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Advent of Smart Irrigation & Implementation Benefits

It has been analyzed that, the agricultural sector is in great need for proper irrigational methods so that water can reach out to the fertile lands and helps in crop growth. 397 more words


Aebi Training Day in South Yorkshire / UK

An exclusive retailer training programme took place in South Yorkshire in April 2018. Seven UK retailers took the opportunity to take a closer look at the Aebi products EC130, CC66, TT211 and TT281. 88 more words


Purchase Your Requirements At The Same Place At Cheaper Price

With the changed generation, people want comfortable things in their lives. It is not like the ancient time when you had to visit to the market for each and everything. 229 more words


Automotive Piston Rings

Piston rings are the most important functional component in the engine requiring appropriate design, high-precision machining, excellent material and special surface treatment in order to perform the basic requirements of sealing, oil control, lubrication characteristics and heat transfer. 139 more words

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Rolling Hills Property overlooking the ocean FOR SALE! - Pamantolon, TayTay, Palawan

AL129 – 52,271 sqm Contact us for pricing Pamantolon, TayTay, Palawan

OVERVIEW – This property is located in the northeast part of Palawan with the total area of 52,271square meters which is located at Municipality of Taytay. 233 more words


Tropical Farm Property with View FOR SALE! - Pasadeña, Elnido, Palawan

AL128 – 106,136 sqm Contact us for pricing Pasadeña, Elnido, Palawan

OVERVIEW – This property is situated in the northern part of Palawan, approximately more or less 243 kilometers away from Puerto Princesa City. 141 more words


Ideal for Vacation & Farm Dev’t FOR SALE! - Barrio Napsan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

AL127 – 73,581 sqm Contact us for pricing Barrio Napsan, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

OVERVIEW – This overlooking property is situated in the southern part of Palawan, planted of different fruit bearing tress like coconut, mango, banana, Santol and wood tress like Mahogani , Manguim, Gemelina, Ipil, Kamagong, Narra, Kawayan, sbayog and Accacia tress. 206 more words