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Gratitude by Oliver Sacks (118)

This is a wonderful memoir about Oliver Sacks’ last days on this earth. I will say that it is the best book I read this year for the Canadian Book Mine Set. 171 more words

Aging With Grace

Older, But Wiser?

Lately I’ve been meeting people who have a preconceived notion of me. They’ve buttonholed me into several categories: old, entitled white person, golfer, living a life of leisure, problemless, one foot in the grave… Maybe the last is unfair, but sometimes I see the look in the eye. 535 more words

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Making A Difference

Catching up is hard to do or maybe I’m just not good at it. I always seem to add more to my plate each day. I was just thinking that I could be satisfied with what I’ve already accomplished today, but then I was compelled by some unknown force to come to my blog page and write. 214 more words

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Ken Carson, also known as the KEN DOLL, was introduced by Mattel on this day in 1961.  He was the fictional boyfriend of the BARBIE DOLL, introduced 2 years earlier.  299 more words


Inner Beauty by Xiaolan Zhao (93)

This book is a must-read for all women who believe that beauty can be fostered from the outside. This books shows that beauty can only be developed from the inside out. 292 more words

Book Review

Aging -Insecurites of Getting Older and Wanting Beauty

I wanted to get past my insecurities so after the disaster with my first tries at makeup, I finally came to learn little by little how it worked.  469 more words

Aging With Grace

Aging -Believing Beauty Was My Reality

Being young and impressionable is what we all have experienced.  It was and is a way of life but unfortunately, many impressions are hard to let go off or understanding sometimes an impression it just that “an impression”.  412 more words

Aging With Grace