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Back to School, Fools: You Were Made For Learning!

“Who would not be made dull if he had to bear a single teacher of a single science throughout the entire day?”

Quis vero non obtundatur, si per totum diem unius artis unum magistrum ferat? 1,069 more words


Back To School: Unsolicited Thoughts on Teaching

Next week, I start my first semester of teaching at a new institution. This also means I am well into my second decade of teaching. At the same time, my collaborator and co-conspirator Palaiophron is starting a new year as a Latin teacher in a local high school. 2,092 more words


Open Ebooks Coming to Project MUSE: An Interview with Wendy Queen

It seems that we hear about new efforts to reposition the scholarly monograph for an open environment almost every day: services such as Knowledge Unlatched… 1,042 more words


June and July 2016 Writing for The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

I wrote the following stories published in June and July 2016 by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute:

Ready to Be a Healthy Adult Survivor of Childhood Cancer? 169 more words


ForceMerge function

ForceMerge function might be very helpful in some merged dimensions scenarios. Here is a short description how it works.

We have 2 data providers with few objects based of eFashion universe where Category dimensions are merged. 102 more words


Effective Altruism and the Unavoidability of Ethical Trade-Offs

The so-called “effective altruism” (EA) movement has recently received a significant attention in the press. Many articles have been critical of EA for various reasons that significantly overlap over the general theme that too much quantification and calculus implies the risk of losing the “big picture” of the issues related to charity and poverty. 1,553 more words

Non Classé

Custom Aggregate Functions in pandas

Disclaimer: this may seem like super basic stuff to more advanced pandas afficionados, which may make them question why I even bother writing this. Please read my other post on so many slugs for… 901 more words