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Book Review: From Nature to Creation

After a long holiday season, I am delighted once again to be immersed in reading and thinking. In four short months, Lord willing, I will be graduating from Duke Divinity School. 1,128 more words

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The Garden of Eden

Most people see bible stories as parables. In interpreting the fall from the garden of Eden, a lot of people talk about abstract concepts like the loss of innocence, sin, good vs. 576 more words

Victor Davis Hanson: The Almost Conservative Classicist

In the unhallowed halls of neoconservative thought, there are many names that ring with regularity. While thinkers like Leo Strauss, Harry Jaffa, and Irving Kristol have much in common, there are some outliers among the neocons who do not quite fit the mold. 877 more words

Why Farms Are the Church's Business

In a speech given during his visit to the United States, Pope Francis named climate change as an urgent and critical issue for world leaders to acknowledge and take action to stop.   875 more words



Compost is the breakdown product of organic wastes, containing large proportions of humus which is a long-acting soil fertility booster. Any organic material (not talking about certified organic designation, just the carbon-based once-living kind of organic) can be composted, eventually becoming soil again as it once was before being integrated into an organism. 501 more words


Crop Rotation and Diversification

The concept of crop rotation is not a new idea. It is an idea as old as agriculture. Crop rotation, simply put, is growing a variety of plants in a planned manner to ensure that one species is not grown in the same field for multiple years in a row. 716 more words


City and Countryside

The city is a fascinating thing. It seems to be the locus of economic growth, the center for art and technology, the place of community building. 877 more words