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Getting Older

I’ll be another year older soon. Life sure isn’t what I thought it would be… some of the biggest surprises have been:

Playground in Winter

Pink jacket

child sized

sad little steps


from other kids

I wish

I wish I could say

it gets better with age.



she sent me poems
I wrote her long long ago
a late winter’s read


Rail Fence

We used to say
“As ugly as a rail fence”

But seeing this today
I’m not sure what that meant

It’s neat
And, yes, older… 6 more words

Original Poems

Tap Into Life's Lessons

Magic shoes! Shiny black with big looped bows
slabs of silver metal screwed on soles.
Best gift ever, when I was oh so young.
And oh how I remember….. 129 more words

Live For Today

Growing Up and Growing Up Fast

At the risk of this post becoming a bit of a diary entry, I will try to get to the point and not just natter on about myself. 1,085 more words


Aches and Pains

I have a friend in her early 90s who has a happy disposition and a wonderful attitude about life. Nevertheless, she says the one thing she didn’t realize about getting older was the aches and pains she would have to endure. 161 more words