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Superwoman Bites the Dust, Part 2

You know how people say, “Listen to your body,”? It occurred to me this morning that I rarely do that. Instead I say, “Listen, body, do what I want.” 408 more words

About Life In General

It's out of control

I spend a lot of energy being afraid. I have always been a “worrier”, indeed, as an adult anxiety is probably the emotion with which I am most familiar. 605 more words

Lacking the Personnel of Elderly Homecare Providers? They Kept Their Employees on Staff with a Sense of Achievement

The beliefs of helping those with dementia and those who’d become immobilized live better in the elderly years, from the Front Page Sections, translated…

As there was a shortage in the personnel in homecare provider, the “Tong-Ren Ren-Ai Home” was going against the currents, the thirty-percent rate of quitting from three years ago, declined to just eight now; there were also, the homecare personnel from out of town, psychiatrists who’d signed up to work there.  266 more words

Experiences Of Life

But is it enough?

As I think about getting older, and trying to do so with grace, I think about the ways I spend my time. Not having the commitment of employment or the responsibilities of raising young children leaves me with the privilege of deciding what to do with my time. 473 more words


Hitting the Speed Limit

My friend asked me the other day if I had “hit the speed limit”. I had no idea what she was talking about, since I was at the local farmer’s market, and nowhere near my car. 859 more words



My blog is about evolving from one particular “phase” into, or through, the next as seemlessly as possible. Just moving. No phases necessary. And mostly, to do so with grace. 1,784 more words



It’s been over five years since we moved from Pittsburgh to our little lake here in the middle of nowhere. Before moving, I speculated about what I would miss about living in the city. 761 more words