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How to increase the horsepower in Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) is often seen by many as a tool to reduce the effort of report generation. While the recent BI data mining and discovery tools perform the rudimentary task with consummate ease, there is a greater value that BI provides to an organization. 752 more words



Yes, my dog, before 7 a.m., vomited all over the lobby downstairs. My husband is not awake yet but as he uses the 16′ leash and is focused on neighbors and doesn’t always pay attention, she probably ate something icky off the sidewalk or park. 469 more words

Is Agile thinking going to eventually dominate the world?

I was reading about Zappo’s and their move towards a new management style that seems to be freaking some people out.  It’s called holacracy.  As I was reading the brief description about it in the article I thought to myself…”hey, this kind of sounds like an agile team”.  Sure enough, it does.  It just so happens that… 22 more words


What does an "innovation economy" really mean?

We have entered the knowledge economy, but are only dismally realizing its tremendous potential for accelerating human progress and prosperity. While we acknowledge human talent as the chief resource of the 21st century, we fail to utilize the creative potential for a majority of the workforce. 450 more words


Great engineering, failed product - a presentation by Marty Cagan

Marty Cagan gave this very inspiring talk called Great Engineering, Failed Product at the Craft 2015 conference. The talk is about the huge difference there is in how the best companies produces products compared to how most companies produces products. 1,362 more words