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Gift Ideas for Grandparents (or Nursing Moms)

The older one gets, the less one often needs.  Have you ever considered that with each year, someone likely receives less gifts, less visits, less phone calls, etc.?  614 more words


When you have more yesterdays than tomorrows

Shhhh… She bent over the table, got close and whispered: “At this point in my life, I test the waters. If something doesn’t make me extremely happy, I leave.” This came from someone my age. 235 more words


You're Not that Special

When people speak, I listen.  Okay, sometimes I pretend to listen.  While I’m listening or pretending, I’m definitely not talking.  As I’ve said before, I think it is… 560 more words


Closing Doors

When the holidays rolled around last year and caught me by complete surprise, I pretty much resigned myself to having a less than eventful Thanksgiving away from the bulk of my family, and an equally mediocre Christmas.   1,396 more words

Brain washday

When you reach a certain age, you get tons of unsolicited advice on how to make the most out of your remaining years (months? minutes?). Half the new-old-age barkers give you the pitch that these times are magical and blessed, while the other half say, “Son, you’ve got one foot under the daisies already. 454 more words


535. Difraction

The tunnel’s light shone bright as hope
unblemished by the heat of suns
passing over by for many seasons,
yet unacknowledged were those burns — 39 more words


Practicing Contemplation While in a Crowd

I’ve been trying to develop a more contemplative life, using Thomas Merton’s New Seeds of Contemplation as my primary guide. I’ve written some about aspects of this journey, such as in  625 more words