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Get Angry And Harm Yourself

This is a small post which tells you, what happens when you get angry.

When you get angry:

  1. Your blood pressure rises
  2. Your heart beat increases…
  3. 152 more words

On words.

Words, their uses and meanings, have been on my mind a lot recently.

The power of a word; what one word’s perceived meaning in comparison to another’s concept can do to an argument or relationship; the manner in which a word is spoken and how that can alter the entire meaning; pet names using every day words; curse words to wound. 26 more words

Word Vomit

“In this very real world, good doesn’t drive out evil. Evil doesn’t drive out good. But the energetic displaces the passive.”
-Bill Bernbach


Chronicles of my life: Blog 2 - Aggressive, Passive, Assertive

Aggressive, Passive, Assertive

Today I would like to write about 2 polar opposites that exist among us: Aggression and Passiveness, both are a result of some form of power struggle, and both leave their fair share of scars on our body mind and soul. 1,152 more words


Dealing With Passive Aggressive Behaviour

A college friend of mine contacted me the other day about an issue he was experiencing in his workplace. The ‘problem’ – one of handling passive aggressive behaviour in the office – caught my attention. 704 more words


Freestyle Iceskating....Don't Call It Figure Skating Or These Guys Might Freak OUT

Brought to you by some sled dog enthusiasts who decided to take to the ice.  Incredible stuff right here.  If you got a hockey buddy you can easily show him up with furious moves like this.