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The only way to "Empower"​ someone

Time and again we hear professionals talk about empowering a being and how it’s the right way to go. How empowering a gender, race, team member or an organisation helps in improving accountability, ownership and peaceful collaboration. 547 more words


Agile Culture Map

In my previous post (see: The Culture Map) I reviewed The Culture Map and gave an example to show cultural differences between countries.

The top 1 reason for agile transition failures, is that the organizational culture is at odds with agile values. 88 more words


Quality is the Responsibility of the Whole Team

Originally this article was postet on trendig.com English & Deutsch

Since 2001 we have the agile manifesto in place and since then the whole industry is learning to use agile principles and values in their daily work of software development. 1,070 more words


The Journey Begins

Software development is a contact sport.

Unless you are building a small application that you intend only for yourself, you, as a software developer, need to communicate.  321 more words


Purpose: Sprint Reviews

One of two events that conclude a sprint, the sprint review is the way for the development to close the feedback loop and provide business with tangible value at the end of a sprint. 471 more words


What is Agile.

Quick post for those not in the know. And for those in the know – please challenge me on this because this is my interpretation. 309 more words

Roll up! Roll up! Get your snake oil here!

(takes 2-3 mins to read)

Snake Oil: noun: informal

A substance with no real medicinal value sold as a remedy for all diseases.

True story:

813 more words
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