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a strange fate

“Allah only desires to keep away uncleanness from you, O People of the House, and to purify you with a (thorough) purification.”
-The Holy Qur’an 33:33…

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the children of the Prophet of God

“the realities of Karbala shouldn’t be something that we segment into theological divides that allow for us to be only engaging them at simplistic levels. if you are a Shi’a or you are a Sunni, you have to know what took place that time, and you have to understand that the individuals who were massacred and slaughtered on that day were not people that we are meant to have tangential relationships with. 399 more words


choosing for your friend a person

do not choose for your friend a person unless they wake you in the early hours of morning for prayer. unless their company moves you to the book of God as they share with you a verse that moves them. 512 more words


warriors + poets

once, there walked amongst us warriors.

we caught our breath when we witnessed
the unyielding strength of their brows.
we felt our hearts marked when we met… 266 more words


Imám Džáfar Al Sádiq (pmsn) povedal: „Vskutku Boh nás (Ahul Bayt) stvoril a vyformoval nás, a dal nám tú najdokonalejšiu formu. Urobil nás Jeho Okom nad Jeho služobníkmi, a Jeho Hovoriacim Jazykom, prostredníctvom ktorého prehovára k Jeho služobníkom. 103 more words


شرم کرو

شرم کرو

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