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What’s Free?

I don’t write about politics because there is absolutely nothing fabulously funny about it. But the reality is, I have to live under the rules put in place by those who engage in rhetoric-rhetoric designed to make me believe that I’m getting something that I’m not. 841 more words



hewn granite splinters
cold cuboid shafts
plunged deep into
border soils down
below reach by the
fingers of freeze
a bucolic perimetry
surveyed in rods limns… 93 more words


Though technically distant, a perceived threat does affect the most internalized contents of the psyche.

Among the many fine things about growing older, I particularly enjoy the increasingly lengthy list of matters one realizes are of no matter.  An early addition to this list: I no longer find it necessary to denigrate or defend my liking for astrology.   520 more words

I recently got sent to a casting that actually welcomed wrinkles.

(Full disclosure: I am still not sure how I feel about being invited to attend the casting!) 287 more words

My Smoldering Metabolism...Can the Fire be Stoked?

Whether you’re a man or woman, one morning  you may wake up and think, “Where did my metabolism go?” Has the fire gone out? Is it even possible to get the smoldering ashes to burn again? 1,872 more words

All I wish for you...

Via Today’s Daily Prompt: Wrinkle

Wrinkles… They
will come, wether
you want it or
not, they’ll add on.

Little ridges running
from the corner of… 32 more words


Body Image Rehab: My Past Blog, Continued Challenges, and Advice from Friends

Two weeks ago, I accidentally re-published an old post I was editing as part of back-end enhancements I’ve been doing on Full Life Reflections. Some of you may have received this post – titled “ 2,753 more words

Body Image