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We Need to do Better

I recently had a physician tell me, point blank, “EHRs are a failure”. He went on to add that spend way too much time entering data. 626 more words

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Webinar with Jurgen Appelo for the Bulgarian Agile community: Aim For Happier Organization – Oct 3, 2016 @ 9pm Sofia Time

Важно ли е хората да са ангажирани и щастливи на работното си място? Как да направим нашите организации по-щастливи и по-успешни? Ако тези въпроси ви вълнуват, заповядайте на следващото виртуално събитие на българската Agile общност, когато наш специален гост ще бъде Jurgen Appelo.

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Rolling Rocks Downhill Book Review

I read Clarke Ching‘s book Rolling Rocks Downhill a while ago and I picked it up again recently while on holiday. I’d enjoyed it the first time, going back over the story a second time with a little more leadership experience I was amazed just how many valuable lessons Clarke has managed to cram in there! 194 more words


Extreme Programming - It's not what you think

When you first hear of Extreme Programming (or XP for short), it may conjure up images of developers coding while doing unusual feats of human endurance. 1,125 more words


Three Reasons Driving The Performance Management Revolution

Last year on my lightly-viewed LinkedIn blog, I wrote a short post proclaiming 2015 as the year of performance management reform – this was after several years coaching in organizations that had an urgent need to evolve into an Agile environment, but continued to drive traditional (and conflicted) performance management & reward/punish appraisal programs through their respective HR departments. 328 more words


Sprint Planning

This post is meant as a few hints and tips for new ScrumMasters at Sprint Planning.  None of this is meant as this is how you have to do it, but it could be a starting point from which you can inspect and adapt. 661 more words


I don't know

“Being at ease with not knowing is crucial for answers to come to you”. – Eckhart Tolle

These three words are perhaps some of the most feared words in the business world.

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