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Onyx Pearl (Agonist)

Onyx Pearl (Agonist) – 3/5
bright fougere – Fabrice Pellegrin

I made the mistake of reading the ingredients (conveniently listed on the front of the bottle) before spraying: oriental flowers, oud, leather, amber, patchouli, sandalwood, cedar, musk. 138 more words


Vanilla Marble (Agonist)

Vanilla Marble (Agonist) – 3/5
vanilla cake – Fabrice Pellegrin

Big rum-raisin opening, which transforms into a fuzzy peach-apricot note and then suddenly into a rather decent bitter almond, depending on how much of it you inhale. 149 more words


Arctic Jade (Agonist)

Arctic Jade (Agonist) – 4/5
cranberry oriental – Fabrice Pellegrin

Arctic Jade opens on an upbeat, fizzy soda note very strongly resembling Vimto, the mixed-berry soda sold in the Middle East, and which I practically grew up on. 145 more words