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Imam e Baqir on "Shia"

Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (AS) once said to one of his companions: “O Jabir it is not enough that a person says; I am a Shia and I love the Prophet (SAW) and the Prophet’s family and the Imams. 106 more words


Salat ul-Layl, the midnight prayers, as discussed in ahadith by the Ahlebayt (as)

With reference to Midnight Prayer, Maula Ali (a.s.) has composed the following couplet:

Translation: O my Lord, one, who loves You, remains awake the nights; he remembers You and supplicates. 464 more words


Remember me

Mistaken this term is
often by many
That God saves
those he wills only


Sadly you have forgotten
who is the All mighty
I ask you now to sit… 189 more words


Hurr, who chose to be free

light is breaking its way through gentle night
with the reddened tones of a blood sunrise
through the tents of Hussain on Ashura
a morning breeze in deep sorrow sighs… 1,355 more words


companions like Hussain's

It is the night of the 9th of Muharram.

In Karbala, the waves of the Euphrates River murmur a song of sorrow and loneliness. There is an eerie stillness in the air as even the whispering sands of the desert hold their breath, knowing what tragedy is about to unfold. 1,857 more words


a strange fate

“Allah only desires to keep away uncleanness from you, O People of the House, and to purify you with a (thorough) purification.”
-The Holy Qur’an 33:33…

121 more words