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How One South African Entrepreneur Hopes to Make Millions From Maggots

When Jason Drew plunges his hand into a seething mass of three-day old maggots, it is with the contentment of a farmer inspecting his thriving flock. 1,188 more words

British maggot farmer burrows into problem of world hunger

The Sunday Times

MOST of us feel a primeval urge to kill when confronted with a fly buzzing incessantly against a windowpane. But Jason Drew, a British entrepreneur, believes the humble housefly could hold the key to feeding the world’s burgeoning population. 380 more words

South Africa

Money maggots: A sustainable alternative to fishmeal?

South African based company Agriprotein has seen an opportunity in the recent sky-rocketing price of fishmeal and plans to open an £2.3 million industrial sized insect-rearing factory by spring 2014. 294 more words


What do flies and pencil lead have in common? A spirit of collaboration, I hope.

When I was a kid I managed a farm for broken pencil leads. The farm was made from a large piece of paper on which I had drawn a bird’s eye view of my land. 747 more words

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How Flies Will Save Agriculture

Insect farming is here and it is about to completely change our agriculture system, thanks to a fly farm in Cape Town, South Africa called  412 more words