What I’ve learned about the aging process so far

  1. You are not brave if you go grey, you are smart. Rather than hide behind the apron of your hair colorist or the aisles of hair color in a box at the store, step boldly into the light, my aging friend, and let that silvery, opalescent, salt-and-pepper glory sparkle in the sunshine.
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Everything I am Not

I am back from an extended blogging break in which I did a whole bunch of nothing that felt like everything to me. I still measure out my life in school years and now that mine is back in session I can write again. 643 more words


Justina’s Five Tips for Aging Beautifully

On one of those dreadful days during my pregnancy when my skin was uncooperative, I had eaten more watermelon than I cared to admit, and even my yoga pants no longer fit, I hauled myself down to the walk-in manicurist at the mall to get a pedicure on the feet I could no longer reach myself. 501 more words


Collagen and Wrinkles


Ive been reading Deep Nutrition by Katharine Shanahan MD, and she speaks about alot of interesting things. One topic of interest to me is collagen and how important it is to looking youthful as well as keeping your body healthy as you age. 697 more words

Aging Beautifully

Growing up in years!

Hello beautiful ladies,

Growing older feels scarry and good.  I love the idea of  incorporating health routines into my life and then seeing how i feel.   387 more words


You Are So Beautiful to Me

I am flummoxed by the current definitions of beauty. For women, is it people with defined biceps and thigh gap, or people with more voluptuous physiques? 692 more words


Mother Nature

There’s been a huge event going on that you might have missed. It’s bigger than the new season of Sherlock, more catastrophic than global warming, and more terrifying than my local drive through coffee emporium raising their prices. 423 more words

Self Worth