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Kodak Box brownie

Finally got to scan my box brownie negatives on the flexcolor hasselblad x1 . I used fuji reala 120 format film in a 1933 box brownie and i am very happy with the results especially compared to the agfa synchro box which produced poorer images . 188 more words


4th semester

4th semester just started today and I already have 8 projects, 2 theoric works, a presentation and a test scheduled! Oh my this next few months are going to hurt! 226 more words


Agfa Vista 400 Expired

another nice example of desatured and grainy pictures thanks to another expired agfa vista i shot a week ago. at the moment there are two last rolls of this kind in my fridge, and i have to admit i dont want to use them. 93 more words


Armley Industrial Museum

Went for a look around here, and took a few cameras with me, lots of machinery and equipment, so bound to be a good day. 140 more words


Akroyds Mill, Halifax

This is a building I used to pass most days, and I believe at least parts of it were still in use around 25 years ago. 311 more words


A film of many names?

I ordered a lot of film recently including some Firstcall CN400 maskless colour film, it looks hand rolled, in reusable canisters and labels stuck on, it also says AGFA on it. 165 more words