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Keeping a Relationship Interesting

I can only speak for myself but what keeps me interested in a relationship is that we would have an equal and opposite amount of diverging views as we would have converging views. 53 more words


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I know that by now on Earth there are probably millions of online journals with people talking about anything from their daily activities, to specific interests, to the meaning of life. 430 more words


last session of the spring - "Story" ...

Today, we wrapped up Manschool for the Spring.  It was a great day.  Ken Himes blessed us with coins we can take with us daily to remind us to put on the full armor of God.  824 more words

Very Best Of Manschool

What Trade Deals Are Good For

(Source: hbr.org)


In recent months, trade agreements have moved from the arcane pages of academic journals to the front pages of newspapers, from university lecture halls to the presidential campaign trail. 1,336 more words


Anger v Sadness - Mania v Depression Explained

Here is a though:

The “greater we expect” (>e) by the “less we prepare” (<p) equals
the “more we get angry” (a)

>e x <p = a…

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Looking for Various Agreement Forms Online? Check out USLegalForms.com

Since 1996, USLegalForms.com has been a top resource for individuals, small businesses and even lawyers in obtaining legal documentation. The site is set up to provide both professional and personal documents, all state-specific and lawyer drafted. 297 more words


Too Late to Apologize

As the song goes by One Republic “It’s too late to apologize….” But can it ever be too late?

I actually think it is the complete and utter opposite! 150 more words