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CrossFit's Contribution To Everyday Life

Functional Training. It’s all the buzz right now. In fact these two words are thrown around pretty loosely, often in the wrong context. So what is it? 883 more words


Mobility Vs. Flexibility : What's The Difference?

We usually associate strength, endurance and the likes with fitness. But there’s so much more to it than just raw, brute force. Flexibility and mobility, two vital keys to being fitter are often overlooked. 569 more words


25 APR 2016

25 APR 2016

400m jog
250m row
easy pace
Foam roll

1) Incline Bench: 3×15
2) Chest Fly: 3×12
4) Decline Sit-ups: 3×15 (1 second pause at top) 65 more words

Garage Gym Workout

To Succeed in Transformation, Stop Funding Projects! #OIC2016

Source: MEGA Blog Site

Goals. We hear them. We read them. We are supposed to strive to achieve them. What happens after a goal is set – and decisions are made? 882 more words


The Golden Retriever obedience fail

This video is a couple of years old; but to me it shows the best in owners who compete in events like obedience and agility. 190 more words


Trust, Complexity and Agility

Ongoing personal and professional debates in society about the nature of TRUST and the conditions necessary to establish and sustain it, continue to question the very nature of mutual coexistence. 394 more words

When it all clicks

This morning, I set the most recent NADAC VT (video tape) jumpers course to run.  This is just our 2nd time running an Open level jumpers course to submit for the VT program. 274 more words