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O - Opinion

O – Opinion

Opinions.  Just like assholes, everyone’s got one.

Have you ever been in a disagreement with someone that simply cannot deal with the fact that you have a different opinion than they do? 229 more words

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CNN poll: Americans agree Clinton and Trump headed for a faceoff

(CNN)Americans don’t agree on much in politics these days, but a new poll finds broad majorities in agreement that the front-runners for the Republican and Democratic nominations for president will wind up the winners in the end. 780 more words

Daily News

Day to Day Politics: Class Warfare? Yes it is. - » The Australian Independent Media Network

Saturday 30 April 2016 In 2013 the then Treasurer Wayne Swan, wrote an essay about the  ever-increasing inequality that had invaded our society. The right-wing Murdoch press immediately attacked his piece as class warfare. 39 more words

Rupert Murdoch

Is Consensus A Good Thing?

Consensus is often seen as a good thing even if that consensus has been reached by leverage and intimidation. It may mean that somebody has to shut up, because consensus says so. 238 more words

Self Discovery

Seperate but Together (Church Denominations)

Originally posted in 2015

What about Christian denominations?

Some people think we should get rid of them. Some churches, in an effort to be more unifying, call themselves “non-denominational”, which ironically means that they have started a denomination of no denomination. 283 more words