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Exercise & Dementia

I feel like I’ve been studying people and the world around me for a very long time. This tendency helped keep me safe while I was growing up in an incredibly volatile home environment and it made me a more perceptive artist as I tuned into all of the details around me (sometimes to an overwhelming degree, as most empaths can attest). 392 more words


Happy Thanksgiving to all

And happy birthday to the beloved husband! We’ve been celebrating the entire month (that’s a family tradition. We have birthday months instead of days). That’s a good thing as this week, with a sick cat, everything is off. 13 more words


Aging Gracefully

“Don’t regret growing older. It’s a privilege denied to many-“ Unknown.

The aesthetic field is a beautifully designed, yet truly mesmerizing industry. It has witnessed new medical technology feverishly emerge over the last decade and the demand steadily continues to rise. 476 more words


More gym observations

Who would have thought that a gym where no one talks would generate posts?

Although folks aren’t talk-y, I flash my pre-coffee smile as broadly as I can… 259 more words


…on how the old me knew me

A couple of months ago, I was headed to Denver to participate in my third women’s empowerment conference, called Emerging Women Live, and this year I needed a photo of myself.  1,373 more words


The dilemma -- Betwixt and between!

Should I or shouldn’t I? The older I get the more I’m like my Mom. There was a lot of wonderful stuff about her but she was practical. 451 more words


The transition of jeans and genes or maybe it’s just aging

Jeans! How they’ve changed over the years!

I wear them a lot in the fall/winter. I wore them when I was a kid too only we called them dungarees. 436 more words