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Jira, I’m watching you

Jira can be a complicated tool. I know for my, it’s both the bane of my existence, as well as my saviour. I have a lot of issues with how Jira works, but there are some cool tools too. 223 more words


The Daily Standup - Do's and Don'ts

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Every single day of a sprint begins with a quick meeting called as the Daily Standup (or Standup or Daily Scrum) which should ideally last not more than fifteen minutes. 411 more words


Corporate vs Startup

I worked at a large insurance firm before ending up at a startup. It was big and structured and everything had a process. When there wasn’t a process, I was in a specialized role where I could create a process. 450 more words


Scrumming it

I’ve never been so lucky as to know what I wanted to do with my life or what my passion is, so in an effort to figure that out, I went to school… and got lots of expensive pieces of paper with my name on it. 133 more words


Time! Why everyone is so afraid of time?

To give you some context on the 11th of March I’ve attended the Conference Agile Mammoths Games in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) where I had the pleasure to reencounter Katherine Kirk. 609 more words

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Agile Coaches Myth or Reality?

This article is really interesting since the subject to write about this was born during one of the Lean Coffee Portugal sessions when someone raised the subject/question “What is a difference between a Scrum Master and an Agile Coach?”. 633 more words

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The Science behind Agile thinking

Agile Manifesto and principles form the premise for most Agile thinking. Donald Reinertsen in his book, “The Principles of Product development flow” helps us understand why it is economical to shift to an Agile mindset. 369 more words

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