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Pakistan's long-persecuted Ahmadi minority fear becoming election scapegoat

RABWAH, Pakistan (Reuters) – Crammed into buses and mini-vans, more than 10,000 Pakistanis traveled to a mosque on the outskirts of the small Punjabi town of Rabwah, for the sole purpose of denouncing followers of the minority sect based here as “infidels and enemies of the state”.

Siapa Ahmadi itu?

Mengapa saya menjadi Ahmadi? – Pengantar

Huzur kita tercinta menghendaki bahwa setiap Ahmadi harus benar-benar paham ‘mengapa mereka  menjadi Ahmadi’ dan ‘apa tuntutan pendakwaan dari Almasih Yang Dijanjikan… 2,080 more words


Visiting the biggest mosque in Western Europe - do you know it?

Last night, I headed to the biggest mosque in not just the UK but Western Europe, to take a look and find out more about the local community. 750 more words


The Shia's teaching regarding Imam Mehdi (as).

The Twelfth Imam

Imam Mehdi (AS)

This article has been broken into four sections due to its length. You can either click on the part you wish to go to or simply scroll down to view the whole document… 868 more words

The Muslim Times

The Ahmadiyya Sect

Thirty years following the peak of violence of the Indian Rebellion, Muslims were at their weakest since the Mughuls invaded India over 500 years prior to this. 1,734 more words


Not in our name - Imam

Members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community held a peace symposium attended by politicians and members of other faith groups in the Maldron Hotel in Oranmore on Sunday. 497 more words


Why Mainstream Muslims Cannot Accept Ahmadis As Muslims

Disclaimer: Following article is written from an exclusively theological point of view and in no way suggests unjust persecution of Ahmadi community. Harassment and persecution against any community is wrong and should never be tolerated. 2,038 more words

Aqeedah (Theology)