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Sun Pharma & ICGEB announce exclusive collaboration to develop novel dengue vaccine

International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (ICGEB) and Sun Pharma Ltd. announced their new collaboration for development of a dengue vaccine, targeted against all the four serotypes of Dengue virus that cause disease in humans. 388 more words


Not everything is about you! The world does not revolve around you.

How great is that?? Usually when you hear that, you might get offended. It insinuates a kind of selfishness. 516 more words

Love, Creativity & Innovation are a Negotiation Process....

Where we negotiate with, ourself and each other…to save, protect and try…..ideas, understandings and proposals.

Creating, finding and maintaining…a safe physical, emotional and intellectual…environment to undertake such negotiations is imperative in my view, and is the first step in the process of love, creativity and innovation.


My Relationship Resume 

Male that:

  1. Never gets angry
  2. Never tells bullshit
  3. Will always help you within an hour when asked
  • And will give an acceptable apology when he doesn’t keep 1,2 & 3…
  • 27 more words

It is your story. Who are you listening to?

Think about this.  Craig McConnell spent 40 years of his life struggling with the notion that he had nothing to offer, nothing to say.  He felt he’d… 958 more words

Very Best Of Manschool

What actually is cheating on your mate

Many and many people, and I mean that many, experience cheating in their love live (! The school idol project-oh wait), being they doing themselves or their boyfriends/girlfriends (what are the names for other genders relationships?) doing so. 430 more words


License fees, invalid patents and Article 101 TFEU: Genentech v Hoechst and Sanofi-Aventis

Consider an agreement under which a license fee is payable for use of a patented technology even if it transpires that the patent is invalid. Is such an agreement contrary to Article 101 TFEU? 723 more words

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