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Aggregating One or Max Number of Identities in Account Aggregation and Group Aggregation Task

To create Accounts in IIQ you are recommended to execute Account Aggregation Task and to create Groups you are recommended to execute Group Aggregation Task. 72 more words

Corpse-Wealth and the Metropolis of Greed: Some Greek and Latin Sayings about the Wealthy

Some useful words:

νεκροφάγος: “corpse-eating”

πλουτοκράτωρ: “plutocrat”

Martial, Epigram 5.81

“You will always be poor, Aemilianus, if you are poor;
nowadays wealth comes to no one but the rich”. 718 more words


NBN Co cuts energy used by aggregation, FTTN nodes

Early results from power reduction drive.

NBN Co has raised the ambient temperature inside its aggregation nodes and found a way to automatically switch off unused line cards in node cabinets under a broader push to reduce energy costs across the network. 433 more words


SQL for JSON and Schema Support (Part 2): Where does the "Interesting" Code go?

The previous blog found that the “generic” indirect representation of JSON data is one way of supporting “schema-free” JSON objects or documents. Where does the “interesting” functional code live? 801 more words


Happy Halloween: Werewolves in Greek and Roman Culture

This week we charged full speed down a lykanthropic rabbit-hole. (Well, maybe I should call it a wolf-hole or something?).   One of the many reasons we started this site (in addition to combating all the false and unattributed quotations online, bringing lesser known material to wider audiences, and entertaining ourselves) is that we wanted the impetus and opportunity to explore material only tangentially connected to our work inside and outside the classroom. 861 more words


MongoDB Database Views


Today I’m going to talk to you about a MongoDB Database View. This is a relatively new concept that was introduced in MongoDB version 3.4. 1,438 more words


Aggregation using CAML query

Recently i was working on a CSOM code where i needed to do some total of values present in list column and count of items from list in SharePoint list. 421 more words