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Appreciating Agrarianism

A careful reading of essays central to agrarianism, many by Wendell Berry and his followers, leaves one with a drastically different world view. If not that, at least many hours of pondering. 1,157 more words


Loudoun County: An Agrarian Experiment?

While reading Brian Donahue’s Resettling of America, I was struck by, and agreed with, most of his points, and many of the scenarios he laid out in abstract reminded me of my home in Loudoun County, VA. 487 more words


The Greco-Agrarian Ideal

I originally composed this essay for a literature class in March of 2014.

Hesiod and Eumaios: the Agrarian Ideal of Book 14 of the Odyssey… 1,364 more words

Reflections On Culture, Society, And Politics

Untamed Bovine

I have encountered cows with bad temperaments in my life, but none like the mama cow and two of her offspring that I finally caught, loaded, and sent to the sale at the end of the summer of 2014.   1,565 more words