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Stop telling me to abandon technology...

… in order to live a peaceful life. I don’t want to turn off my phone, my Facebook, etc. I like getting texts from my friends in the middle of the night. 39 more words

The lede

Boy Cousin and Girl Cousin hooked up over Thanksgiving! Or, that is, BC announced their liaison. The thing is, BC’s mother just died, so he won’t be able to go there for Xmas as he usually does. 277 more words

Be Thankful for Your Aging Brain

Since the annual Christmas Monster that Swallowed the Western World now hits stores on the day after Halloween, Thanksgiving, with no costumes and no presents,  has been largely ignored. 858 more words


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Not only do I love the graphic with this reblog, but I love the idea that my brain is too full of information to access it quickly. When you are looking for an excuse, any will do! I recommend you follow 'Life in the Boomer Lane'. Always interesting posts. http://lifeintheboomerlane.com/2015/11/23/be-grateful-for-your-aging-brain/

You Are Not Alot of Trouble (So Stop Thinking It)

This past Monday, my husband had surgery for a complete new hip. He had been in pain with his old one for almost a year. I think he finally had enough of it. 448 more words

Taking Care Of Mom

Undesiredverse Question - Is Age Just a Number?

For the 3.5 readers paying attention, there was a big reveal in Chapter 20 of Undesiredverse: Wanted.

In earlier chapters, we saw Roman, our hero: 467 more words


You Gotta Laugh

Yesterday is over and today is today.  Profound thought, I know. But maybe I am saying that yesterday with all its mistakes and irritations is behind us and today is a blank page, a fresh gift of life. 803 more words


A mind in iron

Here is the great mystery of life: it ends.

So there I was …  am? I have no memory of my origin, only of being and it seems that I have always been. 611 more words