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The staples of a plant based kitchen

Many people think that going plant based in your eating means that you will spend more money, this is not true, if you switch to organics you will spend more money but being plant based is actually less expensive than eating meat, switching to a whole food diet is also less expensive. 575 more words



Two news stories caught my attention recently. One item was in the entertainment section and the other was on the sports page. They were on the same day and at first glance had no similarities. 551 more words

Before & After: What Running Ugly Did for Me

What a winter!  Every February is a trial and now that we are into March we are one day away, this Friday, from mild weather.  It is not so much the cold here in Missouri as it is the huge variability. 486 more words


Re: [GRG] Kidney donor ages...

Hi Mike,
Fascinating (in homage to Mr. Spock) – but really. Makes me wonder if as in the case of the heart there aren’t nephrogenic stem cells lurking – ineffective now – but perhaps activated by exogenous factors to restore this ability to form new nephrons….? 459 more words


Grateful for life. My life.
How can I even fathom jealousy?
If I seek my truth. I realize it’s time.
I envy time and those that have it. 54 more words

The secret to longevity

When I turned 80, they started to ask:
what is it that makes you live?
I said my grandchildren
and went on with my day. 119 more words