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7 Arrows - Light Arrow of Self-Appreciation

As we choose the light, centered within our own circle and aligned with all forms of all things, the 2nd Light Arrow we pick up is… 102 more words


The Deepest Shadow

I was young. 10 or younger. Things always happen when you are young that form a foundation of thought, belief and action that stay with you through the rest of your life. 946 more words

Pre-Life Plans, Tasks, and Agreements

“Why is this happening to me?”— This is a question we tend to ask ourselves when things seem to be going badly wrong, and we are suffering. 1,980 more words

Spirituality Blog

Why NATO Needs A European Pillar

If you followed the last election then know that our newly elected president has no love for NATO…..he even called it “obsolete”…..

There is a scramble going on the try and find a way to preserve the organization if the US somehow takes a powder and leaves the European allies high and dry. 207 more words

International Situations

Before You Sign That Contract Here Are 5 Things You Need To Consider

You know the phrase “hindsight is 20/20?”  I’d be willing to be that the person who came up with it had probably just signed a terribly written contract without reading it.  766 more words


EJCDC releases new documents

The Engineers Joint Contract Documents Committee (EJCDC) recently updated E-580, Teaming Agreement to Pursue Joint Professional Services Opportunity. The revisions allow the document to function as a new stand-alone teaming agreement that is suitable for firms interested in “a wide variety of project-pursuit purposes.” E-580 makes it very clear that if the team fails to win the project there is no liability for the failure to obtain the award of contract. 106 more words

Importance of Buy Sell Agreements - Lisa D. Wills Law

Is your business new or a mature company? Planning for the future of the business with a Buy Sell Agreement is crucial. Consider whether the bus…