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One Year Later

The Land That Calls Me Home rolled off the press one year ago this week on March 25.   I published it independently through Creaetespace, an Amazon company.  883 more words


What We Mean When We Talk About the Middle Ages, Part II: Protestant Edition

Given that there are thousands of Protestant sects, it is impossible to speak of a single Protestant view of the Middle Ages, so I will have to speak in generalities by necessity. 891 more words

A Quick Update On Meat

I wanted to title this “Fun With Dead Animals” but thought some might find that a bit macabre.  It made me giggle anyway.  During the cold weather the last couple of weeks we finished up almost all of our butchering chores, 226 more words


Hannah Coulter by Wendell Berry

Hannah Coulter takes place in the mind of an elderly widow whilst she thinks over her life. The novel explores memory by recounting events not in chronological order, but as Hannah remembers them. 245 more words

Great Works

The College Student's Dilemma

“In our devotion to money, market, and machine, we are destroying not only the fertility of the soil, but the fertility of our imaginations.”     -Woody Tasch, … 1,852 more words


Appreciating Agrarianism

A careful reading of essays central to agrarianism, many by Wendell Berry and his followers, leaves one with a drastically different world view. If not that, at least many hours of pondering. 1,157 more words


Loudoun County: An Agrarian Experiment?

While reading Brian Donahue’s Resettling of America, I was struck by, and agreed with, most of his points, and many of the scenarios he laid out in abstract reminded me of my home in Loudoun County, VA. 487 more words