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Ahlulbayt (as)'s advice to husbands

Disclaimer: Although it is generally considered taboo for Muslims to talk about openly in most cultures, it is important to note that the Prophet (saww) and the Imams' (asws) advice often go wasted because no one speaks about it. 1,018 more words

An Eyewitness narrative - Is Prophet Muhammad (saww) a man just like you?

I (Sayyid Murtadha al-Askari) remember something that happened on my first trip to Mecca. When we were returning to Iraq, we were traveling by a car. 705 more words


Manners of a believer in ahadith

Abu Abdullah (as) was asked about the clear resoluteness that is seen in the manners of the believers, he answered:

This is because of the existence of the glory of the Quran in the believers’ hearts and the existence of the purity of faith in their chests. 319 more words


Condemnation of the Sufi cult by the Ahlebayt (asws)

The Prophet of Allah (saww), being in the know of the hidden things said that after him there will be people who will adopt stealth and deceit and involve others in hypocrisy and waywardness. 1,153 more words


Holy Prophet (saww)'s warning against Aisha and her sedition

The Prophet (S.A.W.) sensed the depth and danger of the schemes that revolved around him from all sides. No doubt he knew the influence and discord women could generate on the men, as he also knew that their plot was great enough to almost move mountains. 990 more words


The best of days and the best of Eids in Ahadith

Imam Jafer as-Sadiq (as) said, “Saturdays are for us (as). Sundays are for our Shia. Mondays are for our enemies. Tuesdays are for Bani Ummayah. Wednesdays are the days for taking medicine. 113 more words


A prayer which Imam Ali (as) often recited

Praise be to Allah! Who made me such that I have not died nor am I sick, nor have my veins been infected with disease, nor have I been hauled up for my evil acts, nor am I without progeny, nor have I forsaken my religion, nor do I disbelieve in my Lord, nor do I feel strangeness with my faith, nor is my intelligence affected, nor have I been punished with the punishment of peoples before me. 152 more words