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“Niekto prišiel za Imámom Dža’far al-Sádiqom (pmsn) a povedal mu, že existuje skupina ľudí, ktorí nepočúvajú Allaha, ale zároveň vravia, že majú nádej (v Jeho Milosť) a zostali tak až do smrti. 223 more words


The Prophet’s (sawa) regard for ‘Ali’s (as) mother

The Prophet’s (sawa) regard for ‘Ali’s (as) mother

Ibn ‘Abbas narrates:

One day, ‘Ali (as) came weeping and repeating this statement:
‘From God we came and to Him is our return .’ 1,645 more words


The Infallibility of Ameerul Mo’mineen (as)

Historians have unanimously agreed on the fact that Imam Ali (as) had never erred, blundered, or committed any sin or wrongdoing throughout his lifetime and had never strayed off the Holy Prophet’s (sawa) traditions and instructions. 719 more words


Teachings of Imam Ali: Abstemiousness

The teachings of the Ahlul Bayt provide us with the correct perspective from which to look at this world. Imam Ali (divine guide and successor of Prophet Muhammad) on numerous occasions explains the realities of this world. 550 more words


Ya Hussain

Sayyiduna Hussain (a.s.) left Madinah and gave up his life for the sake of Islam whilst we find it difficult to give up our bed at the time of fajr for the sake of this religion.


Milad 2015: Muhammad


I sit here in search for my path,

Then I realize,

My path is Muhammad

And it’s map is Ali.


In your name I drew the sky, 362 more words