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A Pitch-Black Realization

There’s a darkness,
That lives in me.
I try to keep it at bay.
But these heartless people,
this compassionless world,
has birthed the evil inside me, 98 more words

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Opinions: you don’t have to agree with them,

you just have to respect them.


Terrifyingly Beautiful

I have been feeling very forgettable recently and was browsing about the interweb to find some picture or meme that went along with the way I felt. 12 more words


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Fifty Shades of Hypocrisy

I’ve already read 4 to 6 blogs about Fifty Shades of Grey and the mistake of watching the movie. I’ve read 2 to 4 blogs about how they liked the movie and the book not because they are looking forward to have the same kind of romantic story or love story because they don’t but because the story was new and something unique. 599 more words