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5 Things Every Elderly Woman Should Do in Her Golden Years

Senior years often come with a lot of challenging situations, like frail physical condition, age-related health concerns, and even loss of a spouse or a loved one. 472 more words

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"Keep Swimming..."

I make my home in Southern California and if you aren’t already aware,  we are probably the beauty/fitness Mecca of the world.  I live very near a beach community and believe me when I tell you, we are bombarded on every side with images of young, beautiful people trying to convince us that the fountain of youth can be ours if only we take the right supplements, drink the right potions, use the right hair color, join the right gym, slather on  the right moisturizer, wear the right clothes, apply the right make-up and eat the right foods.   878 more words

When My World Was Very Small by Ruth Rakoff (93)

This is a memoir-type book about the journey that one lady went through when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It is a book like no other in that you will laugh and cry even while reading the same page. 254 more words

Author From Ontario

Not In My Back Yard

We live on a private lake, in a neighborhood governed by a homeowners’ association. There are rules here, and the residents are expected to follow them. 1,019 more words

A Turkey in the Produce Aisle

I live such an eventful life. Take yesterday morning at the grocery store…the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I was there before nine. I knew the one item I had to have would be scarce and in demand: chopped onions. 469 more words

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Growing Old is a Wonderful and Privileged Experience and You Should Not Be Afraid

Today I’m not going to talk about product reviews. Today I would like to talk about ageing, or more precisely the beauty of ageing. Recently I saw this video that Allure produced on “Dispelling Beauty Myths: Aging With Grace” and it spoke to me so much that I needed to write it down and record how I felt while watching it. 370 more words

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An Abstract-Random Mindfulness

It finally happened just like I knew it would. I’ve been having a few health issues (that I still haven’t accepted–never thought it would happen to me!) so I’ve been going to a lot of new doctors and filling out those long forms. 487 more words

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