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SoCS- Agressive

This is Bruno.

Bruno is a Rottweiler and his three years old and for some reason some people assume he’s an aggressive dog. A few members of my family are afraid of him. 149 more words


Passive Agressive


What is it you’re showing me?

Anger and kindness all in one?

I get people have mixed emotions but I don’t understand

If you’re mad at me then let me know… 150 more words

Fucking: The Act Adults do when they Don't have Feelings for Each Other

I know I shouldn’t write this
Put this kind of stuff
Out there in the world
About you
But I’m getting over you
With one meaningless… 109 more words

Merry R8/16

Merry is an agressive lionlop buck born in about 2009/10. His owner was struggling to look after him as he was getting mucky and is not easy to handle. 29 more words

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Thumper R2/14

Thumper came to us from a small rescue in Gloucestershire in 2014. They were unable to find him a home due to his aggression. He is a  solidly built sooty fawn buck who was born in May 2012. 53 more words

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Mercedes-Benz unveils agressive electric vehicle production plan, 6 factories and a ‘global battery network’

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According to Electrek

It’s not just concept vehicles and press releases anymore. Mercedes-Benz revealed in detail today its plan to build electric vehicles in volume at 6 factories across 3 continents and a “global battery network” to support the effort.

493 more words
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Stay Away From This Person

The Emotional Abuser looks like this below. Stay. The. Heck. Away.
It’s the boyfriend or girlfriend that brings out the absolute worst in you. You have attachment issues so you never leave them but they are your worst nightmare because they play the following insidious, perverse, passive aggressive, mind games on you that make you feel… 423 more words