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Tips for Class Connection Representation using PlantUML

Distinguishing connecting representation.

Extension <|-- Composition *-- Aggregation o--

Normaly developers used to 3 types of line such as Extension, Composition and Aggregation for representing connectivity of classes. 170 more words


When Hashtags Collide

Twitter is a powerful platform that allows people to share their thoughts on any topic and connect with people all over the world. A common way to connect with people about a larger topic is the use of hashtags. 418 more words

Jour 500

Gardening with Organic Mulch [+Rant]

What he’s practising is excellent, however I felt I needed to make a few comments, firstly on the use of the word aggradation and then a few other terms. 498 more words


multiple-reduce, clojure macro

(defmacro multiple-reduce
             (fn []

Macro for doing multiple parallel aggregations on objects sequence resulting in single aggregate object. 144 more words


k-anonymity and SQL Server

It is sometimes necessary to create anonymised sets when working with data that contains sensitive attributes. Often the data were originally collected as part of a separate process where the data privacy requirements are higher. 1,331 more words

Data Privacy

Lending Books, Equal Rights and Bad Poets: Some Cicero on His Birthday

Equal Rights for All Citizens

Cicero, de re publica I.49

“Since law constitutes the bond of civil society, and the authority of the law is equal, how can the society of citizens be maintained when their condition is not equal? 930 more words


Debra Messing Quashes 'Will & Grace' Revival Reports: 'Nothing Beyond Talks'

Rumours have been rife about a “Will & Grace” revival ever since stars Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally reunited in the fall for a… 239 more words