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Cor Silver Soap- The £115 Bar of Soap- Review 

My review of Cor Silver Skincare bar soap containing their patented nano silver with silica. (This post is not an ad but contains affiliate links) 1,319 more words


Tea Time

For most of my life I have rushed around with a schedule so busy that I rarely stopped blowing and going until I fell into bed at night. 1,314 more words


OMG: How did I become 40?

I’m about to turn 40. It is something on the calendar that I’ve been dreading for the past few months – past year, really. I think it’s harder for women than for men, and it’s been hard for me, harder than I thought. 569 more words

Age and Distance (1 min read)

Written By Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: Heather Rogers

Founder & Owner of: Confident Adventurer

Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor and Travel Writer

There are some places where you see evidence of the incredible beauty of God’s creation everywhere. 188 more words


harbor time

the settled peace of harbor time,
a walk upon the windy docks,
and hands that intertwined without
a thought of anything —

you tangled were in many dreams, 70 more words

Original Poems

pretty fucken sure i'm pre menopausal

So what does a well scholared individual do?

That’s right,

she consults with Aunty Google

who turns up 34 pre menopausal symptoms

so I can identify… 30 more words


New drug therapy could improve brain function and life expectancy of ALS patients

A researcher has successfully redesigned a portion of MabThera, an FDA-approved drug used to treat certain autoimmune diseases and types of cancer, into a new molecule to treat ALS, outlines a new report. 📍