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Over-Ripe Bananas 

This morning, as I was preparing ingredients for my daily smoothie, I Googled the benefits of over-ripe bananas and was surprised to find there are many.  111 more words

Aging Gracefully

News from the gym

This gym rat (and I use that term loosely) is getting her stride going. Here are more observations.

Gyms have an odor. My gym is very clean. 494 more words


Snippets of a ridiculous conversation

Did you ever have an inane conversation based on “what if’s?” Sometimes the oddest bits of info come out of them.

In the course of a conversation, a friend asked if I would buy a new car anytime soon. 253 more words



Aging gracefully  aggressively.

“You do what you can do for as long as you can, and when you finally can’t, you do the next best thing.   12 more words

Two weeks at the new gym

Adults are like kids. When we go to a new place, we look around and mimic what we see. It makes us look cool. We’re one of the pack. 386 more words

Aging Gracefully

Is knowing better or worse?

Sometimes you know when you are experiencing something for the last time. When you move out of a house, you know you won’t be coming back.  573 more words


Am I There Yet? A vintage girl's journey across America - Day 10

So it’s my last day of total freedom … taking detours, exploring byways, eating or not eating whenever I please, sleeping in a campground or in a motel for however long I want; pulling into rest stops to take a walk, eat a sandwich, parking under a tree to read a book; skipping breakfast, kayaking on inviting lakes, having martinis at 3:00 in the afternoon, hitting the road at first light, no makeup, anything I want.   413 more words