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Amber - 35mm Film

35mm Films; 

Agfa APX 400 ( My favourite bw film)

Agfa Vista 400

Kodak Tri X


Canon EOS 30/30V

Fuji Klasse S

  • I dropped the Klasse S out of my shorts while I was shooting and it popped the film door slightly in the case. Hence the fancy light leaks.

#3 Band Practice

Took a few pictures at band practice, then finished the roll with my friend Tom.

I’m finding myself enjoying the simplicity of the Canon AF35. I like the flash on it, too. 9 more words


Agfa Pan 100 Professional

In the first episode, I’m shooting a roll of Agfa Pan 100 Professional expired in 1992. I have no idea whether it was cold stored or not, so I rated it at 50 ISO to compensate for 25 years and normally developed it in Rodinal 1+25 dilution according to the instruction I’ve found in the box. 59 more words


In search of the girl (Ginestà, 2)

It was in 2006 that Julio García Bilbao, documentalist of the Spanish international news agency EFE, decided to start a research in order to find out who the smiling girl with a gun captured by Juan Guzmán was. 360 more words


#2 Agfa fun


Here goes blog post number 2.

I’ve had some nice comments about the last post, so huge thank you to anyone who’s liked and read and all that. 477 more words


Agfa Film Photos

I got some more photos developed from my analogue camera.  This time it was from my Agfa which I was clearly shaking all over the place when I took the snaps because they pretty much all came out blurry. 163 more words


Die Agfa Isolette 4,5

Die Agfa Agfa Isolette 4,5 ist die derzeit älteste Kamera der Sammlung, und, falls nicht noch irgendwo eine vergessene Kiste liegt, die älteste Kamera unserer Familie. 584 more words