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One day in Agra: Soaking in the Mughal monuments

No city captures the Speldour of the Mughal era as well as Agra does and as soon as Agra is mentioned one monument takes away all the limelight; the breathtaking Taj Mahal. 409 more words


First Trip to India? The Golden Triangle won't Disappoint

India’s Golden Triangle (don’t confuse it with Southeast Asia’s Golden Triangle) is a term refers to a famous tourist circuit consists of three cities (Delhi, Agra and Jaipur) rich of culture and history. 1,318 more words

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'India 101'... The Taj Mahal and to Dehli, part two

It is a haunting image, Shah Jahan the great Mughul Emperor, peering out over the Yamuna River towards the Taj Mahal, year after lonely year. Imprisoned for eight long years by his own son in nearby Agra Fort, Shah Jahan gazed out to his own ethereal creation, a soaring mausoleum to immortalise his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. 1,852 more words


Post 8 The pinnacle of our trip to the Golden Triangle.

Next day a 4 hour drive to Agra, punctuated by a stop at Fatehpur Sikri, a vast sandstone city and palace, built in 1571 by the Mughal Emporer Akbar. 777 more words

The Mughal Seat Of Power: Agra Fort

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Agra Red Fort has seen many a births of Mughal Dynasty’s future kings,  clandestine love stories,  conspiracies,  heart breaks, coronations, revolts, treachery and the rise and establishment of a powerful reign. 1,234 more words


To Grandmother's Village We Go: India Part 2

If your read my previous post, then you will know that I went on vacation with my friend Madhu to India. I spent several days in Hyderabad, and during the second half of my trip, we traveled to Agra and then to her grandmother’s village near Bhimavaram. 922 more words

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Grand Trunk trip - III - Agra Fort - The original Mughal

While we usually associate Delhi with the Mughals, the original capital of the empire was Agra. The Mughals reached their zenith under Akbar, who had the Agra Fort built over the ruins of an existing fort of the Lodi dynasty and from then on, it came to be the stronghold of the Mughal empire. 1,257 more words