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A Global History of Post-humans

One thing that can certainly not be said either the anthropologist Ynval Harari’s or his new book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind is that they lack ambition. 2,613 more words


18th Century Self Sufficiency Manual

I have just bought a copy of The County Housewife’s Family Companion by William Ellis (d.1758).  It was first published in 1750 and the wonderful… 524 more words


Fear the Modern Age: Harvest

Review: Harvest, by Jim Crace
Doubleday, 2013. 208 pp. $25

The day after harvest, two ominous fires darken the sky above a remote English village. 580 more words

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Reflections on the Agricultural Revolution

This past Thursday, I completed my umpteenth lecture on Peasant Life in early modern Europe. Because of changes in Miami University’s time schedule, my lecture period has moved from 70 minutes to 80 minutes. 220 more words


How Did the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions Change Human Diets?

With the advent of the Agricultural Revolution 10,000 years ago, mankind took a giant leap away from two million years of evolutionary adaptation. The Industrial Revolution that started in the late 18th century—about 240 years ago—was yet another watershed event. 1,004 more words

Not weak by nature

It’s sunny outside, and Evelyn loves to hike. It may be 30 degrees out, but that will hardly stop her from going out—if being 80 won’t stop her, nothing will. 722 more words


Human Brain Size Shrinking For Last 10,000+ Years

An article at Scientific American offers some explanations, but nobody knows why with certainty. Maybe it’s simply related to the decline in average human body size that started about 10,000 years ago, the dawn of the Agricultural Revolution. 72 more words