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Mediterranean diet lessens brain shrinkage, people lose fewer brain cells due to aging

A new study published in the American Academy of Neurology has determined that following a Mediterranean-like diet may be associated with losing fewer brain cells due to aging. 374 more words


Seniors Believe Technology is a Positive Thing

Despite often stereo-typing seniors as not knowing how to use or even liking today’s technology, a recent study from the Pew Research Center shows that may not be actually true.  362 more words

Assisted Living

Geezer Goddess: Parts Unknown

I recently returned from a family reunion. Such a daunting experience. Photos from decades ago flashed on a 65-inch screen while friends and family dabbed their eyes in fond memory. 1,100 more words


The Unexpected Gifts

I’m in Chicago with my family. The last few visits have felt really good on lots of levels. It feels good to be able to show-up and be here for my family and not push this away. 763 more words

Living Your Yoga

“Well preserved” means that neither learning nor wisdom was gained. Only statues fail to change.

Life- The Universe- And Everything Else

She's Somewhere Else


Grandma’s somewhere else
though she sits beside me.
Though I hold her hand
and we chat about little things
she might remember.

I didn’t tell her… 181 more words


Eulogy For an Aging Book Guy

“Because to everything there is a season, and the season for ‘trying on identities like costumes’ is somewhere between the ages of seventeen and twenty-six. Anything beyond that, and all you’re actually doing is simply ‘wearing a costume.'”