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Moving on the surface of the earth -exercises

Os Nord Østerdal -exercise 0.12.13

Os Nord Østerdal -exercise 0.06.20

Os Nord Østerdal -exercise 0.01.23

- Flørli, the Summer solstice

in Flørli in the Lysefjord june 20. 2010

The performance “Balance act” is created at the same time that Wolf Wolfsmoon in Ytre Enebakk has also created his performance “Colors of the summer solstice”


- "Ballance act" in Copenhagen's main railwaystation

fotos: Niels Noer

For the film clic on the picture !


- Yoo Kyung Hong écrit

Yoo Kyung Hong is a corean artist in the TAOH residense in Stavanger, at Tou Scene. Yoo Kyung Hong lives in Paris.

“.. J’ai trouvé un peinture classique par un peintre trés connu au 19éme siécle. 116 more words


- Et årsverk for et kunstverk !

Et årsverk for et kunstverk means in norwegian that I propose to exchange with you a work of art with a years income.

The  “receipt-burka and media sculpture” I used in the stunt “ÅÅÅ” at the conference KULTURBØRSEN at the Sandnes opening day for celebrating Sandnes as a town, conference organized by The Stavanger Chamber of Commerce and industry is for sale. 83 more words


- "ÅÅÅ" at Kulturbørsen Sandnes 2160

I did a stunt at the Sandnes  House of Culture during the conference “Kulturbørsen” about culture and business, organised by the Stavanger chamber of commerce and industry. 66 more words