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Sweet Hands

Faint smell of cookies

On her hands that sweetly

Bookend each side of his face

Tender devotion in her touch

Warm palms, fingers, warmer still… 29 more words


Living to be 94

My father-in-law always said he hoped he could live to be a hundred. He is now 89 and still in fairly good health. The only problem is that a couple of years ago he developed Alzheimer’s and is now confined to a care facility. 202 more words


Sleep Wrinkles And Aging Skin

Goesel Anson, MD, FACS, Michael A.C. Kane, MD, and Val Lambros, MD, FACS, published an article in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal (September 2016) in which they discuss the role of sleep wrinkles in aging skin, which differ from expression wrinkles in that they are caused by mechanical compression, shear and stress forces that act on the skin in sleep positions. 307 more words



The sparkling blue of Lake Michigan, in the summer sun, with a brisk breeze is enticing and inviting, and as I remembered that particular shade, I recalled the time our rental catamaran flung us into those blue depths. 369 more words


Theodicy - Why Do We Suffer?

The occurrence of multiple, chronic health problems is often a pattern as we grow older. These debilitating conditions may make one want to re-read the Book of Job to try to get some perspective. 262 more words

Weekly Update On Aging


I am not afraid
To turn
For my happiness
Will not be hindered
By a single
Instead I have learned
To embrace
Every curve… 64 more words


Healthy Living After the Age of Sixty

These two inspiring people show us that living a full and healthy life after the age of sixty is definitely possible!

Be well. Stay active. Eat healthy foods and your body will reward you with vibrant health!