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New Year, Not so New Resolutions

This is my new year’s resolution blog. You might think it’s too late for it but it’s only January 15. 2017 is just two weeks old. 579 more words

About Life In General

Not so keen on the idea at the moment

When I launched this blog, I was all hot and horny to go grey, until I saw a New Year’s Eve photo of myself with my hair pulled back and the “grey line” or “grey matter” appearing…OMG… did it really look like that? 64 more words

Reflecting on resolutions

I’m not one for resolutions. I try to be the best version of myself every day because let’s face it, tomorrow isn’t a guarantee.

While I was out shopping a few days ago, I overheard some young women preparing for their New Year’s Eve night out and it made me smile. 178 more words

Aging with grace....

This months I left my forties behind and began embracing my fifties. Wow, time sure flies!

Each moment, day, month and year presents new challenges. I don’t think that I realized exactly what it would be like, but on the other hand I’ve never been this age before. 323 more words

Good Medicine by Philip Hebert (117)

This is a wonderful nonfiction book about the art of ethical care in Canada.  Given our culture of death and euthanasia, it can be difficult to maintain our values as Canadians. 236 more words



I used to sleep at night…  now, I write – and write – and write some more!  I used to eat larger meals…  now, I order off the senior menu at Denny’s.  808 more words

Wacky Holiday


Other people see the persona we present.  We are able to hide many things, including bad attitudes from others – but God knows everything, doesn’t He? 1,037 more words

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