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I am part of the “Silent Generation” or more commonly known as a Traditionalist. We all have our pluses and minuses, but many of us old timers seem to think that the Newbies are on the road to destruction. 406 more words

A different kind of spring cleaning

When you get to be a certain age, spring cleaning takes on a different meaning. It doesn’t involve a house. (I’ve stopped that kind of spring cleaning ages ago!) 434 more words


Out For A Walk: "Love You, Annie"

IN ANTICIPATION OF A haircut appointment tomorrow, I’ve been trying to decide what to do about my graying blonde hair. “Gronde” as it’s known in hair salon lingo. 179 more words



I have an old friend who I periodically meet for lunch. This week I reached out to schedule. I thought of why lunch with her is so effortless. 389 more words


Micro-Needling-Does it work?

With forty quickly approaching I decided to kick things into ultra-high gear and take advantage of the newest craze-micro-needling.  The perks are plumper, softer, and more supple skin-after one session.  304 more words


Observations with a glass in need of a refill

I am a “glass half full” person but lately I find myself waiting for the “other shoe to fall.” Each good thing seems to be counterbalanced. 246 more words

Aging Gracefully

Youth springs eternal

This morning an excited young boy showed me his hand filled with wet and wiggly worms he’d just unearthed.

Tonight a tired old woman showed her camera a rake, filled with blue blossoms growing wild in a damp patch of weeds. 10 more words