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Online Scalable SVM Ensemble Learning Method (OSSELM) for Spatio-Temporal Air Pollution Analysis

Shahid Ali and Simon Dacey
Department of Computing, Unitec Institute of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand


Environmental air pollution studies fail to consider the fact that air pollution is a spatio-temporal problem. 159 more words

Rain and Four-Horse Chariots: Some Metaphors for Language

Varro, On The Latin Language 5.11-12

“Pythagoras of Samos claims that the basic elements of all things are paired—finite and infinite; good and bad; alive and dead, day and night. 400 more words


Philagros, Angry Philosopher and Bad Father

Philostratus, Lives of the Sophists, 581

“Philagros was shorter than average, his brow was harsh, and his eye watchful. He was quick to get fall into a rage, but he wasn’t ignorant of his own character. 276 more words


A Friendly Philosopher is Useless

Plutarch, Fr. 203, recorded in Themistios’ On the Soul (From Stobaeus, iii.13. 68)

“Others will decide whether Diogenes spoke rightly about Plato “What good is a man who has practiced philosophy for a long time and pissed off no one? 329 more words


Techniques for Comparing Tables

In my “Advanced Row Pattern Matching” presentation, I demonstrate using MATCH_RECOGNIZE to compare tables. Kim Berg Hansen asked me to compare this technique with others. I did some quick tests and here are the results with some comments. 213 more words


Amazing, Wonderful Lies: Isocrates, Odysseus--Correspondence and Coherence

Isocrates, Helen 1-3

“There are some people who get puffed up if they manage to talk about something tolerably after they have themselves selected a strange and impossible subject. 838 more words


"Nothing Taught Contributes to Wisdom"

Sextus Empiricus, Against the Professors 1.1-2

“The schools of Epicurus and Pyrrho seem to have set forth the indictment against the professors of learning ( 292 more words