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High School Rag ... Nitty Gritty

Did we really do that?  Incredible, I can clearly relate to that “One Guy” in the video.  Yes, boys and girls, the truth it seems, is indeed, stranger than fiction.   482 more words


Aging...and entering the back stretch. Chuck Duboff

“It’s paradoxical that the idea of living a long life appeals to everyone, but the idea of getting old doesn’t appeal to anyone.”
― Andy Rooney… 413 more words

Personal Story

On Match.com

On Match.com

I have used, in the past 5 years, two dating services. One I saw in the in-flight magazine, which was wonderful but expensive, and the other Match.com.  636 more words


dum vita est spes est…

Mental absorption tires
As life continually inspires
Info grabbed for added strength
Keeping dotage at arms length.
Thinking thoughts for thinking’s sake
Mind in action as we wake… 41 more words


Dealing with the "Tear Trough"

Many of us, as we age, will develop a deep hollow running from the corner of our eye and onto our cheek, leaving a puffy pocket underneath our lower lid hanging over this valley.  554 more words


Word of the Week…en français

casser maison /kɑse/ /mɛzɔ̃/ phrase

A Québécois phrase, literally translated as “breaking the house.” It refers to the ‘divestment’ that many elderly people go through when they move from a longtime family home. 62 more words

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