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Here's How Pharma Is Using AI Deep Learning To Cure Aging

In 2011, scientists made one of the most important discoveries in the history of AI development. They found that graphics processing units (GPUs) are far better at simulating biological learning than central processing units (CPUs). 23 more words


Getting Ready for Bike Camping 

Why not integrate fitness into a lifestyle? If you are going to camp backpack or bike instead of driving. I purchased a Burly trailer for my bike for camping, and it is time to use it. 257 more words


50! Stay above 50!

One of my favorite Saturday morning movies is Speed. It’s Sandra Bullock’s debut film and it’s a doozie. I mean, Dennis Hopper, COME ON! So these guys are all on a bus that has to stay above 50 mph or else they get blown up. 797 more words

understanding dinosaurs

we dinosaurs are big
our steps lumber
and our voices boom

but we’re not really mean
just difficult
or often confused

we try to talk, to tweet… 87 more words


Dailies 3/22/17: spiderwebs, aging, fleeing Chairman Mao, & archival footage of a necessary outburst

Albert Goldbarth – Forces

It’s different for the spiderweb:
the only architecture
in a five-block radius not
undone by yesterday’s tornado.

Read rest of poem  125 more words

Lessons in graceful aging

My mother has always been outgoing, fun loving, and outspoken. She is a deep down Texas girl , and an over the top Arizona Wildcats fan. 722 more words


Seeking Delphi: The Abolition of Aging, Part 1

Note: In a shameless act of self promotion, I will occasionally share posts from my futurist blog/podcast Seeking Delphi on this site.  Today’s post is a reblog of the first podcast episode, originally aired in last January, on one of the most controversial topics facing futurists–and humanity–today. 174 more words