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Effective Altruism and the Unavoidability of Ethical Trade-Offs

The so-called “effective altruism” (EA) movement has recently received a significant attention in the press. Many articles have been critical of EA for various reasons that significantly overlap over the general theme that too much quantification and calculus implies the risk of losing the “big picture” of the issues related to charity and poverty. 1,553 more words

Non Classé

Custom Aggregate Functions in pandas

Disclaimer: this may seem like super basic stuff to more advanced pandas afficionados, which may make them question why I even bother writing this. Please read my other post on so many slugs for… 901 more words


Spreadsheet-like Totals and Subtotals

We very often make spreadsheets with subtotals for each row and for each column. Someone on the OTN forum asked how to produce data in this format. 403 more words


Input and Output calculation contexts Part 2

In Part 1 of this post I explained what Input and Output calculation contexts are. Now let’s focused on some advanced solutions. How about a combination of a calculation context and a filter with a rank function? 234 more words


Pivot, UnPivot and Aggregation

Starting with Pivot: With the help of Pivot transformation Rows can be done into Columns as shown in the following image. By using Pivot “DayOfWeek” Rows will be transformed into Columns as Destination. 1,329 more words


I, for one, welcome our robot Elfinite aggregator overlords

Who needs humans when you have Elfinite? This project by Marcin Rapacz and Bartek Oliwa aims to create a robotically aggregated lists of articles. Fans of tech will receive interesting tech articles based on their interests and gleaned from their click patterns. 250 more words