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Have Land? Want savings?

There are a few options for saving on taxes in Georgia if you own land and farm. These savings can also be leveraged to negotiate farm leases with landowners who are not using their land for anything else in the foreseeable future. 431 more words


Uber Whistleblower Susan Fowler On What Every Company Should Do To Stop Harassment

(Source: www.forbes.com)

Forbes Media

Susan Fowler rocked the tech world with her 2,900-word essay last February about her experience of sexism and harassment at her former employer,  … 959 more words

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RR048 Podcast Episode

RR048 After happening across the hubbub of when a contract is enforceable as well as coming across people who have “drawn something up” Ried discusses best practices when it comes to drafting a legally binding agreement. 163 more words

Four Agreements

  1. “Be impeccable with your word”
  2. “Don’t take anything personally”
  3. “Don’t make assumptions”
  4. “Always do your best”

-Don Miguel Ruiz

I decided to read a book from a genre that I typically don’t read. 288 more words

This is Destroying Your Marriage, and You Don't Even Know It

If you stick a frog in a boiling pot it will immediately jump out, but if you put it in the pot when the water is cool and you slowly turn the heat up, the frog will never jump out and eventually it will die.  775 more words

Tips to Follow While Drafting Non-Disclosure Agreements

In this competitive commercial world, a non-disclosure agreement is a common yet essential contract. None of the organization wants to disclose confidential information when dealing with third-party vendors. 363 more words

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What Happens Spiritually When Someone Commits Suicide?

This post answers questions for The Council by a reader who goes by the name, Lone Creator, who asks what happens when a spirit prematurely exits its incarnation because it doesn’t like the lessons it’s chosen? 1,554 more words

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