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Minimise the risk.

I am currently listening to an audible book.  The Journey to enterprise agility  One of the topics that they have discussed is about managing risk and how listing all the risks and working out how to mitigate them has a cost in regards to the time it takes to investigate and work through them. 436 more words


The Agile Movement for Innovators

The term “agile” has been widely used over the past 15 years, but very few understand what it actually means to their team, organization, or customers. 678 more words


Product management takeaways

I’ve just spent two days with two Jeffs (Gothelf and Patton). They ran a great product management course, and I wanted to quickly get down some of my personal takeaway points, while it’s fresh in my mind. 738 more words


States of Innovation

I’m grounding my new work around Innovation in two frameworks: ‘States of Innovation’, and ‘Cultural Agility’. Today, i want to explore States of… 772 more words


Some interesting opportunities; working towards Agile

“The solutions that we design for problems are obsolete by the time we are ready to deliver them.”

Agile is not new. Many software companies have adopted it over the last decade, picking up on the increased speed to market that such an approach can provide. 906 more words


Hans Solo

Yesterday, I tried to prepare for a meeting about implementing some practices from the Scaled Agile Framework. In particular the planning process and the IP sprint. 417 more words

Importance of a roadmap and vision

A product that you are developing or a business that you are carrying on needs a target, a vision to move forward. After all it’s the vision you have that helps your product to reach where it should be. 521 more words