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مصاحبه با شعله پاکروان مادر ریحانه جباری

دراین برنامه مادر ریحانه جباری از درد از دست دادن ریحانه و خشمی که به خاطره از دست دادن دخترش دارد می‌گوید. مادر ریحانه از درد مشترک مادرانی می‌گوید که فرزندانشان را از دست داده اند


Shahram Ahmadi is in danger of being executed in Iran

Call on: human rights organisations

Shahram Ahmadi is in danger of being executed in Iran

Shahram Ahmadi, 30, was arrested in November 2009 for belonging to a Sunni group. 475 more words

Political Prisoners - زندانيان سياسى

No place in India for Muslims fleeing religious persecution?

Aakar Patel
‘The government is going to introduce legislation that would make it easy for Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Zoroastrians, Sikhs and Jains to migrate legally to India.’ 949 more words


Maryam: Sebuah Gugatan yang Mengambang

Novel ini bercerita tentang orang-orang Ahmadiyah melalui mata Maryam, wanita yang terlahir dan dibesarkan sebagai seorang Ahmadi, tapi kemudian menjadi non-Ahmadi dan lalu memutuskan kembali jadi bagian dari kelompok Ahmadi dengan iman yang masih dipertanyakan. 1,556 more words

Review Buku

Ahmadiyah Member Protested for Holding Prayer in His Own House

Raymundus Rikang and Yolanda Ryan Armindya

RESIDENTS of Bukit Duri had protested Diantono, a member of the Ahmadiyah congregation, at Jalan Bukit Duri Zoom in Tebet, South Jakarta, yesterday. 274 more words


Islam Requires Muslims to Protect Christians

Five years ago, I lost close friends in one of the most gruesome terrorist attack on Pakistani soil. In twin attacks on two Mosques in Lahore, 88 Ahmadi Muslim worshippers were killed at the hands of the Taliban. 290 more words


Remembering Dr. Abdus Salam – Pakistan’s Greatest Scientist

By Sonya Rehman

“I am delighted to know that a documentary is in the works on the life story of the great Pakistani physicist, Dr. Abdus Salam. 1,401 more words