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Spirituality (irfan) Question

August 1, 2015 Irfan (Islamic Mysticism) Irfan, spirituality

Why does my spirituality fluctuate and how can I control this? Can you give me some practical tips on how I can improve my spirituality and maintain closeness to Allah (swt)? 506 more words


Tawhid lecture by Sekalashfar

Sheikh Farrokh Sekalashfar: Tawhīd

To have a life style that leads to true happiness – you have to have Tawhīd.

1. what’s tawhīd

2. How to incorporate it? 604 more words


Lecture day 2 of Muharram - by Khaleeli

Alexander Khaleeli:  Day 2

In order to remember Imam Hussain (as) consistently, we need to be a true follower of Hussain. But how do we do this? 384 more words


Lecture Day 1 of Muharram - by Khaleeli

Alexander Khaleeli: Day 1

What makes us want to come back again? What makes us want to come back and commemorate the martyrdom of Aba Abdillah Al-Hussain (as)? 669 more words


The purpose of this creation (5/5)

🔻 The relationship between Imam Mahdi (A) and Imam Hussain (A)
(Part 5/5)
Today, the last questions are answered:
1. What is the relationship between Imam Mahdi’s return and Imam Hussain’s (A) martyrdom. 2,524 more words


“There is enough light for the one who wants to see”

– Imam Ali