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Grumpy Old Me

This unwelcome twinge of jealousy has pushed its way to the forefront of my mind yet again.
Leave me be!
But as relentless as it is, or should I say as relentless as I… 199 more words


Growing Older ... and Loving It!

My early thirties are aggressively different from my late twenties. I’ve said goodbye to the days of waiting on line to get into a bar or wearing heels without having flip flops in my purse, and hello to early morning stretching and farmer’s markets. 23 more words

Lying about one's age runs in my family

In a column I wrote six years ago for the Nevada Appeal, I tell the truth about my family, but not about my age. Click on over to learn about this odd little family tradition of believing that… 7 more words


10 Tips on Caring for an Aging Parent

Reversing the roles and caring for an aging parent is a substantial responsibility and is not to be acknowledged as a simple task. Below are some tips to consider if you or someone you know has been designated the primary caregiver for an aging parent. 397 more words

W - Withered

W – Withered

When you look at me, do you see the passions of a young girl?  Do you see me?

These hands once held a favorite baby doll. 128 more words

Rain Running:Tracking Life Moments

I ran in the rain yesterday. On purpose.

I hobbled home in a downpour. Because I had to.

For two glorious miles, I sucked humid air into my lungs, celebrated streams of warm rainwater on my face, wrung out my weighted t-shirt, and listened to the birds sing in the patter. 936 more words

Life Balance

Reflections -- The transitioning garden and it's symbolism

There are visions of ripe tomatoes dancing in my head. I love tomatoes the same way I love a margarita or a mocha latte. And so the saga continues. 390 more words

Life At Home