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City and Countryside

The city is a fascinating thing. It seems to be the locus of economic growth, the center for art and technology, the place of community building. 877 more words


Allan C. Carlson: Agrarian, Natural Family Proponent, and an Excellent Professor

I had the pleasure of studying under Dr. Carlson several years ago. His lectures were organized, informative, and his grading was fair. He has done some important research into natural family planning, birth control, and demographic crises. 25 more words

Reflections On Culture

Larkrise to Candleford: Excellent BBC Series about Natural Community Life

The BBC production of the novel “Larkrise to Candleford” is an excellent execution of the story’s agrarian vision of healthy social traditions conserved in the face of growing industrialization. 18 more words

Reflections On Culture, Society, And Politics

Dr. David Grene: Classicist and Agrarian

A man I admire from afar, whom I believe that more should know about, is Dr. David Grene. He translated several famous English renderings of the Greek tragic cycles along with Lattimore. 48 more words

Reflections On Culture, Society, And Politics

"Rod Dreher and the Problem with a Return to the Land," By Bruce Frohnen

Rod Dreher has been making something of a splash lately among those of us concerned with religion in public life. His new book, How Dante Can Save Your Life… 2,910 more words

Essays And Reviews

Wendell Berry and Agrarianism

Wendell Berry is an author more young Americans should be familiar with. As the fracturing of society and personalities continues as a result of continuing urbanization and individualization, I hope more of my generation turns to the agrarian vision espoused by those such as Wendell Berry.


Reflections On Culture, Society, And Politics


I am moving.  Bishop Debra Wallace-Padgett has appointed me to become the pastor at First United Methodist Church in Decatur, Alabama.  My first Sunday there will be June 14, 2015.   921 more words