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Evolutionary Paradise

So Paradise is inevitable

All the good books guarantee pure subjects

These encourage actions desirable

But are the facts science seems to reject

Perhaps we are just fortunate primates… 58 more words


Flash Fiction: Time

I’m astounded by the capricious nature of Time, how it ebbs and flows much like the waves of an ocean against the beach. At times it’s gentle as it caresses the coast like a besotted lover, and at other it wreaks havoc like a jealous cuckold, destroying everything in it’s path. 359 more words


Still dancing

She once waltzed at night.
Starlit skies, as chaperone.
Dawn’s her new partner.


True Beauty Is Within

I think we all come to a point in life and aging when we realize we are changing. By changing I mean our body can’t move the way it used to, we have aches & pains we have never had before. 385 more words


Middle Age Does Not Mean Antique

My idea of the perfect Saturday morning is brunch at a good restaurant (something I rarely do) followed by an hour or so of browsing at a good antique mall (something I often do).   479 more words

Middle Age

life worth living

Today was the kind of day that makes life worth living — and I took a photo of what I mean by that just so I’d never forget. 442 more words


Ageism Alive in Grad School - Not So Much in Undergrad

The trajectory of the self has a coherence that derives from cognitive awareness of the various phases of the lifespan . . . . the dominant ‘foreground figure’ in the Gestalt sense…

538 more words