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Keeping true to agile

Its always nice to revisit the principals that you endorse or believe in. Being a Scrum-Master, I try to remain true to agile manifesto. Recently, while working on a blog related to inner source (more on it later), I visited  98 more words


Why practise pair programming?

Pair programming? Two people staring at one PC screen, using one keyboard and one mouse? Why would companies hire two individuals to work on the same thing? 620 more words

Software Development

Retrospectives for any team - agile or not

Retrospective is a meeting in Agile/Scrum that looks at how the team is working together, the behaviours and processes that are undertaken. The meeting happens after each sprint (defined length of time to do the work). 315 more words

Agile before it was cool

In the 100th episode of This Agile Life the hosts talk about their first experiences encountering Agile development and how they first used its concepts without knowing it. 1,033 more words


For Tool's Sake!

This has been a week where in different forums this question has come up – what is there for an engineer in a tool. The tools being referred to are Project Management tools like Rally, Jira, etc. 562 more words


My List of 7 Lists of Podcast Lists

Yeah, it’s like the film “Inception.” My list goes into lists of lists. Hang with me…

I’m working from home today and plan to spend lunch at the gym mindlessly listening to my Spotify “Workout” playlist. 207 more words