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Adventures in Aguardiente: How to Make Friends When Traveling Alone

Whenever I plan my travels, for some reason South and Central America always seem to elude my thoughts. Maybe it’s because they’re so close to the good ol’ U.S of A, that I have a tendency to neglect them since I feel like I can go anytime.   2,165 more words



Tenía que sentir el fuego en la garganta para olvidarme del infierno que desataste en mi corazón.

V.M. Jr.

Zach's Colombia Top Nine

Greetings from Montanita, Ecuador, a unique surfers dream on the Pacific coast. My time here has been . . . unique, so unique that I’m tempted to skip a few chapters and start writing that post (without giving too much away, let’s just say I’ve been treated to some pretty gripping arguments in Russian). 1,179 more words

On a Budget in Colombia? Head to Santa Marta...

On Colombia’s Caribbean Coast, Cartagena grabs all the tourists. It is undeniably beautiful, with its old colonial architecture, picturesque squares, street stalls selling exotic fruits and sweet juices, but consequently, it’s popular- very, very popular. 383 more words


To my pueblo

I love you, costeños.

I’ve known it for a while now, and as our second year together draws to a close, it’s truer than ever. I need it to be known. 940 more words


pathways of affection

do you hear my body calling to yours
made to give you pleasure is its song
can you sense my soul that wishes
to touch yours in exaltation… 67 more words