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Prepare for Chaos

Everyone who has ever watched Maxwell Smart knows that the opposite to Control is Chaos. Control are the good guys and Chaos are the baddies, ha! 262 more words


The day I wore my flower crown...

…I agreed to life.

Now, I am still working, I am still fighting, I am still learning. The things I wrote in what I like to call my life-agreement… I am still working to actualize them. 1,060 more words


World Bank Concludes Global Warming Will Hurt Poor Countries the Most

World Bank Group President Jim Yong Kim

More than 100 million people could be pushed back into poverty within 15 years due to rising temperatures and extreme weather, the… 262 more words

Human Health

Promise for Life

What is a promise?

I would say that a promise is whatever we agree upon based on a specific length of time.

In the case of marriage it is usually a commitment to “love one another and stay together forever” or until the death of one. 393 more words


Snow falling on choices, and kites.

The questions.

I ask them of myself.

This place where I have landed, due to constant practice, holds stillness where I can ponder.

With every interaction, every consideration, every twist and turn; I ponder and I observe. 798 more words

Two Quotes To Heed

It is true. The day I realized my happiness depended on the way I view the world is the day that set me free. But as I sit and type these words … I am not too certain that I ever did… 204 more words


Charlie Sheen: Sex Partners Forced to Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements?

When Charlie Sheen confirmed that he’s HIV positive this week, many wondered how the high-profile actor managed to keep his condition a secret for four years. 22 more words