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Bandai unveils Digimon Tri DigiDestined

The Digimon Adventure Tri hype is nowhere near the end, in fact it’s just starting, and Bandai is jumping right in the feels train with none other than the grown up DigiDestined and their Digimon partners! 143 more words


Digimon World -next 0rder- teaser trailer released

Bandai Namco have released the first teaser trailer for Digimon World-next 0rder-. Digimon World-next 0rder- is set to be on PlayStation Vita and released in Japan in 2016. 129 more words


Show Me Your Brave Heart

As part of the 15th anniversary celebration, Megahouse joined the bandwagon by introducing the Stuffed Collection line featuring the Digimons in the original anime series. 237 more words


Interest for Digimon figures sees soaring popularity

The first Digimon anime still sees a resurgence in interest even with the sequel’s apparent delay.

That, however, doesn’t stop figure makers to create products revolving around Agumon and the first Digimon creatures we have come to love. 40 more words


Nueva serie de Digimon para esta primavera.

Digimon Adventure tri. (デジモンアドベンチャー tri. Dejimon Adobenchā torai) es una serie de anime producida por TOEI ANIMATION. Es la séptima serie de la franquicia Digimon. Es una secuela de Digimon Adventure y Digimon Adventure 02. 298 more words

Digimon Data Squad Review

For a while now, I’ve talked about how Cardfight Vanguard is my 2nd favorite show of all time behind Yugioh GX. Well, I’m going to have to back up a little there because I actually overlooked this show for a while. 5,716 more words