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Buzzword Buster - Waterfall

A structured approach to software development and project management characterised by clearly delineated phases of work based around designing a solution, building the solution, testing the solution and the releasing the solution. 107 more words

To, all agile enthusiasts across the globe

Here is a great opportunity!

I have been working very closely with several scrum teams as their coach and mentor. Many of them are small and medium sized enterprises operating from tier two cities of India, where the production cost is highly competitive. 86 more words

What Nobody Tells You About Leadership

Have something to say about leadership? Today (24 Feb) is your last chance to get in your submission to speak at this year’s Agile Australia 2017 Conference… 1,263 more words


Review: Esther Derby & Diana Larsen - Agile Retrospectives: Making Good Teams Great

I like feedback. It’s great. Totally awesome. Sorry, let me untrumpify that: I enjoy feedback a lot. I think it is a great tool to learn things and to adjust your course. 302 more words


Being Agile – Ontological perspective

Kari L. Granger (US Air Force Academy) shares her experience ..” I was in Iraq as the officer in charge of a unit, but for the first time under enemy fire, I realised that the knowledge I gained from studying leadership during six years of being educated as a military officer with a masters degree in Leadership, did not leave me… 744 more words


Three Reasons Why You Should Not Hire an Agile Coach

Originally posted on LinkedIn here.

I admit it – I am an agile coach. I walk teams through starting up, I work with Product Owners on building backlogs, I work with organizations on agile adoption, I help people and companies get more “awesome.” And now I am going to tell you three reasons why you shouldn’t hire me, or anyone like me! 505 more words



I am drowned by that
flimsy optimism
that quickens taste, fills
heels with agile springs, erupts
visions of light in my belly,
and makes bright, my… 13 more words