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Highsmith, James A. Agile Software Development Ecosystems. Addison-Wesley, 2006.

Agile Software Development Ecosystems is divided into four sections: “Problems and Solutions,” “Principles and People,” “Agile Software Development Ecosystems,” and “Developing an ASDE.” Sections I and II discuss the problems facing the software development world, and delve into how the basic principles of Agile can solve them. 214 more words


Yesterday was quiz night

This has been a very weird and enormously invigorating week. We were able to rehearse twice, I got to do a shit load of work and I even moved my personal kanban to it’s first digital version. 103 more words


Management Practice-1: Some helpful tips for new Scrum masters under Servant leadership role

In continuation of my previous blogs on SDLC/Agile/Scrum, this blog can give some tips to Scrum Masters.

As per the Agile manifesto and Scrum principles, the Scrum Master need to work as a servant leader. 762 more words

Closed-loop feedback control with Scrum

Scrum is a simple framework to manage complex challenges. Software delivery is a complex challenge. Software delivery encompasses a multitude of complex activities to create and evolve complex products in complex circumstances. 946 more words


Digital Content in the Workplace

Digital transformation is a focus for most organisations – ‘going digital’ has many facets, it isn’t just about the technology – it is also about culture and the content. 960 more words

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