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2015_Day 243: Win some, lose some applies to houseplants, too

When I bought the New Guinea impatiens back around June, it was really pretty, with deep purple leaves and a few bright pink flowers. I potted it and displayed it on my front porch, sure it would soon be full of blossoms and the prettiest flower on the block. 307 more words


Day 19 of 365 Days of My Garden Collection Project: Red Aglaonema (Siam Aurora)

This is day 19 of 365 Days of My Garden Collection Project.

Aglaonema is a wonderful low light houseplant that is relatively easy to grow and maintain. 48 more words


Aglaonema Flowers

Does Aglaonema plants flower? Yes, they do. Aglaonema flowers quite similar to the flowers of Spathiphyllum  plants and some Anthurium as they belong to the same… 41 more words


Aglaonema Variegated 'Montien Thong'

Aglaonema   is a genus of about 40 species of rhizomatous evergreen plants in the family Araceae, native to the tropical swamps and rainforests of… 120 more words


Christmas Aglaonema = Luck

At Christmas, aglaonema (Chinese evergreen, Firecracker) is an alternative to the poinsettia. It is less woody than the poinsettia and doesn’t have flowers; however, it is almost as colorful. 359 more words

God As A Gardener

Chinese Evergreen

I was first introduced to the Chinese evergreen about 15 years ago when I first started having my hair styled by Deb.  She had an awesome workstation, indirect light that really focused on your hair.  235 more words