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Mercy Killing

On September 20th I had an epiphany. I have been struggling to manifest it, but I thought I’d share it with you. Here it goes: 216 more words

Yet to Decide

This was a speech I delivered in International Speech Contest. Though I did not win the contest this speech is easily one of my favorites, because of the honesty I dared to put across. 971 more words


Supozycja dziesiąta. Ahinsa "nienawiść nienawiści"

Ahinsa to prastara zasada moralna w istocie której zawiera się niekrzywdzenie i niestosowanie przemocy w stosunku do jakiejkolwiek żywej istoty. Ahinsa ma uniwersalne przesłanie, niestety nie jest przestrzegana. 294 more words


A is for Ahinsa (PBP)

I was struggling to come up with another ‘A’ topic, particularly because I am wanting to catch up to the current week as soon as possible.   439 more words


Acts of Nonviolence

Ahisna translates roughly into “do no harm” or “non-violence”. There are the obvious applications of this practice, but it’s the more subtler subtexts I’ve been exploring as of late. 342 more words