of weeks ago. The Rapid film system was designed by Agfa to ease the problems of loading 35mm film into cameras, but it was killed off by the introduction of the 126 Instamatic film cartridge by Kodak a few years later. 753 more words


The Agfa Isolette 4.5

The Agfa Isolette 4.5 is until now the oldest camera in the collection yet. It’s another camera from the magnificent set I received from my cousin. 739 more words