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What's Possible? A State of Mind

Some incidental contacts during my adult years had a profound effect on the way I approached aging decades later. On a purely chance encounter one day at work I met a faculty member who “didn’t know things just couldn’t be done.”   She had just turned the care of a “difficult” patient and what she learned from it into a script and found a pharmaceutical house to sponsor the movie. 684 more words


When One Door Closes...

Tonight I have a date with my bride. Tonight we celebrate that I finally landed a freelance project that pays the bills for the next few months and enables me to stop my early-morning labors at FedEx. 528 more words


The Way You Are

Regret and shame are awful feelings. Lately, I’ve been hardcore regretting not going into biological sciences when I planned to, almost 15 years ago. It’s hard for me to forgive myself for going so far away from what I wanted so many times and for so long. 403 more words


stars glimmer from diaphanous mist

sand grains glitter on a pebbled shore

grass blades sparkle under autumn sun

exit and emergence become one


©2017 Ontheland 


Lost Directions

Partnered once with compassion,
believed in the power of human
touch, dedicated myself to caring,
certain I’d found my body of work

time and circumstance intervened… 128 more words


Mishlei Twenty-Three: Aging

“Hearken to your father; this one begot you, and do not despise your mother when she has grown old (Proverbs 23:22).” The latter part of this sentence is heartbreaking in that it even needs to be said. 108 more words

Caring for Someone with Dementia or Alzheimer’s

by Susan Hamilton, Founder, Care Better
Alzheimer’s and Dementia caregivers are 16 million strong today and will grow 40% in the next ten years. 40%! 460 more words

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