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Agfa Colorflex strip down - part 1

A few weeks ago I acquired an Agfa Colorflex 35mm, fixed lens, slr camera which had a few problems with the shutter. In order to see what was wrong I needed to remove the shutter from the camera, and this short post shows the sequence I went through to do that. 203 more words



So I posted this image to my twitter feed earlier, thought I’d post it here too. This is the current stock of film I have in my fridge, there’s more film than food there at the moment. 688 more words


Agfa Karat 12 re-assembly

Over the last few days I’ve been cleaning and repairing the film advance and shutter on my Agfa Karat 12 rangefinder camera, and today I completed my refurbishment and re-assembled the camera. 1,000 more words


Agfa Karat 12 Compur shutter clean up

Having completed the easy part of my Agfa Karat 12 camera refurbishment with the film advance strip down and clean up, I then turned my attention to the next easiest part which is the Compur-Rapid shutter fitted to this model. 1,068 more words


Cleaning and servicing the Agfa Karat 12 film advance.

I recently bought an Agfa Karat 12 folding rangefinder camera from eBay which needed a bit of work to get it working properly. Although I bought it as a ‘fully working camera’, when I received it I found the film advance was stiff, the shutter locked up and the focus pretty much solid. 1,228 more words


Amber - 35mm Film

35mm Films; 

Agfa APX 400 ( My favourite bw film)

Agfa Vista 400

Kodak Tri X


Canon EOS 30/30V

Fuji Klasse S

  • I dropped the Klasse S out of my shorts while I was shooting and it popped the film door slightly in the case. Hence the fancy light leaks.

It's lilac and it's Belgian...?

Agfa has a history of putting tapes on the market in a variety of colours. Today, it’s lilac!

The bold and the colourful

The series used a nice colour scheme. 161 more words