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Canadian dairy supply management: a webliography and timeline

This is a very rough draft of a personal research project that is ongoing.  I am not an economist,  a politician, nor am I involved in the Canadian dairy industry or related NGOs, other then as a consumer. 15,349 more words

Social History Timeline

Italian Amusement Park for Foodies

Italy’s “City of Food” has a new attraction. After wandering the alleyways of Bologna’s Mercato di Mezzo – which is filled with local, family-owned grocers such as the well-known Atti & Figli b… 10 more words


Natural Fruit Juice Jello

This Jello recipe is made with 100% black cherry fruit juice (use your favorite juice) and just two other ingredients. It is a delicious homemade Natural Fruit Juice Jello with no dyes or additives… 6 more words