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Dragging it out

credit Saatchi art https://www.saatchiart.com/print/Painting-Spring-Chicken-which-came-first/624423/1939461/view

I am tired

Tied to death like this.

A lame pair

Roped in a three-legged race.

What a bother an April picnic is— 94 more words


How to prevent aging naturally

嗨 beautiful! It’s no secret that time flies and won’t come back! Just thinking about aging is terrible, isn't it? So what are the factors that lead to our age? 11 more words


Is It Still Home? My Trip to America - Texas 3

The laundry worked out – sort of. I had to buy detergent from a vending machine. I poured the powder into the washing machine, as the instructions said, but when I went to collect the wash, I discovered that all the detergent got clogged up in the detergent receptacle. 822 more words

The Twins

Growing up, it was always fun and through the years you either come to appreciate your family….or not.  I was lucky enough to have 6 siblings who were entertaining, outrageous, honest, honorable, and downright fun to be around. 593 more words


Acknowledging Our Mortality

“To care for the elderly means then that we allow the elderly to make us poor by inviting us to give up the illusion that we created our own life and that nothing or nobody can take it away from us. 136 more words

Playing Their Song - Part 1

“One year we went on a cruise for our anniversary. After dinner one night we went down to listen to the band that was playing in the room below the dining room. 175 more words

Is It Still Home? My Trip to America - Texas 2

Today I must do laundry. I’ve packed about ten days’ worth of clothing that will need to be washed weekly, and shirts and sweaters for both warm and frigid temperatures. 1,552 more words