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Another 6×6 on Ektar 100, converted to b&w.


Old School Supplies

I was wondering what to post today. I tend to keep Thursdays for ‘throwback’ type posts, even though it’s usually not the remember-primary-school thing. I don’t do nostalgia any more. 189 more words


TK Roll 2015-47: 5 Days of Summer (Minolta X-700, 45/f2 and 28/f2.8, Agfa Precisa 100)

When the trip to Sweden had ended, the vacation hadn’t yet. Still, it had been a thing to look forward to, to plan and think about. 324 more words


TK Roll 2015-46: Stopover (Minolta X-700, 45/f2 and 28/f2.8, Agfa Precisa 100)

Having returned from Sweden, it was onwards to visit relatives at their own summer retreat. Atypically for a summer house in the land of a thousand lakes, it is located by a river, or maybe better a brook. 293 more words


Lost Places - VEB Fotochemie

After a one year absence (One year in Tehran) I’m currently living in Berlin again. Before I left, I planned to visit the VEB Fotochemie aka Glanzfilm AG aka Kodak AG and Kabelwerke Köpenick aka VEB IKA. 204 more words


TK Roll 2015-45: Come Again (Minolta X-700, 45/f2 and 28/f2.8, Agfa Precisa 100)

Finland is not the most urbanized of countries, as you might well suspect. Where it is urban, however, it is very much so, and often in a brutalist fashion. 447 more words