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Liberty rests on the existence of independent families

“Of course no man knows what will be the farming of the future. We need not try to foretell. But even with all the beautiful social schemes, we have not yet found a substitute for the family. 548 more words

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'Our Modern Ailment'

For over a hundred years, Western writers have bemoaned a condition they have called various things, perhaps most often ‘our modern ailment.’ As we export modern, Western life to the rest of the world,  people working in international development have been wrestling with this for the last 50 years, as well. 378 more words

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Growing an Organic Ministry

This blog site has been dormant since September of last year. The absence of blogs does not mean my interest in and convictions about the intersection of theology and agriculture have waned. 866 more words


Agrarianism - H.B. Clark

The economic system of the Bible is agrarian; it is based upon the supposition that nearly all of the people live upon the land and engage in agricultural pursuits.

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…Support a Southern way of life against what may be called the American or prevailing way; and all as much as agree that the best terms in which to represent the distinction are contained in the phrase, Agrarian versus Industrial. 2,544 more words

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The Land Was Everything

The Land Was Everything
Victor Davis Hanson
Free Press, 258 pages (Hardback, 2000)

I am a sucker for a good book on farming, especially one that romanticizes agriculture, and speaks wistfully of a bygone era when everything was simpler and less urbane. 606 more words

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