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Difference between Association, Aggregation and Composition

The difference between all these three concepts is solely dependent on two things:
1. Ownership – One object owns another type of object
2. Lifecycle – Life of one object depends on another type of object… 431 more words


A House With No Child Finally Joins Facebook; Status Report

I know, I know. You’ve been waiting for it. Lo and behold, the crowd has won, and A House With No Child is now on facebook! 296 more words

A House With No Child

Shout Out to The Rawness

I haven’t written much on myself or my own experiences on this blog, but I am in fact an avid reader of all things relating to human nature. 209 more words


Moon Musings, OFC and the International Year of Light

By Pravin Mahajan

Director, Corporate Marketing

There’s a crater on the near side of the moon called Alhazen that is connected to the industry I work in. 436 more words

Intelligent Transport Network

A Home Economics Primer

Some friends and I were talking about women, as men are wont to do. Somehow I got linked to this piece on Home Economics. Brilliant title, brilliant piece. 251 more words


Sticklebacks, Humans Benefit from Paternal Care

In one or two generations, the structure of American families has changed drastically from the nuclear family, mom and dad with children, to families of all shapes and sizes. 433 more words