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The Meme: Magnus Takariyama

The other day I came across ´s “The first time” meme (fav.me/d2ax53o) and decided to do a meme of my handsome OC Digidestined Magnus Takariyama. 43 more words

A Bizarre Meeting

A scene from chapter 26:


“NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

That was the new vox populi phrase of the moment, echoing in several places at the same time in identical horrified notes that would make Mozart proud if he was still alive and hanging around in the Digiworld. 807 more words

The Omegamon Mecha

Note: I am a Macross fan and the other day I watched the Macross Frontier Ovas and got inspired :heart: so I kinda borrowed one of the mechas´design and customized with the Omegamon spirit ;) 213 more words

Partying at the Disco

4 months passed since the happy re-encounter in the Big Apple  and everyday was a challenge to both Nova Takariyama and Ange (a.ka reality 01 Angemon who´s stranded in reality 012 since his resurrection). 1,536 more words

Digimon bracelet

This is a pink shell bracelet, made of stretchy material so should fit most, with the digimon Koromon.

See it on Etsy here –



I'll Stay By Your Side, Kim Jonghyun.

My Agumon deserve all things in this world.
I know it. I can prove it. Because I’ve witnessed his growth. I’ve witnessed all his efforts since NU’EST’s debut up until a while ago. 467 more words

In the Spirit of Digivolving

Finally, after decades of waiting, the transformable line of Digimon action figures finally make a come back, now better designed and proportioned!

Must not miss this one this time around like I did my childhood! 504 more words

Assorted Figures