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No bugs in agile?!?

When a team is following an agile delivery approach and they have developed a Definition of Done (DoD) containing one or more criteria indicating that no defects are permitted in or as an outcome of completed work items, they should not have to deal with bugs escaping a sprint, and hence, the practice of documenting defects should become obsolete. 358 more words

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Why "Agile" and especially Scrum are terrible

Agility is a good thing, no doubt, and the Agile Manifesto isn’t unreasonable. Compared to a straw-man practice called “Waterfall”, Agile is notably superior. Yet, so much of Agile as-practiced is deeply harmful, and I don’t really think that the Agile/Waterfall dichotomy is useful in the first place. 4,344 more words

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  We have reached peak Agile. Not only is it being corrupted as an efficiency and control tool. Much worse is, that it lends itself towards being corrupted. It has become, for the most part, a tool that is useful in emergencies but ultimately changes nothing of fundamental importance in today's companies.

Agile mindset over fixed mindset in software engineering

Mentality is a series of thoughts and beliefs that shape your habits of thinking. And your habits of thinking will influence how you think, how you perform, how you feel, and how you work. 529 more words


Are we embracing Complexity and Agility too late? #orgdna #globalchat SAT 8.25.18 1-3pGMT

The 21st century has a breakneck feel. It’s increasingly difficult for organizations to stay apace. We try to focus on the work before us, but our attention is continually flooded with every option imaginable. 711 more words


LINK: "From stand-ups to scrutiny"

Marrying agile habits with traditional local government governance is easier said than done. If we’re not careful, bringing in agile can add another layer of governance, where stand-ups become daily team meetings and show and tells become programme boards and vice versa.

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