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Correlated Subqueries are Evil and Slow. Or are They?

A common myth in SQL is the idea that correlated subqueries are evil and slow. For example, this query here:

  first_name, last_name,
  (SELECT count(*) 
   FROM film_actor fa 
   WHERE fa.actor_id = a.actor_id)
FROM actor a
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Socially Dynamic Traits: Ideation, Aggregation and Dissemination

I’m writing today around a new area, the Socially Dynamic Organisation. I’m using this term in a very specific context, to talk about organisations that sit in the… 408 more words


Aggregation, the first of statistic's seven pillars

Stigler, S. M. (2016). The Seven Pillars of Statistical Wisdom. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

I’m brushing up on stats this summer in anticipation of my masters program. 579 more words


seldom used but powerful aggregation operators

Most programmers who use MongoDB may have heard about its aggregation framework but only a few have used it to its full potential. Recently, in one of our projects, we got a complex requirement where the user needed to generate a report of sales done for any day, month or year. 561 more words


Solaris 11 Link Aggregation

Definition : consists of several interfaces on a system that are configured together to form a single,logical unit.

So ,if i have two interfaces with 10Gbps speed,by aggregating them ,we ‘ll get a single interface with 20 Gbps speed and so on. 267 more words

இயைவு என்ற association

இரு பொருட்களுக்கு இடையேயுள்ள உறவை,பற்றினை, தொடர்ப்பு என்போம்.

relationship = தொடர்பு

  • relational = தொடர்புசார் / உறவுசார்
  • relational database = உறவுசார் தரவுதளம்

இயைத்தல் என்றால் இருபொருட்களை இணைத்தல், சேர்த்தல் என்று பொருள்.

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Kim Davis: what to know

September 13, 2015

OSWEGO, N.Y. – Kim Davis is a woman whose name has constantly been in headlines for the past week with updates on a story that continues to either disgust or fascinate, (or some combination of the two) most of the American public. 289 more words