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I am not a robot - manual, automated...both?

When an organisation changes it’s approach from a more traditional waterfall style (analyse / write a spec / dev / test / live) to a more Agile, iterative approach, almost without exception the testers are beaten with the automation stick. 541 more words

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10 Commandments for Unit Testing

Ten Commandments for Unit Testing

  1. Refactor SUT to limit LOC required to setup a unit test
  2. Limit a unit test to 10 LOC or less…
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Please Stand-by to be Processed

Let’s begin with a quote from Alistair Cockburn, one of the initiators of the Agile movement in software development.

‘While a good process can’t assure delivery, and a good team can deliver despite an unwieldy process, a poor process can get in the way quite neatly’. 935 more words


Dual-Track Agile, Why?

It’s amazing how the most innocuous statement can get the mind racing. One of my teammates went to a Lean Coffee meetup here in town and when I asked how it was she simply gave me the phrase “dual track Scrum”.   820 more words

Software Development

Doing the same thing in Project Management

I was leading a software project and the deliverables were not complete on time again. Everyone who has managed project knows how difficult is to manage and deliver project on time and on budget. 777 more words


The Organisational Psychotherapy Approach To Agile Coaching

The Organisational Psychotherapy Approach To Agile Coaching

What’s the point of an Agile Coach? I guess the most common answer would be “to make development teams more productive”. 675 more words

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How to Adapt Technical and Non-Technical Teams to Scrum and Agile

This is a guest blog post written by our Scrum Master, member of our QA team, who wishes to stay anonymous. In this post, he is going to share the main processes you should be aware of when putting together a Scrum and Agile implementation plan. 1,251 more words

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