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The power of human connection

I’ve noticed the last few days that since I decided to embark on this journey I have, perversely, become resistant to it. Somehow taking the leap to share something so private has sent me recoiling back into the solitude of myself and my eating disorder. 726 more words


Hereditary Trait -- war between siblings?

Years ago I had a terrible fight with my sister.   A few days later I was visiting my father’s first cousin Eli, a rough character as capable of tenderness as he was of socking somebody with one of his hard fists.  1,941 more words


Happiness & Suffering

Ever since I was a small child, I have been attracted to the statue of Buddha. Don’t know why, but I had a statue of Buddha in my bedroom, and it was a Christian home. 2,802 more words

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Dream: 1.14.2020

I’m rushing through an empty auditorium, then hallway, looking for room numbers. I need 403, but this turns out to be the 3rd floor, so I need to find the stairs. 805 more words


Intercalary Reading List of 2019-20

RIP, abstract painter Emily Mason (1932–2019), British geomorphologist Cuchlaine King (1922–2019)




Covers the period from 12.24.2019 through 1.13.20


I/we own 11 of these items. 428 more words


The light through the trees

Nature is just so incredible.

Need I say more?

Reflections on a Asteya

During the last session of the BWY Foundation course, we discussed in Satsang the ideas centred on one of Patanjali’s core concepts; one of the Yamas from the Yoga Sutras: Asteya. 252 more words