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Vook Pain

Illustration for Vook cosplaying as a character from Naruto. In here you can see all of his fursona history. Yes, he’s changed a lot!

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Digital Illustration

Recreating the Digimon Pop-up Cafe menu items: Taichi's Takoyaki Stomach Shooters

We’ve made Takoyaki before in my Takoyaki pan so these were pretty easy to make with my Takoyaki pan! They were delicious and Jay, Mitch and myself really enjoyed them and devoured them pretty quickly!


The Birth of Greymon (Digimon Adventures Episode 2)

(Catch Episode 1’s Blog Here)

Last we left off, seven young kids experienced a blizzard while at summer camp, received mysterious digital handheld devices from an aurora borealis, were drawn into a wormhole and landed in the digital world. 982 more words


And So It Begins... (Digimon Adventures Episode 1)

(For the pilot episode and first film of the series that frames episode 1, click HERE)

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In Episode 45 of Digimon Universe: Appli Monsters, briefly Agumon appears in the same animation style as in Digimon Adventure and it’s beautiful.