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Managing Risk on an Agile Program

Somehow, risk management is often given the short shrift when companies are transitioning to Agile. Either they create a risk register at the beginning of the project and then forget all about it, or worse, pay no heed to risk management. 583 more words


Some Thoughts on Product Development

This blog is based on my participation in a panel during the Denver Startup week on 10/1 at Spiredigital.

Thank to Nick Coppolo for putting the questionnaire together. 668 more words


Agile Project Management with Scrum

“Scrum is hard. It’s not hard because of the things you do; it’s hard because of the things you don’t do.”

This is how Scrum is introduced, in the forward by Mike Cohn, in Ken Schwaber’s book, ‘ 501 more words


Is Our Training Paradigm an Unbeaten Dead Horse?

Maybe a better question might be…How can you beat a dead horse if you don’t realize it’s dead yet? I’m convinced the training paradigm is one dead horse and many of us are beating the stuffing out of it…or soon will be after discovering that it is indeed dead. 1,722 more words

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Agile Update - Week 40

I was thinking yesterday that I didn’t do much at all last week, and that may have even added to my procrastination for writing this post. 694 more words

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Columbus didn't close his learning loop, did you?

Maybe it’s time to rename Columbus day in America Discovery day.  I’m suggestng both for the sake of school children as well as to renew the american explorer spirit.   1,280 more words



While working towards a Scrum workshop in the office, I noticed, again, that there are quite a few animals in Scrum. And then I remembered Manimal, one of the best TV series I watched in my childhood (that and McGuyver of course). 317 more words