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I haven't been here in a while...

When I started this “supposed” blog, I was closing in on 50. Now, I’m closing in on 60. Damn. Time flies when you’re living your life, working, raising a kid, parenting your parents, minding your marriage, and maturing in your career. 347 more words

Am I Out of Touch, Out to Lunch, or Just Plain Out of IT??

I have children and grandchildren so I spend some of my time working hard on being “with it”.

I haven’t gone as far as wearing short skirts and dresses (not with my knees, please), or styling my hair a la early Barbie (if I had a Ken, I might think differently), or buying 5 inch stilettos (I’m Chair of the CLSW… The Committee for Licensing Stilettos as a Weapon). 658 more words


Death of a Child, No Matter the Age

My son-in-law, Simon, disappeared on August 9.  While he and my daughter were divorced, he was the father of our very first grandchild and he remained always in our thoughts, if not in our lives that frequently.  286 more words


How to "fix" aging

Aubrey De Gray, Chief Scientific Officer of the SENS Research Foundation, and David discuss the latest developments in solving aging and scaling problems…

How to "fix" aging… 6 more words


Gutfield's aging temptation against Trump in Como

CNN's anchor, Chris Como, conspired to play Trump. #FoxNews #TheFive Fox News operates Fox News Channel , Fox Business…

Gutfield's aging temptation against Trump in Como… 7 more words


What If Aging Weren’t Inevitable, But a Curable Disease?

David Adam wrote . . . . . . . . .

Since ancient times, aging has been viewed as simply inevitable, unstoppable, nature’s way. “Natural causes” have long been blamed for deaths among the old, even if they died of a recognized pathological condition. 3,187 more words

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Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones

I have counted down the days, hours, minutes,
one by one, each tock of my grandfather clock
linked in pen and ink chains of endless words. 249 more words