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The Agony and Ecstasy -- Mostly Agony -- of Voting

Tomorrow, I am going to cast two votes while holding my nose.

My first vote on Tuesday will be against my economic self-interest. You see, I have benefitted financially from the incumbent in office. 201 more words


Focus On: The Atlanta Braves: Divison Series Begins: Agony or Ecstasy?

Well here we are about to begin the fight for the Division Title. I look back on my first post where I wrote:

So, 8 – 1, a good start, boys. 444 more words


The Whole Truth

I found the video “The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs” to provide a very interesting perspective on Mike Daisey’s performance.  I liked how there were periodic breaks in the performance to give commentary and additional notes to judge the validity of Daisey’s statements and provide additional sources.   228 more words


Fire by the Buddleia

It’s the heavy heat
The ripening of summer
That lays even hyper cats
To languish in the shrubbery
And pulls the purple petals
Of Digitalis to blush… 58 more words


Dropping Out

i’m dropping out
of all that
useless shit
i used to do
to inflate
my ego
judge me
on my words
they’re all
i am… 24 more words



on this side
a heart
a catalogue
of memories
a forest
of flora and fauna

across the divide
a genealogy
of strength
a clean slate
a circling
of the wagons


Reaching for Remarkable: The Woods Are Alive!

This big, beautiful world is busting its seams with surprises…dizzying beauty, curious oddities, power-packed punches, the delicate and the delightful. This is my quest…my search for the unstoppable, insanely charming details of a magnificent planet and a people who never cease to amaze. 218 more words