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The Agitator

The Agitator

The waiting area overflowed with misery, spilling into the small entryway where extra folding chairs, arranged in haste, created an obstacle course. It was one of those seasons when ‘something’s going around.’ 732 more words

Social Conscience

Mobilizing a Mob

Hello, my name actually is James, no guessing required. I’m a twentysomething psychopath from the smallish island of Great Britain…

We had a few poor teachers, everyone does I think. 248 more words


Soul Aggravation

Soul aggravation
Mental agitation
Emotional gestation
Doused by strong libation
Causing temporal sedation

But it doesn’t last…
The false peace doesn’t last
You’re not haunted by the past, 66 more words


"Wait" - The Subtle, Dismissive Enemy of Progress

Patrick “Rico” Williams


It’s a subtle, passive – but extremely effective word used to prolong suffering, pain and bigotry. It asserts that your struggle, on its own merit, isn’t important enough to deem attention – your thoughts aren’t yet valid for further follow through. 345 more words

Jump to the Next Roof

Look at me and you’ll see
my days summed until now;
Bumped and bruised and cut and burned
but not quite beaten down.

Blue Eyes said he’d few regrets; 196 more words