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“Environmentalists buzzing with excitement!”

By Pamela Denholm adapted from Berkshire Organics 12/15/15

This concerns the registration of Dow AgroScience’s Sulfoxaflor, a new herbicide recently approved by the EPA. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the EPA’s approval of the insecticide, citing that the organization violated federal law when it approved the chemical without reliable studies on the impact that it would have on pollinator colonies. 521 more words

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2015 Citrus Crop Estimates Get More Dismal

By Pamela Denholm

Last year, we wrote an article about citrus greening, the bacteria that is attacking Florida’s citrus trees and causing them to drop fruit before it ripens. 653 more words

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Spring in December

Can you remember that first day earlier this year when you opened your windows and breathed in the uplifting scent of spring? That’s the time when pea shoots normally appear and bring smiles to the faces of farmers and back yard gardeners alike. 313 more words

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"Intergrated Pest Management - IPM” Adapted from Berkshire Organics

Since we first opened, South Shore Organics has made a point of offering local produce from local farms. Organic certification can take several years and extensive paperwork; for a small farm or orchard the certification process simply might not be in the cards. 619 more words

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"How you eat is how you live”

by Pam Denholm

I love articles about the food system and how it works or is consumed, the mechanics fascinate me.  Do you ever go down the TED Talks rabbit hole? 493 more words

Agriculture & Sustainability

Sea to Table – Connecting Fishermen to Families

At South Shore Organics, we are committed to local, independent food system, families feeding families. We are always on the lookout to see how we can support other like-minded organizations so it is with great pride that we announce a partnership with Sea to Table, and I wanted to share all the great reasons we chose to work with them. 577 more words

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Meet Your Farmer - Langwater Farm, Easton MA

Lovely Langwater Farm, located in Easton Massachusetts, is one of our local farm partners who provide us with a wide variety of the farm fresh foods we enjoy throughout the year as members of Nourish to Flourish. 432 more words

Agriculture & Sustainability