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Customer service – the bane of everyone!

 Writer’s note: To fully understand this post you may have to live in the US, the land of extremely high drug prices and zero customer service. 645 more words


Where is that toy or unfortunate memory lapses

Memory loss is something I’ve always worried about. It’s one of the first signs of dottiness. Now I’m worried.

I’m a great pet owner. Mostly. They get free food and healthcare and not the cheap stuff either. 320 more words


The Vision of My Self at Seventy

A role model, for the younger generation, aging, with grace, translated…

While I was still a child, I’d thought, that thirty-five is old, and as I’d arrived to this age, I’d felt, that fifty is old; and now, I’m, knocking on fifty, I’d felt, that midlife, isn’t really, that old at all. 452 more words


Turning Sixty Was a Breeze


The big day has come and gone.  And what a birthday it was!!  For three days, someone acknowledged and celebrated the date of my birth.  This made my 60th birthday one of the best birthdays I have ever had. 334 more words


I’m Too Tired to Cook, but I Don’t Want to Go Out...

When I lived in Charleston, the one big question of visitors to the Holy City was “Where should we eat?”  Such a great question in such an incredible foodie town!   1,036 more words


Taking a health break from life

It’s Murphy’s Law. The weather broke. It was time to clean up the yard, plant stuff and start the garden. In a nanosecond, a muscle in my back had a spasm… 214 more words


My Healthy Life

Hmmm. I said I’d write this post weeks ago. I have thought about it ever since then, but avoided putting it to paper. I remember when I started this blog. 1,300 more words