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Occupied Neurons, late May 2016

Understanding Your New Google Analytics Options – Business 2 Community

Here’s where the performance analytics and “business analytics” companies need to keep an eye or two over their shoulder. 340 more words

Slides: Unicorns on an Aircraft Carrier - achieving Agility in Traditional Orgs

Slides from my keynote talks at the DevOps.com hosted CDSummit events in London and Stockholm earlier this week are now posted:



Moving Towards Being Agile - Documentation

Agile Documentation

The waterfall way of working lovessss documentation. They have a BRD (Business Requirements Document) that the business should produce for them before asking the developers to start working on the project. 1,027 more words


How Agile Inceptions Are Changing Ticketmaster's Team Culture

The Ticketmaster Way

An agile inception is a collaborative discovery workshop to visually get all stakeholders and team members to a common understanding prior to the start of a project.   1,527 more words


The Titan of Transparency - your superhero Scrum Master

I have seen a lot of Scrum Masters with capes.  Well a lot of Scrum Master Cartoons with capes…and wizard robes. It’s inspiring and I know, I Know that Scrum Masters are super heroes.   712 more words


Getting Started with BDD (Part 2)

In the first part of the post Getting started with BDD, I’ve explained the CULTURAL SHIFT it requires to adopt BDD. In this second post I want to get one step further and share a couple of good practices that will enable you to scale this practice. 664 more words