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Misplaced Aggression

Normally, all the cats get shut out of our bedroom at night because Chris goes through periods where he will not stop biting my nose or digging his claws into my face and neck. 236 more words

Video Couch Episode 4 Jan 2017

Video Couch Episode 4   I always like to recap from previous episodes moving forward we have to change our mind set. Communication styles which one are you?   26 more words


You Are Always Right, poem

You are always right.
You know best how it needs to be
In your life, in your country, in your circus.
You know, because your parents taught you, 108 more words


Cookies, No Milk?

I FINALLY found oreo cookies in China, HOW EXCITING? RIght!? Wrong. I cant find any milk. *_*

Also, they do not have the double stuffed either, they have thin. 29 more words

Personal Effectiveness

Assertiveness: Assertiveness is having a confident and forceful personality.

Passive: Passive is allowing what other people do without showing any form of resistance.

Aggressive: Aggressive is to attack or confront somebody showing aggression. 10 more words

Personal Effectiveness

Album Review: Aggressive, Beartooth

Beartooth’s recent album, Aggressive, is the follow up to the incredible debut album, Disgusting. I think I am rather safe in saying that expectations for this album were high from a wide array of their fans. 587 more words

Album Review

Being the Oldest Sibling

Hey guys, so today I’m writing a short narrative recount on what it’s like to be the oldest sibling (I’m sure many of you can relate!). 1,252 more words