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Come the F*ck On: al Qaeda Is Not Our Ally!

Daily Beast, by Robin Simcox, July 24, 2015:

A new argument among jihad analysts has it that the makers of 9/11 are now a handy bulwark against ISIS. 840 more words

Counter Jihad Report

Understanding ISIS extremism; 5-Dec-2014

Before prescription comes diagnosis. Before formulating a strategy to combat this extremist group ISIS, it is important to know couple of things: what is ISIS; what it is fighting against; what are its major objectives; and who its main enemies are. 63 more words

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What the US doesn’t understand about ISIS, & must learn soon

Summary: As we slide deeper into the Long War with Islam, blindly, urged on by ignorant voices, we do so against the advice of experts like Ahmed Rashid. 1,978 more words

Our Long War

Abdullah says all the right things, but Rashid's not so sure

Abdullah is saying al the right things about the deal with Ghani, giving some hope that the inauguration may actually go forward next week, which we certainly doubted at a few points.   253 more words

Buying Monday #1

Sebenarnya sih ini Buying Monday saya yang ketiga, tapi karena di blog dan di tahun ini saya baru pertama ikutan Buying Monday, ya udah lah ya anggap saja ini Buying Monday #1 saya. 477 more words


‘The era of saving failed states is over’: The Afghan withdrawal and its regional implications, with special focus on Pakistan

by Zoha Waseem

Speaking at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) on Friday 17 January 2014, Ahmed Rashid, journalist and author of Taliban, Descent into Chaos, and most recently, Pakistan on the Brink, confidently asserted that the West will no longer be a major stakeholder in the Afghan region as ‘the era of saving failed states is over’. 1,246 more words

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