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Wildest Dreams ~an AGPS~

Wildest Dreams ~an AGPS~

Original Song By Taylor Swift. Credit to Adi for creating Lyric Photoshoots

He said “Let’s get out of this town, Drive Out of the city, away from the crowds.” 130 more words

Golden Hour ~an AGPS~

DISCLAIMER: These photos are edited

Hello fabulous girlies.

I did a little photo shoot with Elizabeth. I know, you never see her any more, do you? 56 more words


Wonderland ~an AGPS~

Hello! Today I’m doing an AGPS with the song Wonderland by Taylor Swift from her album 1989.

Wonderland ~an AGPS~

all credit goes to Adi and Taylor Swift… 148 more words

Kits Adventure an AGPS

I decided to do a Photo shoot with kit today (Oh, and door to adventure part 3 will probably be posted tomorrow)Ps. Everything in purple is me! 107 more words


Apology & a Terrible Photoshoot

Hello beautiful, amazing, fabulous people of the blogging world. I’m here to apologize.

If you guys have noticed, I haven’t been the best blogger. I don’t blog normally, maybe 1-2 times a week. 103 more words

3 am ~AGPS~

Did anyone else see the one commercial with the puppy and the horses during the Super Bowl? ^-^ Oh, or the Snickers one? xD

~3 αm~ an AG lyrics Photo shoot… 164 more words

Those Little Bokeh Lights ~an AGPS~

~Τhøςε Ιíπlε βoκεh lïghtς~

I only edited this one because it was originally really bad. :(

I really liked this shoot.

Love you