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When to take the decision? What decision? by Nick Maroudas

Today, I would like to share with you an article written by my friend Nick Maroudas.

After reading his article “When to take the decision? What decision?” I thought that was really great to share with you. 73 more words


Scrum: The Structure of Scrum

This is an excellent short video with Jeff Sutherland. He gives a high level break down of where some of the processes of Scrum came from and how it was developed. 26 more words

Agile Project Management Processes

Velocity is an output, not an input

There are some Agile Teams I have witnessed where a “Sprint Velocity” metric is used as an “input” to the Agile process. This is particularly manifest when third-party development teams are involved, where the Velocity concept is used as some sort of “budget” against which a customer can “purchase” their Product Backlog items. 326 more words

Lean Coffee Portugal Community!

After the Lean Coffee Porto and Braga continued success, today’s post is related with the most recent update that is Lean Coffee Portugal.

It’s really amazing to see this community growing month after month. 55 more words


Scrum and Leadership: Responsibilities of the Executive Action Team with Jeff Sutherland and his Scrum Inc.team

I’m happy to share that I just finished my registration for an extensive examination of why and how leadership needs to engage to de-risk an Agile implementation with with JeffSutherland and his Scrum Inc.team. 219 more words


CAS 2015 Agile Spain :: TALK Why for Some Product Owners and Stakeholders Agile is Like Crossing Over to the Twilight Zone

Was with great pleasure that I found out last week 20th of Oct 2015 that:

“Yesterday we finished the selection of talks and workshops for the… 49 more words



Before understanding what Scrum is, let’s understand why use Scrum. I give you four main reasons:
  • Deliver value (Shippable software or usable product) every 2 to 4 weeks, instead delivering after 6 to 12 months.
  • 1,095 more words
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