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A Ride with Elliott.

Way back at the beginning of October in ’15 i was just embarking on the Coffeeneuring Challenge. My first let’s call it control was up the canyon behind my little mountain community. 148 more words

15 Weeks

No, I’m not pregnant (not even close…)

It is 15 weeks till I fly back to the US for my (at least) a year in NY. 280 more words


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The First Summer Following College

Ahh, finally… at last, you have completed a substantial milestone in your life. First of all, congratulations! You have increased the options and chances in your life that you will be much more successful per statistics, and make a whole lot more money! 217 more words

A. Homer Hilsen 7-year Review

My first real thoughtful bike purchase was the Rivendell A. Homer Hilsen.  Color – metallic copper – one of the web frame specials in 2009 shortly after I moved back to Seattle from a brief 18-month foray to my childhood home of Minnesota.   500 more words