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Guyana: Markets open up for farmers to produce non-traditional crops

In Guyana, the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) is helping farmer invest in planting non-traditional crops. Nafeeza Yahya reports on the progress in an East Berbice-Corentyne village: 441 more words


The Arkansas Florist

The Arkansas Florist.

We find the following beautiful compliment to one of our citizens in one of the back numbers of the States Rights Democrat. It is not more beautiful than it is just, for Mr. 595 more words


Opportunities for Cattle Ranching Around Lagos and other Cities in Southern Nigeria

Southern Nigeria depends on Northern Nigeria for beef. The cattle industry in the North, mostly developed through the activities of indigenous nomadic and settled herders and cattle dealers as a result of a response to increased market opportunities nationwide, especially in Southern Nigeria. 922 more words

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Prospects for Northwest Arkansas

The Prospects.

We have conversed with farmers from different parts of the country and from them learn that the prospect for a fine wheat and oat crop is promising. 287 more words


Report from Texas


Messrs. Editors – The fourth number of the Arkansian was received a few days ago, and as I was about writing a communication for some paper in your state on the agricultural prospects of this portion of Texas, I take pleasure in a reciprocation with yourselves. 541 more words


Agriculture on the rise


Messrs. Editors – I have just returned from Bentonville, Maysville and Moravian Mission and Honey Creek, in the Cherokee Nation, passing through a portion of McDonald County, Mo.; and I have never seen a more promising prospect of wheat crops than at the present time and there is at least one third more land sowed in wheat than I have ever known any previous year (and I am an old citizen.) Several years ago I passed over the same country, and it was then almost a wilderness, and now it is in a high state of cultivation. 73 more words


The Barns of Ottawa County

The rural landscape around where I grew up, in Ottawa County, Michigan, never seemed exceptional or particularly noteworthy. The real sites, for me, always laid at the coast, along the sandy wooded shores of Lake Michigan. 305 more words