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Cresting Gently

A yahrzeit candle burn on my counter today, a gesture borrowed from my fabulous former spouse’s traditions and one to which I have gotten quite attached. 2,194 more words


Chronic Pain and Mind-Body Strategies

Those of us who are lucky enough to be Survivors of Life past the age of 50 are probably way too familiar with the kind of daily aches and pains that our doctors tell us are part and parcel of the privilege of aging.  837 more words

General Happiness

Rock that lipstick, lime green and purple

My husband, Howard; rocker Tom Petty; and writer Nora Ephron are among my heroes.

“I’m in good company,” Howard tells me, “but I can’t help but notice I’m the only one still alive.” 308 more words


Cat time

My cat has just gone to the vets and thankfully come back. The vet seems to think the cat is fourteen, my family always thought it was twenty. 177 more words


Leering Eyes!!!

Leering eyes are magnets to me in my wheelchair, but it never bothered me when young. I was a smooth little lady, too quick to catch, in a town where pretty and smart were an anomaly. 169 more words

Face to face with my body.

When I was a child, my body was something I wanted to become taller. Feet that would touch the floor when I sat on the sofa. 186 more words


Day 86. Big workout, two healthy meals and a moral dilemma

As far as this health drive goes, yesterday was great! A full workout in the morning meant I was ready for a healthy lunch of brown multi seed bread with ham and salad. 325 more words