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Achieving common ground

We will never agree with everything someone thinks or feels or stands for. But that doesn’t mean we can’t strive for understanding and acceptance of our differences. 152 more words


Finally Tuned Friendship

Age is the true educator.

My whole life I’ve viewed everything in black and white…all or nothing…this way or that way with wiggle room, leeway, latitude, flexibility having no role in my life. 514 more words


Incarnational Scrapbook ... by Alice

Dear Ones,

This video is about reincarnation, archetypal images, and holding our multidimensional expressions of Self in the context of the Now. Thoughts on creating an Incarnational Scrapbook, too… 56 more words


Lessons in Diplomacy from a Teenager

Sometimes as moms you get a glimpse of the kind of people your children are growing to be and it makes your heart happy. This week I got one of those. 747 more words

Let's Find Common Ground

There’s no doubt the United States of America has become increasingly polarized over the last decade. We are unfortunately a nation divided.

It’s hard to have a conversation anymore with people of opposing views, many have become combative against those who don’t agree with their opinions to the point of false accusation, character assassination, and all out efforts to destroy their lives. 260 more words

A Voice For Our Time

Agreeing to Disagree Agreeably--Can You Do That?

When Penny and I got married, we uncovered some disturbing things about each other. I found out she doesn’t like olives. Actually, that’s not strong enough–she loathes them. 527 more words