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Why You Need To Work With A Real Estate Broker not Through comFree-Diane Plant, Broker Forest Hill Real Estate

Today Yellow Pages announced that it is buying comFree. Yellow Pages buys comFree

Zoocasa closed June 22, yesterday. “It’s not like people just flock to a site because of lower fees.” “Sellers, in particular, are very hard to connect with online. 622 more words

Backing Out of an Offer -- Can You?

Have you ever put an offer on a house you were sure was the one, but then had second thoughts? What if the offer was prepared and submitted to the seller, but not accepted? 509 more words

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Be clear about rental items listed with your real estate contract

Here in Ontario, the Agreement of Purchase and Sale provides a space to list items which are both included and excluded in the purchase price. There is also a section to specify any rental items or contracts that are to be assumed by the buyer. 545 more words

How to put in an offer on a house.

You’ll often hear buyers say that they have either put in an offer, or they plan on putting in an offer for a house or condo. 740 more words

Provisions In The 2013 Budget Includes Electronic Real Estate Agreements Of Purchase And Sale

The 2013 provincial budget has provisions that may help make electronic agreements of purchase and sale in Ontario more of a reality, according to the latest from the Ontario Real Estate Association. 259 more words

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Ontario Real Estate Association Supports Electronic Real Estate Transactions

Proposed legislation will facilitate the use of electronic agreements of purchase and sale in Ontario real estate transactions. While realtors can use electronic agreements of purchase and sale now, they do not provide the same legal protections of the Electronic Commerce Act and as a result many realtors are reluctance to use them. 173 more words

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# 11 - Selling a House: The offer

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you  know that realtors do a lot of stuff behind the scenes. I often think that being a realtor is like being a synchronized swimmer. 677 more words