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What Happened to the Ditch Bill??

I wanted to write a quick follow up because I have been getting a lot of questions regarding the ditch bill, House Bill 2437,  from last legislative session and what happened to it.  624 more words


Why does the media seem to think farmers are at war with consumers?

There was an article in The Weekly Times (TWT) on 4th September 2019 titled Farmer fightback: Agriculture spending millions on trust campaigns.  Titles are meant to grab our attention and this one certainly grabbed mine. 423 more words


Leaders who leave legacies we can all be proud of - where have they all gone?

I got a call earlier in the week from some-one looking for Bob Hawke’s Statement on the Environment speech from 1989. This was the day he announced that he had done the impossible and bought together farmers, conservationists and governments to form the Landcare movement.  419 more words


Describing the Australian dairy industry crisis in a nutshell

Following this Facebook post  I had a non-farmer ask the question

” Outsider looking in question. In a nutshell, what is the “current industry crisis”?

628 more words

Valuing fresh milk - lost in translation

Tonight I am staying in a hotel in Sydney CBD. I am a bit of a coffee freak so prefer to stay in hotels that provide a Nespresso Machine or equivalent. 142 more words


An Open Letter to Gov. Kate Brown on Ditch Cleaning

Dear Governor Kate Brown,

I know it’s been a trying legislative session, and I know that you’re work here in Oregon is never really on a break.  456 more words


Natural Resources Rally at the Capitol 2019

The rally will go down to some, depending on the article that you read, as a terrorist gathering, a group of mostly bearded men, a few tractors and trucks, a few hundred people. 691 more words