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Los Angeles Grassroots Organizing Training

In these difficult times, using the power of our voices and our bodies to fight for what we believe in is more important than ever. Join Greenpeace for a 1-day training on the skills and strategies of effective grassroots organizing. 103 more words

Movement Building

शिका, संघर्ष करा आणि संगठीत व्हा (Educate, Agitate and Organize)

My final words of advice to you are Educate, Agitate and Organize; have faith in yourself. With justice on our side I do not see how we can lose our battle. 67 more words


Educate, agitate, Organise

When I was reflecting on Dr. Ambedkar’s last words – “Educate, agitate and organise,” I found its uncanny resemblance to leadership skills.

Your ability to stand out as a leader depends on how you empower your teams by educating them, agitating them (in a positive manner and read enabling disruption in the way they function) and then organising or aligning such tremendous energy to achieve a common goal. 106 more words


To make something move, shake, or stir; to make someone nervous. Latin “agitare”=to set in motion < “agere”=to drive.


step away...

out of the echo chambers that steer us, agitate us…step away from the confusion to a quiet spot for your well being


The Pentagon Is Using Billions From Slush Fund To Finance A Major Mobilization On Russia’s Border – Episode 1118 

From X22 Report

More companies and retailers are laying off employees before the holidays. US services economy slips and growth remain weak for 3 years. Repositions are on the rise and the very similar to 2008, another indicator the economy is collapsing. 138 more words