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Hey American Rabbis: Wake Up and Smell the Cruelty

From their perch in America, many Diaspora Jews look at the Orthodox Rabbinate in Israel as a bunch of Neanderthals who use clubs to beat back any modern innovation or progressive idea. 626 more words

Factory Farming / Animal Cruelty


Five years ago, a small eastern Iowa town was in shock, following what was then the biggest immigration raid in U.S. history.

On May 12, 2008, U.S. 256 more words


Orthodox Jews Angered by Obama Nominee

Report: Orthodox Jews Angered by Obama Nominee.(Breitbart/Other).A former U.S. Attorney appointed by President Obama who previously came under scrutiny by the Jewish Orthodox community may soon be confirmed by the U.S.

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Eric Holder

Characters: Noach Dear – “a piece of work”

Noach Dear has his good points. Now a judge, he has stood up for suffering debtors against sleazy debt collectors. Even as a rascal, his uninhibited forthrightness had a certain charm. 661 more words

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Chosenness Attack: Reflections on the Rubashkin Scandal

Jeff believes he has been chosen to redeem mankind through his deeds.

Some 2,000 women gathered in support of former Agriprocessors tycoon Sholom Rubashkin at the end of this past month.   731 more words

Rubashkin - The Continuation

In the time since our first article of the Rubashkin case came out, Sholom Rubashkin has been found innocent of all 83 (down from 9,311) charges of violating child labor laws. 14,800 more words

Jewish Community

Zman - The Rubashkin Story from A-Z

The cover story in this month’s issue of Zman magazine is about Sholom Rubashkin. Although his story is ostensibly well-known in observant circles, the truth is that many people do not really know what went on and is going on. 5,564 more words

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