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Renunciation of Species

by Ahmad Ismail

To the United Nations; Sudanese Government

My fellow humans, and my superior officers. Thinking of this matter has gained me severe insomnia throughout a large period of time, and it caused me every bit of pain in which I have endured for the last few years. 626 more words

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Are you ready for the newest big thing that gonna hit the market? Nixie selfie

The Nixie, brainchild of Stanford postdoctoral researcher Christoph Kohstall, is an attempt to make the world’s first flyable and wrist-wearable camera. The Nixie is for those moments in life when you really want a picture or video of something you’re doing, but using a standard camera or phone either isn’t feasible or would interrupt the moment. 91 more words

Ahmad Ismail

How websites and social media affect any business - hotels

Social network and websites can be very effective in the social communication for business and companies. Any business these days should have at least an official website that represent their brand and present their work to the customers. 287 more words

Ahmad Ismail