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... stay alert and sober

Yesterday, I read a lengthy article written by scientists who are seeking to prolong human life – even to the point of immortality!  Foolish men! 205 more words


This is the NRA's fault, too

File this under: Guns don’t shoot people. Old people with guns shoot themselves and other people:

A man accidentally shot himself and his wife at an East Tennessee church on Thursday while he was showing off his gun during a discussion on recent church shootings, police said.

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Stupid People

Karl with a K

Up so early on a Sunday…..of course, it’s my cat’s fault. I have one older gentleman kitty who seems, at times, half-wild. If he’s not ready to go snooze on my lap, then he wants to eat extraordinary amounts of food, or be outside. 393 more words

Aware of Death's Reality

And just as it is appointed for man to die once… ESV Hebrews 9:27

I stumbled across an interesting article by Corey Powell that questioned the finality of death. 374 more words

Spiritual Formation

Video: Eleanor Ambos

Eleanor Ambos is an unlikely tycoon. Since arriving in New York from her native Germany at age 20, she has transformed a modest interior-design business into a small empire, with a renovated factory building in the borough of Queens in New York at its center. 49 more words

Opinion Leaders

Going Gray in LA

Today I was down at the Central Library and stumbled across a very cool show about growing old in Los Angeles. Journalist Ruxandra Guidi and photographer Bear Guerra spent time with seniors living in four communities along Broadway: Lincoln Heights, Chinatown, Downtown and South LA. 161 more words

LA History

Rock and Roll Ain't Noise Pollution

AC/DC sang it best. I am a long-time rock-n-roller and have been to many concerts, including AC/DC which was blistering loud. Back then, hearing protectors were not on the play list. 205 more words

Feeling Better About Self