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Turning 30! 

Once upon a time on September 22nd, 30 years ago, an adorable little baby was born. She had a head full of dark hair and she was free of wrinkles, stretch marks, sun spots and white hairs. 664 more words


Passages – Cousins

My cousin’s husband died.

I am the youngest of 50 cousins with the ages spanning 20 years. Many are gone. That comes with being the youngest. 263 more words

Aging Gracefully

In Which I Politely Turn The Tables On The Holy Rollers


Late summer in a midwest suburb. Saturday afternoon. Beautiful clear blue sky with white clouds. Green lawn, well-tended. Leafy trees aplenty. Pink roses blooming along sidewalk up to front door. 387 more words


Expiring body parts

No, I’m talking knee replacements here. I’m talking about how long a body part can stand doing its job before revolting.

Let’s take my butt. Last week I had dinner with two different groups of friends. 443 more words


Three Times Never To Shop

Everyone has heard it is unwise to grocery shop when you are hungry. To this will I add two more warnings: 🍕Never shop when you are exhausted. 551 more words

Shades of perky

When I was young I was very perky. You know that kind of annoying perkiness that comes with youth. It was natural. No need for drugs or booze.  473 more words

Aging Gracefully

Fall Mist and Cold Cream

Today I walked for cold cream. My beauty regime on the farm was pretty much reduced to washing my hair and keeping my nails as short as possible so as not to trap garden soil beneath them. 527 more words