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Tree At Sunset

Caerphilly Mountain at sunset on my Nikon FM with 28mm lens, shopt on Agfa Vista Plus 200 film, f 11 1/60th sec.



Probably my favourite photo I took from my trip to Rome earlier this year, I just really like the framing and the dome of the building poking above the rooftops in the centre of the shot. 15 more words



A beautiful day, a beautiful path through a field. Fence leading into the distance, cutting across the image and leding down to the bridge over the stream and then off into the trees and woodland beyond. 30 more words



The person who probably enjoys looking at my photos the most. Taken on Olympus OM-1n, 50mm lens, Agfa Visat Plus 200 ISO film, f4 1/125th sec.



Olympus Om-1n, 50mm lens, Agfa Vista Plus 200 ISO film, f16, 1/250th sec.


Choose Your Weapon Pt. II

I finally got some film back to check the suitability of my choices camera-wise for the trip and they were all right ones. There’s a great camera shop in Ourcq that does my developing, but it’s embarrassing going there because they ask me to spell my name and for the life of my I can’t do it right in French so I have to go back and ask for the developed films of Monsieur Em*rqu6. 231 more words


Country Lane

Who doesn’t like the countryside? it’s sunny, it’s open, there’s no one around, it’s got fresh air and fresh…manure everywhere. In short me, I love the countryside. 230 more words