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Organizational Culture - Whats the big deal about it !

What is culture?

Culture is a repeated exhibition of thought process, actions, behaviours and mindset in a group of people. It can be well termed as an aggregation of behaviours and characters of individuals in a group.   1,118 more words

Is it Time to Evolve Beyond the Agile Manifesto?

The colorful wall posters are ubiquitous in organizations small and large. If you’ve used the word Agile at least one time in your company, then I bet you’re keenly aware of the  681 more words


Showcase Team Agility

Another useful avenue for development and strengthening teams is to create short videos focused on Scrum practices. Have a senior Manager ask questions of willing Scrum Masters and team members and publish it on your organisation’s Intranet or YouTube (if authorised). 110 more words

Professional Development

When the Scrum Masters have been working together for a while they may be ready to embark on competency based professional development. Working with their team Coach draw up a road map of what they expect their Scrum Masters to know and do over the course of three or so years. 230 more words

Why does Agile work?

Tushar, a member of the LinkedIn Group “Agile and Lean Software Development” posed this query: “Recently at Large Agile Practitioner Summit @SAP Palo Alto, CA campus during discussions a question arisen – why does Agile work? 206 more words


What you can learn from 'The Phoenix Project' by Gene Kim,Kevin Behr & George Spafford (2014, 338 pages)

How do you ensure that IT supports the business? How does your business transform in the digital age?

In the book ‘The Phoenix Project, the authors argue that closer integration of development, operations and risk provide a competitive advantage by enabling the other business functions to succeed.   290 more words

Book Reviews

Overhead and Effectiveness

Getting the best from a team seems to be a common theme for me at the moment. I have written previously about the differences between… 351 more words