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What age are you starting to fight aging? | DR DRAY

Dermatologist #DrDray at what age # Anti-aging. After I yelled loudly, my mom and I went shopping at Dimensions in Houston. I have new … 17 more words


2/23/20: Calendar


like stepping stones—numbered

plots of white ground


How To Apply Shadow Ann P Makeup In Shadows And More

EYESHADOW # AGINGEYES # OVER50 In today's video, I share some tips on how to apply shadows to aging eyes. As we age, our skin changes, especially on the skin. 17 more words


A little about me | Share stories about my life and aging, mature women over 50

I thought I would tell you something about me so that you can relate to the woman after makeup. I think I have a lot of friends in this community and thought I … 22 more words


time is not constant.

if you take a single moving molecule, it seems like entropy has occurred — time has passed — by the movement, but if the molecule arrives back to the same location, then no time has passed for its reference frame. 355 more words


Intermittent fasting: effects on health, aging, and disease (part 1)

About this video: A recent article in the New England Journal of Medicine entitled "Effects of intermittent fasting on health, aging, and disease" was published. 16 more words