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Happy Mother Nature’s Day

I think that Mother’s Day could only be in spring!

Spring is the season when nature blossoms and the earth becomes a colorful carpet full of flowers, smells and beautiful bugs. 1,277 more words


The Farmer - Opening Paragraph

Why don’t we think how little control we have over basic life everytime we set an alarm at night? What a nasty trick to play on ourselves. 154 more words


Denai Kabus, Gerik, PERAK

Denai Kabus Agro Farm and Adventure Resort is located at a valley near Gerik in Perak. The background of the valley is the twin peaks of Hulu Perak – the majestic Mount Kenderong and Mount Kerunai, collectively known among hikers and mountaineers as K2. 243 more words


A Sustainable Environment

We are all surrounding by the natural world and like the natural world there is a balance. What many people forget to take notice of is how our actions have an impact and disrupts the natural balance. 625 more words


the art of food foraging

My generation must have been the last that remembers women picking wild greens in Athens. I grew up in the suburbs, where there was still enough open space, not covered with cement. 993 more words



Kakheti region is a fertile area famous not only for its grapevine, but also for the delicious fruits and vegetables that are grown almost everywhere. This applies to Lagodekhi municipality as well – try local watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes, pomegranates, figs or peaches, you will definitely not regret! 69 more words