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Dear American People...I Understand Now

Dear American people.

While writing an article about loyalty to one’s country my mind plunged back to the unrest of the Muslim world. Republican Representative  550 more words



Nearly 3 weeks ago an Ahmadi Muslim shopkeeper was murdered by a fanatical Muslim who claimed that the man, Asad Shah, had “disrespected Islam”. Mr Shah was known to wish Christian customers well on events and sometimes handed out gifts, and this was reasonably connected to the murderer’s motive. 653 more words

Ahmadiyya Islam

In the wake of the horrific murder of Mr. Asad Shah in Glasgow, the Ahmadis are in the spotlight again. Not for the first time, the Ahmadis are being used as an ideological football by the apologists for Islamic ideology. 618 more words


Bradford Man Admits Killing Ahmadi Shopkeeper

Various news outlets including the BBC are reporting that Tanveer Ahmed, 32 – the Bradford man arrested and charged with murdering the Glasgow shopkeeper Asad Shah – has admitted killing him for allegedly “disrespecting” Islam. 550 more words


A Review of Purifying the Land of the Pure - Pakistan's Religious Minorities : Guest Post by Karthik Venkatesh

Guest Post by Karthik Venkatesh

Pakistan was created as a homeland for the sub-continent’s Muslims and yet, even before it had formally taken birth, its founder in a famous speech delivered on August 11, 1947 stated his intention to establish a secular nation where religion would be relegated to the private sphere and the public discourse would be given to pressing development issues. 1,305 more words

Bad Ideas

Do Ahmadies have a Different Quran?

No, Ahmadies don’t have a different Quran. Usually this false information is provided to spread misinformation against Ahmadies. In some instances, some arabic books of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad are shown as that ‘other’ Quran. 96 more words


Abadan: A Model for "Ahmadi" in Kuwait

From “Building for Oil: Corporate Colonialism, Nationalism and Urban Modernity in Ahmadi, 1946-1992″
By Reem IR Alissa _ University of California, Berkeley.

Between 1912 and 1945 Abadan grew to be one of Iran’s first modern cities in a… 1,165 more words

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