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International Opera Award 2016

The International Opera Award 2016 returned at Savoy Theatre in London on May 15. Opera stars and supporters gathered for an evening celebrating excellence in opera, as well as raising funds for the Opera Awards Foundation – a trust which aims to help those at the start of their opera careers. 184 more words

opera dream/wish list

First, the dream-list as it probably will *never* happen.. but you never know..
1. Emmanuelle Haïm conducding (with her orchestra) Monteverdi L’Orfeo *with* Anna Caterina Antonacci… 595 more words


Farewell Britannicus - we hardly knew ye. February 11th, 55BCE

Today, back in the first century, poor young Britannicus bit the dust.  Son of the emperor Claudius, his fate was sealed as soon as his father’s was. 473 more words

Agrippina – 14 BCE – 33 CE – Rome

Vipsania Agrippina, commonly known as Agrippina Major or Agrippina the Elder played a key role in the lives and politics of the first emperors of Rome. 827 more words

Women's History

2,000 years of Cologne's lethal Roman mother

The Local Germany (26 November 2015)

She married her uncle, killed him and gave birth to both the Emperor Nero and the city of Cologne. On November 26th, a special exhibition opens in the cathedral city’s Romano-Germanic Museum. 764 more words

The Local Germany