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Why Mainstream Muslims Cannot Accept Ahmadis As Muslims

Disclaimer: Following article is written from an exclusively theological point of view and in no way suggests unjust persecution of Ahmadi community. Harassment and persecution against any community is wrong and should never be tolerated. 2,002 more words

Aqeedah (Theology)

Some people aren't celebrating Mahershala Ali as the first Muslim to win an Oscar: let's talk about anti-Ahmadi discrimination

by Ayesha Mehta

After years of disappointment with the Oscars disregarding diverse talent, and the growing frustration that Hollywood only tells black stories in the context of… 1,212 more words




The Scottish Prison Service has restricted the phone-calls of convicted murderer Tanveer Ahmed after Political Scrapbook revealed he was still inciting violence from behind bars. 403 more words

The Muslim Times

Time Magazine Article

Our valued ambassador, Rima Ahmadi, has had her work with Future Lives recognised, and has been chosen to appear on the front cover of Time magazine as a representative for both the millions of refugees fleeing conflict in their home countries and seeking stability where they are able and for the charities wanting to provide as much aid and security as possible. 93 more words

Meet Rima Ahmadi

In the spring of 2014, Rima Ahmadi’s parents were forced to come to the same decision that hundreds of thousands of other families had come to; they had to flee their war-torn home country of Syria and embark on the deadly journey towards Europe. 457 more words

The Burden of Representation

Just like Bollywood movies, Pakistani dramas tend to address minorities through the lense of an epic romance between star-crossed lovers

Still from Seeta Bagri.

Any Pakistani travelling abroad knows what it feels like to be a minority. 900 more words

How Much More Suffering?

One shudders at the thought of the sacrifice our brothers and sisters had to go through during the partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 on both sides. 101 more words