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Lately I started discussing Brokering in a group conversation and took the NIST definition expecting all attendees would immediately relate to what brokering actually meant. Halfway through the conversation however somebody intervened and asked me why I was not just using a web page with links for all the services that needed to be accessed.

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Where to find the real news

Previous posts on this website have revealed the true situation in Syria, and the truth about the mainstream media’s oppression of true news.

This post will provide the resources to news sites that will state the unaltered data of real news. 161 more words


UC 1: Netflix and Chill! Not!!

Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and then nearer home in India, we have even more – Hotstar, Bigflix, Eros and  so on. Cable cutters today are just happy at being able to ‘Netflix and Chill’ or watch their favorite shows and movies on Hulu or Amazon Prime. 654 more words


Personal Finance Management - a tool for customer stickiness

We all know that Knowledge is power, but if it is specific & actionable, then it becomes deadly in the hands that wield it. Personal Finance Management is one such tool that has immense potential. 749 more words

Digitize Faster Seamlessly: Tech As Advantage

Medicine for the Soul: Conversations with Friends

The other day I was a little surprised to find the following definitions and etymologies of  pharmakon (“medicine”).

From the Suda

“Pharmakon : conversation, consoling, it comes from pherein akos . 383 more words


Quick Excel Surveys

Over the years, I have often been asked to run a survey, or been asked to help someone else who has already run the survey. 1,301 more words


The Wings of Daidalos: Procrastination in Greek and Latin

Our word ‘procrastination’ is pretty much a direct borrowing from Latin (first attested in English in 1548, according to the OED–we really delayed in adopting it!). 633 more words