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A Weekend of Meeting Bloggers and a Feast of Food = Food Bloggers of Canada Conference

Caution: This post may cause you to salivate!

Salmon pot pie, sounds good! Lemon sorbet with berries, yum! Lentil sausage, I’ll give it a try! Sweet potato pierogis, bring it on! 928 more words


Inaugural natural resource class includes Echo man 

Sam Taylor of Echo was selected as one of 30 natural resource professionals from throughout the state to the inaugural class for the REAL (Resource Education & Ag Leadership) Oregon program. 12 more words


It's Garlic Planting Time

Mid-October is the time to plant garlic here in the mid-Atlantic. I purchased a half pound of mixed soft-neck garlic. Garlic from a seed supply store comes in large bulbs. 62 more words


Why the ethics of farming are more important than ever

In the frenzy of farming, when all at once a critical mass of decisions compete for a finite amount of brain space, doing what is right and for the right reasons seems like a consideration for someone with less on their plate. 863 more words


Puerto Rico's Agriculture Apocalypse

Before World War II, the island of Puerto Rico had an economy based on its agriculture: mainly sugar cane and tobacco.  After the war, manual agriculture was quickly replaced by industrialization, but later – as a result of economic recession – Puerto Ricans returned to manually tending key crops like plantains, bananas, coffee and more.  507 more words


walking to the shepherd: the first excursion

We also did two excursions as part of the summer school – a must, I would say, considering where we were. The mountains and valleys just would not be ignored. 274 more words

Echo-Locate your Favorite Bat Story

It’s #BatWeek and we can’t stop talking about bats! What is more fascinating than the small flying mammals that help farmers manage pesky bugs? Go batty over our stories of the nighttime critters and the work being done to save numerous bat species. 129 more words

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