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Agrilinks and Microlinks to host webinar on safety of animal-source foods for improved nutrition

What are the key food safety issues related to livestock production and animal-source foods and what are their potential impacts on human health and nutrition? 278 more words



Done, thanks to @hesokuri-wars‘s moderators who provides transparent images of Christmas set Matsunos from Hesokuri-Wars.

Just a additional edits with gun and knife for celebrating christmas.

25 more words

The Absence of Breath

I want to go back to where my shoulders are not up to my ears. To the days where I was hungry not nauseous. Back to where my stomach was not in knots. 260 more words



Last night there was a massive spider in my room and i hate spiders.It hid for ages and in that time while i was hiding in the toilet my mum was looking for it .She finally found it .Know one believed me at first because they couldn’t see it (i thought i was going mental as i was thinking that i made it up and nothing was there).AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.IT WAS SO BIG AND IT HAD THIN BLACK LEGS .

How Coffee is making my life a lot more interesting...

My life is bUsY.

But the question I ask myself oftentimes is: Is that a bad thing? For me…the answer lies between the extremes of yes and no but leaning more towards the almighty yet simple-  139 more words

BIG BIG BIG NEWS! *Not Clickbait*

I already have a post entitled “Big Big News,” but I added an extra “big” for this one. Because

IT’S BIG BIG NEWS!  *Not clickbait*. 150 more words


Deskwork Dance Party

HI-Low Dames and Gentle Dames. So y’all know the story. You’re at work and you’re gonna be there ALL fuckin’ day. People comin up to you askin all them questions, makin statements…assuming- you like myself start to feel the mid-day daze. 100 more words