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Winners of the 2018 Hill Staff Homebrew Competition

Since we are quite fond of beer, let’s take a look at the sort of non-partisan shenanigans our Hill Staff get into when they make their own beers. 432 more words


Hospital Revenue Unstable Despite Outpatient Volume Growth


Payer mix shifts, increases in self-pay, and lower Medicaid revenue per case are troubling hospital revenue despite a 2.4 percent boost in outpatient volume. 737 more words

Bee Sting First Aid

First Aid for a Bee Sting is about getting away from the area, removing the stinger, washing the area, treating pain, and watching for allergic reactions. 377 more words


Complete Guide to Chemical Exfoliation in Skincare | AHA, BHA & PHA

These days, everybody is talking about including AHA, BHA or PHA chemical exfoliants to their skincare routine, but many people still don’t know which one to choose that will benefit them the most. 2,260 more words


My Holy Grail Product for {Naturally} Glowing Skin

You know that Cher song, “If I Could Turn Back Time?” Well, that’s how I feel about my relationship with my skin; because I’d worn so much makeup throughout the years, it came back to bite me when I started developing acne in my 20s — not my teenage years, where I’d get the occasional zit here and there. 477 more words


The ABCs of Acid: AHAs and BHA

Welcome to Week 2 of my Acid 101 series!! Today I’ll be discussing what AHAs and BHA actually are! I’ll be noting what they do, any similarites/differences between the two acid categories, and which one is (potentially) right for different skin issues you might be looking to correct. 1,428 more words