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Averting Yet Another Collapse Of Croatian Government

When upon my return from Croatia a few weeks ago I wrote about my observations on the state of the country one thing that rattled me a great deal was the extent to which the threatening bankruptcy of one private company… 1,157 more words

Moje razmišljanje o situaciji Agrokor i Vladi

Najkraći moguć sažetak situacije:

– Agrokor i pomoć države (porezi, krediti, itd) – Agrokor i država su imali prešutan dogovor – ti meni, ja tebi. To je bilo nešto u stilu Agrokor će zapošljavati više ljudi nego što mu treba, a država će okrenuti glavu. 434 more words


Joint solutions for stabilisation of business operations of “Agrokor Group”

BELGRADE – Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications Rasim Ljajić and Minister of Agriculture and Environmental Protection Branislav Nedimović spoke today with the ministers of trade and economy of Slovenia, Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina about the current situation regarding business operations of “Agrokor Group”. 280 more words


Croatian Economy: Rogues, Thieves And Other Vermin

When the government of a former communist country (Croatia) brings about and takes over with forced administration a calamitously failed private company (it subsidised and helped along the way as did the communist Yugoslavia regime via nationalisation of private assets and borrowed money injections) the gut tells you, regardless of the threat of thousands of job losses if that company sinks, you’re more than likely dealing with attempts of cover-ups of major incompetence, possible embezzlement come thefts and politically driven paths to sell and hand over the company or notable parts of it to a new entity. 945 more words

State Of The Croatian Nation – Observations

Taking into consideration the seemingly prevalent mood, the problems that revolved around me during the last three weeks while I was visiting Croatia in March point to an alarming and concerning situation from which one can conclude that Croatia is revolving in a destructive circle whose orbit needs to be thwarted as soon as possible and Croatia returned to the principles and directions that it set for itself 27 years ago when it headed on its path to independence. 1,057 more words