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Gordon Setter Trainers

Whether you’re a new Gordon Setter owner or have lived with them for years, training our breed can have it’s own quirks and sometimes it’s helpful to have the expertise of a trainer who has worked with our breed. 248 more words

Gordon Setter

February 12th 2016

Agility Diary update

Oops, I’ve forgotten to update the agility diary again. There’s a missing entry from January 18th (which went well from what I can remember!) and January 25th (which I think also went well!) but there isn’t a missing entry from February 1st as I was too ill with a chest infection to attend.  234 more words


First photoshoot in Newcastle

I would like to introduce you the first photographs for the Agility Dog.

The photoshoot was for the training club called “The Mutz Hut Dog Training”, in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England. 155 more words


Social Media Agi Dog

The good news are you can follow the Agility dog on three main Social Media platforms.

Those are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

I have already posted a link for the Twitter page. 40 more words


[Game, Jeu] La fin ........

La fin est la … le mystère est levé …..

Retrouvons tous les joueurs (~30) autours d’une bonne galette pour discuter et lever le voile sur les mystérieuses actions qui ont eu lieues. 321 more words


February 10th 2016

Eughhh people annoy me. 

My hours at work have changed so I finished at 11.30 today. Came home, got changed, and ended up doing some agility practise in the park with Laufey. 268 more words


Being Confident at the Gym

My friend Rebecca Koening asked me (jokingly) to post something about workout makeup. However, I don’t put on makeup to go to gym. Usually I try to work out in morning (when I can barely get myself to put pants on).  631 more words

Roller Derby