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The long hard slog

The whole world’s economy depends on China because China is heading towards making the complete standard kit of consumer goods that anybody wants — and would ever want — whatever culture or country he or she lives in.  396 more words

Learning sense at last

Keith Hudson

Some years ago a Conservative MP, Nick Coles, said something silly.  He said that government ought to be more “chaotic”, and he was lampooned in the papers.  487 more words

A fascinating multi-species future

Keith Hudson

In about 20 years’ time, well over 90 different forest-dwelling lemur species — which we consider beautiful and charming — will have become extinct on Madagascar, 17 having already become so.  639 more words

The Origin of Poverty

Poor Us: An Animated of Poverty

Ben Lewis (2012)

Film Review

This documentary divides the history of poverty into six broad areas: pre-civilization, “early civilization” (8000 – 800 BC), Greece and Rome (800 BC – 400 AD), the Middle Ages (400 – 1500), European colonial era (1500 -1850) and industrial civilization (1850 – present). 414 more words

Attacks On The Working Class

Why the second tragedy in Nepal?

Keith Hudson

Why the second tragedy in Nepal?  Indeed, wny the first?  It wasn’t the displeasure of a god — that we do know.  It was the fault of a deep block of rock floating on molten lava with powerful convection currents pushing another block against it. 402 more words

A Global History of Post-humans

One thing that can certainly not be said either the anthropologist Ynval Harari’s or his new book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind is that they lack ambition. 2,613 more words


18th Century Self Sufficiency Manual

I have just bought a copy of The County Housewife’s Family Companion by William Ellis (d.1758).  It was first published in 1750 and the wonderful… 524 more words