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Ahimsa, Chicken Dinner, and Zero Waste - Day 50

For a few years I was a vegan.  A friend had mentioned the word Ahimsa or Non-Harming to me and it changed my perspective on life and food.   740 more words


Memorial Day

Here we are
Standing at our monuments.
The old sit, bemedaled, in their uniforms,
Listening as the bugle sounds forth
Its haunting solemnity. Strange, how… 228 more words


Harmful thoughts lead to harmful actions

I’m going to be honest with you, life is not always moonshine and lotus flowers. Life for me lately, has been extremely stressful, balancing life and exam demands have taken its toll. 404 more words


Falling Upwards

I cannot believe we are more than halfway through this year already! I started to look back at where it started and the dreams that I had for what might come to fruition, and well…I’ve encountered some spiritual stunners that sent me reeling.  369 more words


Nuance vs. Anger

In an enraged world, where powerless people are poised, at the slightest provocation, to bite each other’s heads off, nuance disappears.   The best explanation I heard of why this happens is the neuroscience of what happens in the… 616 more words

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Ahimsa: Compassion and Yoga

I have been working with a teenage girl for several weeks now, and yesterday we were talking about the Yamas and Niyamas. We have been briefly touching on them since we started our yoga lessons, and she requested that we dig a little more in depth with them. 1,417 more words


Simple vs. Complicated

Complicated is hard, simple is so much easier.   It’s no wonder that buzzwords and the wearing of different colored hats so often carry the day in human affairs.   2,340 more words

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