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Alright people, been a while.

I came home for the first time in about two months not so long ago and it felt weird. I forgot I had cats. 47 more words


Girvan and the Agricultural Revolution

Girvan sits within the district of Carrick in South Ayrshire. The area was originally part of the Kingdom of Galloway and was ruled over by its lords until 1186 when it was granted to Duncan who became the first Earl of Carrick. 520 more words


The Effect of Diet Changes and The Selection of European Fatty Acid Desaturases

UC Berkeley Integrative Biologist, Rasmus Nielsen and his colleagues, published a fascinating study in the journal Molecular Biology and Evolution looking at hundreds of human genomes and the relative diets. 428 more words


Sedentism and the First Villages


IN cultural anthropology, sedentism (sometimes called sedentariness; compare sedentarism) simply refers to the practice of living in one place for a long time. As of 2017 the majority of people belong to sedentary cultures.

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Path To Civilization: The Agricultural Revolution Simplified

From Foraging to Domestication

A trip down history lane reveals that all humanity was once engaged in similar activities of hunting and gathering. Yes, some many years ago depending on which history book you read, we were all hunters and gathers doing what is commonly referred to as foraging. 1,004 more words