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Digimon Adventure Tag

Another one of my treasured possessions, the 15th Anniversary Digimon Adventure Tag. It came with all eight crests as well, and I’l be posting photos of each individually in the future.

by pipefoxpedro

The power of Tia Yagami and her Digimon

Once upon a time, the Digiworld was in grave danger of being destroyed by a stranger´s evilness: Piedmon. He , a stranger from another reality, did not hesitate to steal the 4 Gods´s powers and merge with them in order to rebuild this Digiworld to his image and madness. 342 more words

Takeru and Norun meet AU Yagami and Ishida - WIP

A WIP from a scene from my digimon fanfic

The first time Takeru met Tia Yagami and Miyako Ishida he couldn´t help but say:

“Brother? Taichi-san?!!” and he gasped “You´ve got boobs!!!” 36 more words

“I don´t know what are you trying to pull, miss” he said “But nobody aside Tk is allowed to give me orders. You are not my partner! 160 more words