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Nightcap - May 5

Network security and Agile are discussed in The Nightcap – Radar


Branching Done

I was recently contacted by a senior executive of a mid-sized company that is evolving their product development to Scrum. He explained a situation he had been in and wanted my opinion. 394 more words


Enterprise Mobility - You and your team need more green time!

As a consultant and delivery owner for custom mobile application development, discussing with people outside the industry regarding the various ways in which people think about “enterprise mobility” is always a great conversation. 405 more words


The Lean Garden

A common misconception across organisations, particularly those delivering digital products, is that adding more and more features to their products always attracts more customers. The… 1,024 more words

Agile Methodology

The biologic reasons behind Scrum

Every software developer I have met in the past, wanted to create exceptional software. Unfortunately, they were hindered many times. My daily experiences show that Scrum is a natural, biologic countermeasure against the usual shortcomings in projects. 755 more words


#EngineerSpeak Status Update
After my prolonged absence due to a very long business trip (22 days, new personal record), the #EngineerSpeak community resumed work on the Yavin Thruster by conducting our first sprint planning session last Thursday. 228 more words

The Agilistocrats! at the 2015 Global Scrum Gathering in Phoenix - Review of Day 1 & Picks for Day 2

The Agilistocrats! on Day 1 at the 2015 Global Scrum Gathering in Phoenix. Dhaval Panchal, Richard Cheng, Dave Prior, Maria Matarelli, Tom Perry and Daniel Gullo on the best sessions of Day 1 and their picks for Day 2 of the Gathering.