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Fast and Furious 7

This movie is BAEE!! It’s such a good movie and omgg the end is sooo sad. :'( 

They had a whole like flashback for Paul Walker and it was so sadd. 32 more words


2+1 Website Jitu, Download Kualitas Film Kualitas Baik dan Kecil Ukuran

Kali ini gw mau kasih tau lebih ke pengalaman, dan gak nyangkut ke koding koding…. sementara. haha, pasti udah sering dengerkan website yang sudah ngeshare bahkan memudahkan donglot film dari berbagai sumber dan gw gak mau sebut website yang sering ngeshare, karena gw lebih suka yang simple downloadnya. 280 more words


Let's Talk About Life

So right now, I’m in a bit of a situation… I have exams coming up very soon but my brain just can’t take it seriously. It’s like I know that they are coming and I know that they are very important but, like my previous exams, I should feel it; the impact I know it will have in my future, but it’s like it’s just there and it will come and go just like that. 52 more words

This is my new obsession!! I have been listening to it 24/7. Its amazing and I feel like I can really relate. Also, Shawn Mendes is amazing!  16 more words

Ahh F&%$

Wife want s to make trip from one state to another to VISIT HER relatives. OK! But she want s me to freakin drive her there and visit too. 28 more words

Fuck yeah.

So in a fucking strange twist of fate,  I’ve been pretty fucking happy lately. I don’t fucking know why but its fucking awesome. Granted, I almost fucking started crying in a library today. 511 more words

Sick Weekeww

Being sick sucks. It’s terrible! Being sick when you play hockey is even worse than anything! You let down your team you have an ok excuse but there are NO excuses for hockey! 154 more words

Santa Barbara Hockey