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Welcome to the Agile  Tutorials. The objective of these tutorials is to get in depth understanding of Agile.

In addition to these tutorials, we will also cover common issues, Interview questions and How To’s of Agile. 802 more words

Podcast Review #1 Agile for Humans

I switched from Android to iPhone last year. One of the reasons for doing so was iTunes. I was paying for a family plan as my 18 year old daughter wanted to listen to Rap and my 10 year old son (who dreams a singing career) was growing up with Beyonce and it could have 6 family members. 352 more words

Being Agile

Food for thoughts...

What an amazing Paper “2017 State of DevOps“!

One of the highlights that caught my attention was their focus in the culture of continuous improvement and continuous learning that helps the company to keep it self-innovative in the long run and help you stay ahead of the competition. 93 more words


How long Agile will be in market?

Hello guys,

Recently I have attended an Agile session conducted in our firm. The guy delivered everything perfectly but from an industry benefit point of view,  how this actually helps client and ease of management for projects. 489 more words

Best Practices

Why Agile Implementations Fail

The Agile method has been implemented in many organizations since the mid-1990s. However, only in recent years, large organizations have started attempts to adopt the methodology. 647 more words


Agile Scrum: stakeholder, product owner, product manager?

In Agile Scrum software development philosophy, there are many roles and they each play an important part to “get sh*t done.” Here I want to discuss the distinction between a stakeholder, a product owner, and a product manager. 166 more words

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