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ElderKin- The Long Walk

I was kind of in a hurry, dashing into town to pick up a few things. It was cold, grey and damp, but my car was warm and my four wheels could get me where I needed to go quickly and then back home again to host a friend’s visit. 493 more words

Greenspirit In Relationships

Aging is Hard

I had this silly idea that maybe I would just age super gracefully.  I don’t know exactly what I thought that meant.  I do know that I wasn’t prepared for the rapid onset that hit me just a few months ago.   88 more words

M"eye" New Obsession!

Alright. So maybe it isn’t qu”eye”te an obsession.  But—I do have a new “thing” that I’m loving.  And it has to do with the eyes in case you haven’t figured it out! 1,066 more words

~part of a booklet written about 100 years ago by gd watson, this is so beautiful, and true… and so, so rare…

“Another great benefit of maturing through suffering is an inexpressible tenderness.

135 more words
Being: Human

One more run for the books

It was a sunny day, but chilly. Perfect day for a run. I decided to attempt a straight 20 minute run, with five minute warmup. I was happy, and optimistic since we’ve been walking like racers at work, and it’s been really challenging trying to keep up with the others. 76 more words


3 True Confessions Because You, My Gentle Readers, Need To Know


It’s entirely possible that I’m not going to be an Instagram star. 

Since November I’ve tried to get into my Instagram groove by posting three photos a week, usually all at once (because I forget to post them when I take them).   321 more words


Going down the rabbit hole!

When I get excited about something, it takes over my life. I’m not interesting in eating or sleeping. Just want to focus. Jump in with both feet! 715 more words