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Nutrient partitioning in tomato grown on organic manure treated soil | IJAAR

By: Md. Yunus Miah

“” IJAAR welcome all of you to submit your research paper for publication in the field of Agriculture, Agronomy, Horticulture etc. Please submit your manuscripts via…

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Alli Ayomide 170902516

The Federal Institute of Industrial Research Oshodi (FIIRO), marked an important record in achieving its vision of becoming the foremost center of excellence in science and technology based Research and Development (R and D) for the nation. 263 more words


Fès to Tangier: scenes from the day

Saturday evening in Tangier.  We are safely back at the Hilton near the beach, adjacent to the train station.

I’m beat.  Tonight makes six different beds in eight nights, including an overnight transatlantic crossing.  219 more words


Obasanjo identifies bane of Agric sector development


Former President Olusegun Obasanjo has identified lack of political will to implement various policies formulated by successive administrations in support of agriculture as the bane of the growth and development of the sector. 410 more words


THE AFRICAN WE WANT. By Hontonnu Moses

Africa is a continent of vast size covering an area of 30, 328, 000 Sq/km. The first man that arrived at deduction that the world is round was severally castigated, but today we realized that truly the world is round with science and technology taking an upper hand influencing the global world which could be termed as social change.It is conspicuously clear, that the world we knew 60 years ago differs from the world we know today, which is developing wide-ranging.Before the advent of colonialism there was not a continent known as Africa, it was colonial master that came together to invent the name Africa because what was in existence before the advent of colonialism were empires, kingdoms.History made us to understand that Africa was totally a dark continent; dark in the sense that it was totally stateless because there was no state, proper, equipped and organised administrative structures.It is crystal clear, that the advent of colonialism in Africa had brought good tidings to Africa; despise the bad side of it. 1,099 more words


विकास के विचित्र रूप

बीचारा अनपढ़, गांव का किसान हु, विकास नहीं समझता हूँ, कोई समझा दो?

यह लोग कहते है विकास हो रहा है। विकास के नाम पे ये सड़के, हाईवे बनाते है और दूर दूर के शहरों को जोड़ देते है। पर इनके हाईवे बनाने के चक्कर में ये लोग हमारे गांव बाँट देते है, पहाड़ काट देते है, जंगल उजाड़ देते है और खेत छीन लेते है। हमे समझाया जाता था पहाड़ जंगल खेत सब जीवित रहने के लिए बहुत ज़रूरी है लेकिन सूट बूट में यह पढ़े लिखे लोग आके सब नष्ट करके चले जाते है। कहते है विकास के लिए ज़रूरी है। खैर पढ़े लिखे लोगो के आगे मेरा क्या कहना, कुछ तो सोचा ही होगा। 694 more words