Gray hair/don't care

After watching a few too many lifestyle videos this morning, I feel compelled to address a pervasive concern about the aging process and how to combat its signs. 1,235 more words


Living by the Numbers

Even though people claim to have a poor relationship with math, we sure do live in a wriggly snake pit of numbers. For example: I have two children, one cat, one husband, one mom, and two siblings. 541 more words


A Scientific Quest

Questing is great fun. Whether you quest for love, dinner, adventure, sales or memorabilia – even the word is awesome. Take, for example, a conversation that recently happened in the house of AlwaysLiz: 703 more words


Aging Beauty

I have seen this old house many times.

Viewed during the day, it struck me as odd but whimsical.

It’s like the naughty younger sister among the stately, pristine white homes on the street. 115 more words