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SO… 3 more ducklings dead 2 swedish blue and one pekin. I think they may be getting to warm. I might try putting them outside tomorrow. 35 more words


Dogs had a play date!

So I woke up to find the Swedish black duckling dead in the brooder. All the rest are doing great. Wookie’s owner dropped off 9 guinea keets in exchange for this months babysitting. 42 more words


Can't wait to butcher pigs!

I’m so sick of pigs! They get out everyday breaking fences and doors. Today they raided the chicken coop’s eggs. There were bloody egg shells and the hens were fighting over who gets to sit on the eggs the pigs didn’t get. 357 more words



Today we went down our road to a green house and we bought tomato, pepper, and marigold plants. My husband started expanding our garden so we can plant more this year. 299 more words


Puerto Rico Is Sowing A New Generation Of Small Farmers, as in teaching elementary school kids how to grow their own food


Puerto Rico Is Sowing A New Generation Of Small Farmers
May 06, 2015 2:27 PM ET
Greg Allen

Although it’s a tropical island, perhaps surprisingly, Puerto Rico produces very little of its own food. 833 more words

Puerto Rico

Pigs out again!

I feel like we are having horrible luck this week. Today the pigs and lambs got out of their pen in the barn and decided to eat the food supply we had for them. 107 more words


Bath time!

Today was the first bath for the baby ducklings. I should have started giving them baths on week one but the weather has been less than favorable and I didn’t want them to catch a chill. 232 more words