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Aging vs Getting Old

Well, now that I have your attention, I’d like to get your opinion. Are aging and getting old the same thing? The reason I ask is that over and over I constantly hear complete strangers say, “I hope I can have as much fun as you and your friends when I am your age.” It’s puzzling to me. 524 more words

Aging - Likely a transitory phenomenon in high-income countries

Will the population of today’s high-income countries continue to age throughout the remainder of the century? We answer this question by combining two methodologies, Bayesian hierarchical probabilistic population forecasting and the use of prospective ages, which are chronological ages adjusted for changes in life expectancy. 189 more words

Academic Literature

the good neighbor

For nearly twenty years, I have lived in my neighborhood. Our sons and their friends grew up, went to the elementary school two hops (fence) to the west, and went out into the world as adults. 324 more words


Global Aging - The trend towards higher levels of educational attainment may help to reduce economic dependency

When studying the economic consequences of changes in the age structure of the population, looking at economic dependency ratios provides us with some descriptive and intuitive initial insights. 305 more words

Academic Literature


I love being part of a small church.
I’d guess our average Sunday morning attendance is around 120:  big enough to fill the room with praise, small enough to know each other’s names. 318 more words

April 20th, 2019

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Social Commentary

Sam has become "that person" in the fitness class!

Years ago I remember watching a woman in a yoga class at the Y who seemed to be just doing her own thing.

The instructor would tell us what to do and sometimes free spirit lady followed along and at other times not. 183 more words