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Death of #Agile #PMOT

OK, so maybe Agile isn’t dead yet. But I think it is certainly starting to suffer from the same disease that ultimately claimed Waterfall and other methodologies. 284 more words


Implementing Change Using Kanban- Part IX

This is the last install for the Kanban board. The project has ended. Lessons learned have been gathered. A new project has begun with its own board. 1,245 more words


Organisation mindset

Many organizations are struggling with the transition to become more agile. I see organizations starting with a number of permanent agile teams and asking themselves after a while why the expected benefits are not there? 333 more words

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Episode 18 – Component Case Study

Clean Code

Episode 18

This episode reviews the component principles.

  • Overview
  • Payroll Review
    • Controller use Builder to request data structure that they pass to interactor that they acquire from Factory.
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Clean Code

Summer Kanban - Week 1

I created the board very simply using posterboard, tape and, of course, Post-it notes. My daughter, Zoe, was much more receptive to this entire idea than I thought she would be which really pleased me. 349 more words

What is Agile project management, and why would I want that?

Agile (with a capital “A”) project management is a set of practices for moving complex projects along as efficiently as possible, with the primary goal of meeting customer needs through continuous innovation. 299 more words

Quality And Risk Management

Not every office

I never did get to work in every office in Durham County Hall.  It was one of the things that I did not get to achieve.   360 more words