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Think no one cares about you?

Three LIES the devil tries to tell you

1.) You are not good enough

2.) You are not loved

3.) broken relationships can not be fixed


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Research Paper : The Agreement between the Vatican and Israel

Question 1

The Agreement between the Vatican and Israel:

Historical Background:

Theodore Herzl met with Pope Pius X in 1904 and asked the Roman Church to support Jewish aspirations for a return to their traditional homeland in Israel. 1,050 more words


Neville Chamberlain vs. Barack Obama

Did Neville Chamberlain do the right thing?  If you can honestly say yes, then you agree that Obama is doing the right thing.

If you think that in retrospect, Chamberlain was absolutely wrong and inexcusably stupid, then I ask that you try to open your eyes and see that Obama is following in his footsteps, and ultimately, if we do not stop him, Obama will cause World War Three by giving Iran a free pass to do what Nazi Germany failed at. 250 more words


FICO Expands Program To Give Millions Of Consumers Free Access To Credit Scores & Reports

Millions of financially struggling consumers who work with qualified nonprofit counseling agencies now have access to free credit scores and credit reports with the expansion of the FICO Score Open Access program. 361 more words

Long Circuit or Short Circuit Thinking

It seems to me that at times we can be so impatient that we will try find the short cut instead of going the full distance and end up with a short circuit. 17 more words


Offshoring PHI? Risk analysis is key | Healthcare IT News

Risk assessment may be the most important aspect of patient health information security planning when contracting with foreign firms, said healthcare legal experts Monday at the 2015 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition.

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Three LIES the devil tries to tell you

1.) You are what you do

2.) You are what you have

3.) You are what other people think about you


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