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30DAC - Day 21: Favorite Goofy Character

I’m a fan of deadpan comedy characters. The comedy market is just so saturated with wacky and hyper characters, in all genres, that deadpan comic relief is usually a huge breath of fresh air when it’s pulled off well. 332 more words


Music Time! Teenage Highschool Ninja Girl

Two words: guaranteed eargasms! This one is the character song of Agiri from Kill Me Baby anime series. I only watched the first episode and proceeded to Youtube to watch all scenes that involve Agiri in it. 110 more words

Music Time!

Baby, Please Kill Me! - 13 (Fin)

In the final kill – “Of Kill, Me, and Baby,” the latest thing to catch Yasuna’s interest is cop shows on TV. She brings “toy” handcuffs to school and after cuffing herself to Sonya, breaks the key. 171 more words

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Baby, Please Kill Me! - 11

This week’s episode was all over the place…but in a good way. Yasuna and Sonyas relatively normal activities (Making mochitsuki, playing New Year’s games, flying kites) are interspersed with an eclectic series of skits, some of which apparently parody classic Japanese folk tales… 65 more words

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Baby, Please Kill Me! - 10

Of Santa, Icicles and Snowmen – a sudden snowfall means snowmen, snowbals, snow sushi, and snow diamonds. But when the next day comes around, Yasuna has a cold. 103 more words

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Baby, Please Kill Me! - 06

Adventures in shaved dry ice, filthy pools, losing sight and sound, friends’ Japanese-style houses, being ditched in a park, typhoon-strength winds, Teru Teru Bouzu chains that resemble Ryujin, blackouts, and broken umbrellas. 144 more words

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