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How to System Demo like a champion!

Every so often organizations are blessed with amazing self-organized awesomely creative teams. This is the case with my client and the playfully named “Global Enforcers.” 189 more words


VLOG - Coaching Tip of the Week #2 - Dealing with Epic Failure

This is my second vlog — ever — and coaching tip of the week. You know, since I didn’t find the time to do one every day. 19 more words

Agile - Agile Mindset

The Agile Coaching DNA by Manoel Pimentel

Following my previous article “Agile Coaches Myth or Reality?“, today, I’ve come across with this great article “The Agile Coaching DNA by Manoel Pimentel” that I would like to share you. 36 more words


So, Jem D’jelal asked, “Would it be more entertaining to see sharing of 10 years worth of ScrumMaster journals as blogs or short vlogs? User feedback please!” 162 more words

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Time for a few upgrades. Since I can’t add anymore brain cells… I’ll settle for aids.

I tried the iPad with the fire timer. That was a fire fail because you have to deal with keeping it charged all day. 53 more words

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This article is a discussion about what Scrum is – and what it isn’t.

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