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Arctic Jade (Agonist)

Arctic Jade (Agonist) – 4/5
cranberry oriental – Fabrice Pellegrin

Arctic Jade opens on an upbeat, fizzy soda note very strongly resembling Vimto, the mixed-berry soda sold in the Middle East, and which I practically grew up on. 145 more words


About Smoking

Despite the notorious campaign against smoking, which is unjust and show only the negative side of it, it has a psychological value.

Have you ever held a cigarette in your hands, lit it, and took a small puff? 410 more words


Sniffing Around

Yesterday afternoon I popped down to Mayfair’s Avery Row to check out the newly refurbished Avery Perfume Gallery. I found the newly redecorated space, with its baroque style draperies and Victorian curiosity cabinet touches, was more complimentary to the curated collection of fragrances stocked at Avery rather than the more minimal style previously on display there. 67 more words


An Herculean task

Okay, I’m exaggerating, not Herculean but this is going to take a while. I’m going to go through all of my samples and everything that I want a full bottle add it to my Fragrantica want list. 169 more words