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Some Days All We Can Do Is Endure

I feel agitated and exhausted at the same time. ┬áMy Talmud shiur (class) got cancelled, so I don’t need to feel guilty about not going. 940 more words

Gorkhaland Foul or Fair ?

Proposed as the 30th state of India, the cry for Gorkhaland is at the highest level in Darjeeling and Kalimpong district. The situation in Darjeeling has intensified as the agitations are continuing for more than a month now. 488 more words


The first day of the "work" staycation

I am hesitant to call this a “staycation” because I am doing anything but relaxing.

I got up before 8 am and started working right away. 324 more words


I just feel so miserable

i feel miserable. i cant sleep, again. i am tired but so overtired that i cant close my eyes. i think i’m in a bit of mania. 128 more words



I don’t know how to start this post… because I REALLY don’t want to make it, but I think I have to…

In 2015 I moved into a really nice “luxury” apartment in Sugarhouse. 652 more words


People do weird stuff. Period.

I myself am not immune. I entered a pizza eating competition and chundered in-front of hundreds of people after 1.5 slices, that’s weird. 491 more words