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Verbal v Body Language

When in state of heightened arousal, the instinct will override learned behavior. No matter how well a dog is trained to do something in a class situation, when stressed or highly excited, the hard drive (instinct) will always win out over the software (training). 599 more words

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Weaving the Legs: Weekly Agility Report

Once again Rain and I got weather-lucky heading to agility this week. The weather had been dreary earlier that day, but the ominous clouds had passed by the time I was heading home to pick Rain up. 443 more words


Agility video part 2

Here’s a little more of what we did on Sunday. Again, I’m posting the video with a password. You’ll know what it is.


Agility news + a video!

Unto and I love the new Sunday agility group! We are learning so many new things, it’s like taking agility to the next level. Everybody is really nice, too, we we’ve felt right at home even though we didn’t know anybody from before. 45 more words


2 lessons Muhammad Ali taught me about Agility and Innovation

Muhammad Ali has always been my personal hero and source of inspiration. I recently discovered that my affinity for him might also reside in his natural born “agility” and ability to innovate. 796 more words

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