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Breathe in, breath out, and scream...piercings

This post has nothing to do with piercings but I thought about the little excercise piercers tell you to do before they jam needles through you. 82 more words


bpnurse: Woman of DistrAction, Part Deux

You know that weird mood state I’ve been talking about recently? The one in which I’m somewhere between normal and hypomanic? Turns out there’s a word for it: it’s called “hyperthymia”. 281 more words

Bipolar Me


Saturday morning. Pensive mood. Looking forward to living this day. Happiness is in you. Make it last. Spread it around. Turning 25 soon. Not liking it. 65 more words


I Broke My Promise

I cut again. I was feeling overwhelmed and I needed to calm down and ativan wasn’t working. I was agitated and only cutting would do it for me. 71 more words

Passed My SSDI Review (Whew!)

Spring triggers hypomania and agitation in me. As many of my readers already know, one spring over twenty years ago, tricyclic antidepressant misuse, seasonal affective disorder, and underlying undiagnosed bipolar disorder resulted inย a week-long… 301 more words

About Mental Health

Ah, the lovely world of internet

I’ve been doing online chat for many years. It’s how I met my ex husband. Not through a dating site….through a game. We have known each other for 16 years in person, plus another 1 or 2 online before that. 618 more words