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Home Owners’ Associations and Urban Farming

Home owners’ associations (HOAs) are a very common urban and suburban fixture. They are organizations formed to manage land use rules within residential subdivisions, condominiums, and possibly traditional neighborhoods. 577 more words


Key group wants to buy your business, buy do they have skin in the game?

When considering the transfer of stock to a key employee, or a group of key employees, (referred to Key group), you need to determine how much they want to be involved in the company, and the risk they are willing to take in the future of the company. 586 more words

Buy And Sell Agreements

Market dynamics in the counterfactual: more competitive, not just cheaper

The judgment of Phillips J in Sainsbury’s v Visa EWHC 3047 (Comm) demonstrates the importance to claimants in competition damages cases of identifying a counterfactual which not only involves lower prices but also involves higher levels of competition. 1,281 more words

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But you signed the contract...

I have just watched the film Stronger on a flight between Perth and Sydney. It was a beautiful and inspiring film about tragedy and triumph. 674 more words

The Rules - How my Wife Changed my Life Forever (without knowing)

I was married for 9 years.  I met my wife in Gainesville, FL.  We will call her Christy to protect her identity.  We were both on a 72 hour hold in a psychiatric facility.  699 more words

Hidden Bugs, Hidden Agreements

Like when germ theory replaced miasma theory, the intuition was right, the deeper cause was hidden.  It is in the environment, just not the way miasma theorists thought it was.   115 more words

Ecosynomic Frameworks

Here’s a Tip a Cartoon Cat Would Love: Try This Edit to Your Independent Contractor Agreements

“Whenever he gets in a fix, he reaches into his bag of tricks!” Yes, boys and girls, I am talking about Felix the Cat, whose magical bag of tricks could be transformed to get him out of any treacherous situation. 470 more words