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Stepping Stones

A good friend of mine decided that Blogging might be a good way for me to chat, express, vent, and share knowledge of life and love; as well as sharing my thoughts about career choices from my past and what I hope to expect for the future. 355 more words


My girl...

Just sent me information to join her in August to go speed dating

Ever since I’ve seen it in movies I have always wondered what the experience is like… 41 more words


i dont know what this is.

i dont feel as dark and hopeless and terrible as i did when i was a kid anymore and it doesnt feel like depression because it goes away so quickly and painlessly these days, and i can tell myself its going to be fine, you know. 474 more words

Well Here I Go! (again)

Writing has ¬†always been something I have found daunting, especially as I am dyslexic (who chooses a word like that for people who can’t spell). Even Now I can see four zigzagging red underlines and two i’s which will be need to be changed to I’s before I post this. 490 more words



Something doesnt make complete sense. You looked directly at me. I know it was long ago and we were smoking but you stared directly at me and even if you were thinking… 955 more words