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"Medicare Takes Aim At Boomerang Hospitalizations Of Nursing Home Patients" - California Healthline

Deborah Ann Favorite sits in her Los Angeles apartment last month. Favorite’s mother died after a lapse in communication about the need to resume her thyroid medication. 147 more words


Social ties could preserve memory, slow brain aging

Study in mice finds living in groups a boon to cognitive health

— By Ohio State University

New research from The Ohio State University found that mice housed in groups had better… 929 more words

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It’s strange to me how on certain days I wake up in a good mood.

Recently, this has not been the norm for me, so I’m counting my blessings that today is one of those days where I feel less burdened and miserable than usual. 375 more words


Don't make fun of your parents! This is why.

Why shouldn’t you make fun of your parents?

I’ll give you the short answer first.

Because you’ll end up experiencing all of the things you made fun of! 710 more words



somewhere the light fades
faster than one would like,
not knowing if another day
will break. years are etched
upon the skin with lines
carved deep. 16 more words


Depression -- that big black bear -- and obesity

For a cogent discussion of the relationship between the two, see — surprise! —  an interview with the glamorous Charlize Theron in the May issue of… 581 more words


Run a Simulation for Success

I’m currently reading Mind Hacking by Sir John Hargrave. In essence, the book is about how to change behaviors. One of the concepts that he discusses is the idea of running simulations of your future plans. 347 more words