But first, let me (not) take a selfie

Confession might be good for the soul, but it’s definitely not good for the ego. To wit: I am not particularly photogenic. If I grin with reckless abandon, the photo looks like I’m in pain. 504 more words


Skin Deep

Beauty is skin deep, in the eye of the beholder, and/or a matter of perception depending on whom you ask and whether they’re talking about themselves or someone else. 351 more words


Rebel with a cause

While watching the oscars last night myself and millions of other people made a refreshing discovery in the defiant and wonderful Jenny Beavan. Ms. Beavan collected her second oscar for designing the costumes for Mad Max Fury Road. 255 more words

Aging Beautifully

Stop The Madness!

Uuuuugh! Why do cosmetic companies continue to perpetuate these visual lies? I don’t use Elizabeth Arden’s skin care line, but I can assure you neither does this model! 161 more words

Aging Beautifully

The Courage to be Yourself

In a recent classroom activity, when asked what constituted bravery, most of my middle schoolers answered with some version of ‘doing the thing that no one else will do.’ This included jumping off cliffs, skydiving, and other truly foolhardy adventures. 418 more words


I'm ready for my closeup!

As every celebrity, actress, model knows; Great makeup begins and ends with great lighting! Proper lighting can literally help you put your best face forward. The best light for makeup is evenly spaced on either side of your face. 324 more words

Aging Beautifully

Fashionably Late

I was at lunch the other day and the most stunning couple walked into the restaurant. They had to be in their eighties. He was in a dapper white pinstriped suit and a fedora, and she was in a beautiful cream colored St. 234 more words

Aging Beautifully