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Oil Field Post Card

This is a wonderful postcard from the days of the Bremen Oil Boom.  It illustrates a scene from nearby Flagdale, a small Perry County hamlet.  This postcard is fun to look at because it almost seems caught between two centuries.   46 more words

Sacred Heart Catholic Church and Cemetery

Here is a historical photograph of Sacred Heart Catholic Church, which is located just outside of Bremen near Schmeltzer’s Grove.  The first item is a plan of the area that includes the church, cemetery, summer kitchen, and a one seater and two seater outhouse! 83 more words

Wild About Harry, George Harrison Lenhart, that is!

George Harrison ” Harry” Lenhart was a one-time famous face in and around the little village of Bremen, Ohio.  Born in 1889 in the little town of Fultonham, Ohio, Harry was not too far from home when he established his business, a small “Mom and Pop” market, at 400 Purvis Ave. 85 more words

Willkommen in der Bremen Historical Society Museum

Greetings to Everyone who reads our little blog. We have several German readers!  Of course, Bremen, Ohio is named for Bremen Germany since many of our inhabitants are of German ancestry.   71 more words

Driving to Bremen

Perhaps, the most spectacular thing about residing within a rural county is residing within a rural county.  It is beautiful the year through and for a former city girl, it is perfection. 99 more words

The Old Mericle Church

At the junction of OH 664 and OH 312, John Mericle donated a parcel of land which was the first Brethren house of worship in the township.   74 more words