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no cloudy skies nor rainy days {an AGPS}

Hello! So, I went out to take some pictures, and the weather was perfect! I have been using my mom’s camera a little too much… :) 58 more words

Everything Has Changed ~an AGPS~

Hey! So, my mom let me use her big ole’ fancy DSLR to take pictures with! :D So, I put together this *cough* fabulous *cough* photoshoot! 326 more words

*Punches A Pillow*


Ok, so guess what?

You’ll never guess!

Fine I’ll tell you.

My Camera BROKE.

So, I’m sharing these dang photos that I took before it broke. 132 more words

Sunlit Surprises ~an AGPS~

Hi everyone!

So, since Gracie’s birthday was on Tuesday, I thought it would be appropriate to do a photoshoot with her, hense the title.

~ςuηlï† ςur℘rìςες~ … 62 more words

Wildest Dreams ~an AGPS~

Wildest Dreams ~an AGPS~

Original Song By Taylor Swift. Credit to Adi for creating Lyric Photoshoots

He said “Let’s get out of this town, Drive Out of the city, away from the crowds.” 130 more words

Golden Hour ~an AGPS~

DISCLAIMER: These photos are edited

Hello fabulous girlies.

I did a little photo shoot with Elizabeth. I know, you never see her any more, do you? 56 more words


Wonderland ~an AGPS~

Hello! Today I’m doing an AGPS with the song Wonderland by Taylor Swift from her album 1989.

Wonderland ~an AGPS~

all credit goes to Adi and Taylor Swift… 148 more words