Aging Beauty

I have seen this old house many times.

Viewed during the day, it struck me as odd but whimsical.

It’s like the naughty younger sister among the stately, pristine white homes on the street. 115 more words

The Art of Waiting

Part of being a human person is waiting. We wait for our turn in line, for our appointments, for the flight to get called, for the announcements to be made. 583 more words


Jawline Journeys

Last Thursday I had my final appointment at my TMJ doctor’s office. TMJ, in all its acronym-istic glory, stands for the temporomandibular joint, a disorder of the jaw, where the joint is misaligned, misplaced, or gone fishing. 686 more words



Do you remember when you were young and you would spin in a circle with your arms spread out, whirling and whirling until you dropped to the ground from the dizzies? 794 more words


The Power of Routine

Teachers are procedural superninjas. We spend the first days of school teaching the students how to enter the room, how to complete their bell work, how to get ready for class, where to put the homework, and so much more. 727 more words


Owe My Great Body To Yoga

Yes It Can Be Done

I didn’t think much about it when I was younger.  And when I was 40 my son’s autism was presenting new and difficult challenges for him and our family so the great fitness level I had until then fell to the wayside. 814 more words